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Ch 50 New Beginnings

Lorelai had gone to bed Thursday night without talking to Luke. He was supposed to have talked to the lawyer that day and she expected him to call her. Her sleep that night was very restless and she had more dreams. Friday morning she dreamt that she woke up and there was Luke sitting on his side of the bed. He was wearing his blue cap and her favorite flannel shirt with his diner jeans. He was propped up against the headboard like all her dreams. She sighed and a tear fell down her cheek. She closed her eyes tight not wanting to open them and see the empty space once again. Finally she opened them, but Luke was still sitting there.

"Is this a dream?" she whispered.

"For me I'd say yes, for you I imagine it may be a nightmare." Luke looked at her deeply ashamed of himself.

"Luke?" she squeaked out. "Are you home?"

"Lorelai, I'm so sorry and yes I'd love to be home if you'll take me back."

Luke reached out to caress her cheek when Lorelai started sobbing hysterically. Luke gathered her up in his arms and rocked her. About ten minuets into her breakdown Lorelai jumped off the bed and raced into the bathroom. Luke followed her in time to hold her hair back as she retched repeatedly. He rubbed her back and felt like crying himself. He was such an idiot for hurting her like this he could kick himself.

"Lorelai I'm so sorry, I can't begin to tell you what a jackass I've been. I promise that I'm going to try and live up to who you deserve even though I know I'm not him. I love you and I put our relationship in jeopardy because I was angry at Anna. You were right and I'm so stupid not to have listened to you."

By now Lorelai had regained the ability to talk and she shook her head. "Luke don't do this. We need to talk about this but later. I love you and I want us to work out. The only thing you could say that would put that in danger is that you're suing for full custody. Are you?"

"No, you were right. That lawyer was giddy with trying to tear Anna apart and all I could think about was what you said about your parents. That if they knew how you lived with Rory they would have taken her away and they could've because they had more money than you."

Luke was suddenly aware of how thin and gaunt Lorelai had gotten in just five days. "Tell you what. Why don't we go down stairs and I'll fix you something to eat and we can talk over breakfast?"

"Sounds great." Lorelai smiled at him and kept touching his shirt or his hand or his arm to make sure it wasn't a dream.

They went down hand in hand to the kitchen and Luke started to pull things out of the refrigerator. He turned to Lorelai to ask what she wanted for breakfast.

"How about scrambled eggs and hot chocolate?"

"No pancakes, no coffee? Not even mine?"

Luke was concerned that Lorelai was turning down coffee, he saw this as a sign that she was still upset with him.

"I haven't been eating a lot and coffee just irritates my stomach right now."

Lorelai wasn't looking at him when she said this so he was still concerned but it also made sense.

As Luke cooked he started to tell Lorelai about the lawyer and the turtle thing.

"Good lord what that guy could have done with how I took care of Rory, unheated potting shed and no private room until she was ten. Hell a turtle would have been low on his list."

"Well, when I was done I wasn't sure what to do with this guy. I knew I couldn't go through with it, but I still want to see my daughter and have her get to know me."

Lorelai nodded as she pushed the eggs around her plate without really eating them.

Luke noticed this and commented. "Are they ok? I put cheese in them like you like."

Lorelai smiled at him. "It's not the eggs, it's my stomach, still a little upset. I'm sorry Luke. They look really good. Maybe later? I love my hot chocolate though."

Luke nodded sharply and took her plate to the sink.

"So I went to a bar near my office and had a few beers. As I was getting ready to leave Tom comes out of nowhere and we went to his office to talk. He's a really good guy Lorelai. He gave me a name of a lawyer in Hartford who does 'family negotiations.' He called her for me and she actually talked to me last night instead of making me wait for an appointment. She uses words like, negotiate, joint custody, co-parenting. So we're going to try and get Anna to see that it's in her best interest to work with me on this instead of dragging it into court."

Luke took Lorelai's hand in his and looked in her eyes. "You and I haven't talked about the difference this is going to make in our lives. I now have a daughter that I've never met. What do you think about this?"

"Aw, babe, this isn't your fault. If you'd known about her you would've taken care of her, I know that. We'll just have to bring her into the family as best we can. I don't imagine a lot of sleepovers right off the bat. She's going to have to get to know us as well. I hate to say this, but you're going to have to deal with the first few meetings being with someone April knows like Anna or her sister. What was her name?"

"Rebecca. I could deal with Rebecca being here, I'm not sure how well I'd do with Anna right now."

