Chapter One: I'm your personal maid so fuck off

" excuse me " said a young women voice as she got in the elvator and pressed room 64 awaiting the door to open, she didn't want to be late. As she reached room 214 she gave a light knock and a women answered, long blond hair blue eyes and slim figure. She gave the young women a look and told her to sit down. " very pleased to meet you " said the young women her hand out but the blond just looked at it like she was crazy. Then a man walked in, head in his hands, he looked over toward the young women, they were around the same age. " she hired " he said and walked away into another room.

The blond just rolled her eyes, " well now that my client has hired I will give you the rules so shut it and listen " the women said to the young women. She stood up and moved outside the apartment to a small room next door. " You are now Mr. Bolton's personal maid/nanny. You stay next door and live there. The hotel's maid service cleans your room but you clean his room and don't take anything from there. Rule number one clean his place when he is gone and don't clean there when company is over. Rule number two you don't work for the hotel, you work for him only, got it good? Last his name is Mr. Bolton.. now settle in and you start tomarrow " said the women as she walked back into his room closing the door behind her.

Leaving the young women in the sweet suit door, " this totally fucking rocks!' she screamed after she closed the door and jumped on her bed. The girl name, you ask? Well no one ever asked her name from the time she got her she wondered why. Well she still had daylight and 12 bucks, so where would her mind take her? To starbucks of course as she got a coo latte and a cookie munching on ti alone as some guy came and asked to sit down started a friendly conversation.

He seemed nice, black short hair, charming smile, perfect green eyes and a light English accent. He wasn't half bad for starters, she gave him her number and said good bye to him making it back to the hotel before the night came. She now lived in the Tipton hotel, a five star hotel that star filled in and she was now a personal maid to Mr. Bolton. Who the fuck was that? The young women didn't care, she was played 150 an hour and worked from Monday to Fridays, she got a good pay. Her things would be shipped today and arrive in two days time she hoped. She did live in New Mexico and moved to New York.

The next morning, the young women got up and took a shower light spray of perfume on herself as she slipped into the maid's outfit. Her feet slipped into some black shoes as she now did her hair. Combing it back so her hair seemed straight till the ponytail, sending off wild curls. Checking herself in the mirror, she looked around. It was a white tee shirt white a black over top and a shirt very cute. It was from Wetseal, so her outfit was top brand stores, very strange. She opened the door to see the blond lady there again, always with the check book, so why was she. " morning?" young girl said. " here, this is your name tag...Gabriella. Mr. Bolton will be gone for the whole day and night so. Over night you will be a nanny to his three dogs..Good luck " she said and moved away. How did that lady know her name?

She passed the thought and opened the door, she guess everyone was gone now. Looking to her right, she saw a note " a key for the Maid " it said, the key to this place as well. So she was a nanny to dogs? Very odd, but she passed it and started to walk throught the place wondering where these dogs were. Opening a door, it was this Mr. Bolton guys room she could tell and saw the dogs. One was a germen shepherd, the other a large black dog and one husky. She didn't know if they were boys and girls or just one of the gender. She sighed and looked around the room, a mess. She started cleaning up, glad she didn't find a condoms around the place.

That would just be nasty but she did find two dollars that she left on his dressing table after fixing things on there. The jewelry was just amazing, he had things here to pay off house loans and it was in the open. She found another door to his walk in closet which was odd. A walk in closet in a pent house sweet on the hotel? It seemed everything was possible with money in this place. She looked around to see clothes everywhere, aw man. She picked up everyone and placed them back in hangers, from shoot selves to the color she finished in an hour. After that was the living room and next was taking this dogs for a walk. To her luck they did drag her everywhere and she found they were boys because they chased after some poodle.

Once she had finished it was around 8 'o clock and it was time to feed the dogs their last meals and lock them inside their kennels before going to her own room to sleep. Ready for a better morning and maybe a more peaceful one at that.

The next day Gabriella got dressed in another black and white outfit from what the lady had left her. She had no idea what time this Mr. Bolton was getting in. So she might as well get ready fast and do what she had to do before he came. Getting his key, she opened the door and heard the barks and howls of the three dogs. She groaned and opened the three cages after she placed the food down for them but they became to growl at one another and kinda fight. " stop it! Sit boys! " said Gabriella but it was no use these damn dogs.

Just as the whole feed the dog things was failing someone walked in and Gabriella wasn't paying attention as a male figure came from behind her, " Max sit. Bailey sit. Stinky sit. " he said in a clam voice to them as they did as they were told. " Thanks a million what I would do if that freaking- oh shit " she said realizing who it was behind her. Mr. Bolton, well he was young around her age Mr. Bolton made him sound old.

Longish brown hair with small highlights, blue eyes cute face...he was alright. He raised a brow at her, " you are having trouble with my dogs " he said as he stepped a bit away to pet one. " err..yea they started fighting " she said with a shrug of her shoulders. He then stepped real close to her, touched her shoulder sleeve, " at least you know how to dress " he said with a light smile. Gabriella's face showed she wasn't kidding, " ha ha very funny I have work to do so if you don't mind " she said about to move toward the door but he stopped her. " no I do mind, I want to know about you...Montez" he said in a clam voice. " well here you go. I'm your maid, I live next door and I just want my pay cheek at the end of each week not a conference with you or the creepy Barbie doll. So fuck off! " she said and kinda stormed out.

He looked down to see her bag, lifting it up with on finger, as she walked back in and took it from him. " I meant to do that " she said and walked out back to her room.