"Well maybe when you talk with the lawyer you can have her try and work it like that? We should give April her own room and let her decorate it once she becomes comfortable here. Probably up on Rory's floor. That way she'd have someone close if she had bad dreams."

"We might be able to put her in that small room by our bedroom, what do you think?" Luke was concerned that if April had bad dreams they wouldn't be around to take care of them.

"Weeellll, that's always a possibility, but since she's already five that room will become very small for her pretty quickly. But whatever you're comfortable with we can work on."

Luke nodded and said, "We'll see how comfortable she is."

"So did you find out what happened with who told the newspaper initially?"

"Tom has a good idea, he said that the private detective has been used by Straub before and that it was probably in retaliation for firing Christopher. Or taking over his company, whatever it was isn't important compared to learning about April. What would have happened if I didn't find out or it was several more years?"

Lorelai nodded, "I can't believe that Straub is that vindictive and yet I can completely see it. He was always one to protect Christopher so he never learned to fail on his own."

Luke remembered something. "Oh, I forgot to tell you about something else that happened last night. Completely unrelated to the lawyers, but the flight attendant we had on our trip to Bar Harbor got fired last night."

"Fired? What happened?" Lorelai didn't really like the woman, she felt her eyeing Luke the entire time.

"Well, she was in the bar I was at and she came up to me and hit on me." Luke didn't get any further because Lorelai went ballistic.

"She did what!?! Why didn't you tell me this before? What did she do?!" Luke didn't realize she'd go this far off so he tried to calm her down.

"Lorelai, relax. She just made a suggestion about getting together and when I reminded her I was married she said she'd forget it if I would…"

"So now you're forgetting your marriage vows!?! Fine, here I thought you were serious about saving our marriage and instead you're engaging in affairs with an upgraded waitress. Well just go back to New York mister! I can take care of myself thank you!" Lorelai could hear herself and how ridiculous she was being but she couldn't stop herself.

"Lorelai! I fired her for breach of contract!"

Luke was standing in front of Lorelai desperately trying to get her to recognize that he didn't do anything.

"What breach of contract?"

"Any personnel who engages in extramarital affairs gets canned. Every employee has to sign it. Since she was so ready to ignore that last night I suggested that it wouldn't be too tough to find a time when she actually did. Then I offered her either an opportunity to resign today or be fired without severance and a black mark on her record. She resigned fairly quickly. That's when Tom saw me and we went back to his office."

Luke snorted as he remembered something else about his meeting with Tom.

"He calls me Luke now."

"Tom? How did that happen?"

"When we were in his office talking about the lawyer I told him that since now he's seen his boss act like an A number one jackass who quite possibly destroyed his own marriage there's nothing keeping him from treating me like the immature idiot I showed myself to be."

Luke shook his head at his own stupidity.

Lorelai reached up to stroke his face and she whispered, "At least you're my A number one jackass."

She leaned in and kissed him gently. It quickly escalated and Luke felt his need to become one with her overtake him. His hands drew her to him as he deepens the kiss.

"Oh God Lorelai. I missed you. I'm such an idiot and you shouldn't forgive this. I led with my anger instead of thinking about what it was doing to you. How can you forgive what I've done?" He's holding her face in his hands and he has his forehead touching hers.

"Luke, I love you. There are very few things I can't forgive and I know that you're passionate; it's one of the things I love about you. I know that eventually you get to the right answer and I'd like it to be sooner than later, but so far you've gotten there every time. I don't want you to lose your passion completely then you wouldn't be my Luke. I might like it if you tempered it, but I know you'd like it if I ate less fatty food. Who we are is who we love. So there isn't a choice in forgiving you just like there isn't a choice in loving you. I just do." She snaked her arms around his waist and pulled him to her.

Luke chuckled and said, "The last thing Tom said to me this morning as he dropped me off here was that he never wanted to have a discussion with me about the last time you found it in your heart to forgive me. So passionate or not, I really want to work on delaying my reactions and not going off too quickly. Argh, yes I know dirty." Luke laughed.

Lorelai grinned wickedly, "Oh yeah! You know Tom is a very wise man. You're very lucky to have him in your life."

Luke sighed, "Yeah, I know it. Aside from him being able to run the corporation he cares about us and what happens to us."

Luke continued to hold her to him and he was rocking them back and forth.

"Lorelai, is this a bad time to suggest we go upstairs and crawl into bed?"

Luke wasn't sure if this was the time he was going to need to get the heating pad, he thought it was close and she had been a bit more emotional but then again he'd given her reason to be emotional.

"Well I have something I want to show you. I was at the Mall on Wednesday and I got something for you."

Lorelai was leading him to their bedroom and when he got in the door she brought out a blue gift bag and handed it to him.

He reached in and found a tee shirt that had a big fat blue arrow pointing up towards his neck and underneath it said, 'I'm the Daddy.'

Luke chuckled and said, "Thank you. I'll wear it when I meet April so she'll know who I am."

"Wait I'm not done yet."

Lorelai gave him another bag to open and while he was doing that she put her own tee-shirt on.

The bag had a very small tee-shirt that had a yellow arrow pointing to the top and said, "I'm the baby.'

Luke looked confused and said to her, "April won't fit in this Lorelai, she's five not five months."

As he looked at her he saw her tee-shirt. It had pink lettering with an arrow pointing down at her stomach and above the arrow it said, "I'm the Mommy."

Luke looked at her and looked at the shirt and looked at her and looked at the shirt.

"Lorelai, a couple of months ago I asked you this question and it sent you into hysterics so I'm kinda concerned about asking you again."

"Yes Luke."

"Yes, as in the answer to my question is yes or yes you understand?"

Luke was wanting to grin but he was still hedging his bets.

"Luke, the answer to your question is yes."

Lorelai got a huge grin on her face and Luke lifted her up and swung her around and he whooped.

Quickly he set her down.

"Oh, my God. Is that going to hurt the baby? Are you Ok? You didn't eat anything today and you look so thin Lorelai have you been to the doctor? When did you find out? Why didn't you call me and tell me?"

Luke was shooting questions at her so fast and she was just smiling.

"Luke, sit down and I'll answer your questions. Sunday and Monday I cried so much that I thought I made myself sick. On Tuesday I felt nauseous all day. I looked at when I was supposed to have started and I was nine days late. I don't know how we missed it, but there was a lot of activity with getting the kids ready to go. I haven't been to the doctor yet, I only found out on Wednesday when I went to Hartford to get that home pregnancy test. They give you two incase one is wrong and I took the first one Wednesday night and to make sure I took the other one Thursday morning, both said positive. I didn't want to tell you until I was sure and we didn't talk on Thursday"

Luke looked upset and she knew he was beating himself up again for not being there. Lorelai placed her hand on his and said gently, "You're the first person besides me that knows. I didn't even mention it to Rory as a possibility. You're the baby's daddy and you're here now."

Luke placed his hand on her stomach and shook his head. "Why are you so thin? Is it because I made you worry? Will this hurt the baby? Did I get you so emotionally upset that you couldn't eat?"

"No babe, it's because this little one doesn't want to eat anything that I want to eat and then I spend at least half an hour on the floor of the bathroom each morning and a half an hour in the evening."

Luke struggled between concern for Lorelai and trying to keep that stupid grin off his face.

"What are you craving?"

He expected some weird concoctions that he'd seen in the movies.

"Believe it or not, pears; with Rory it was apples, with this one it's pears and milk. I can have hot chocolate as long as it's made with real milk, but coffee makes me run for the bathroom."

She wrapped her arms around him and snuggled.

"This is so your kid."

Luke chuckled at the thought that Lorelai was going to eat well for at least eight more months.

"Lorelai, we're going to have a baby! Oh, wait is that why you were hesitant about April having this room up here?"

Luke could not get the grin off his face.

"Well, yeah, I thought that a nursery would be nice close to the mommy since I'd like to breast feed for the first six to eight months."

Luke wrapped her in his arms and held her close. "So that means that I get to sleep in since I can't help with the feeding, right?"

She slapped him, "Hah! You sir will be on diaper duty especially if it's a boy."

"Why especially if it's a boy?"

"Because boys are much more treacherous to change, they can nail you at ten feet away." Lorelai giggled. Luke loved that sound especially compared to the one he heard last night.

"Well I'll happily change any diapers our baby has. Our baby. Lorelai we're having a baby!" Luke kissed her deeply and walked her back to the bed. He pulled her on top of him and ran his hands over her thighs.

He broke away to ask, "Is this ok? Will I hurt the baby or you?"

Lorelai chuckled, "Hon, the baby is so small you can't hurt it and all I ask is that we take it slow and easy, my breasts are a little sore and my stomach may not be able to take the earth shattering climaxes you love to give me. Other than that I really do want to make love with you. I've missed you this week."

Luke gently kissed her and took it almost too slow for Lorelai's taste but when they came it was together, the first time that had happened. Luke kissed her and stroked her hair.

"Thank you so much."

Lorelai giggled and said, "Give me a direction about the thanks Hon."

"Thank you for loving me, for forgiving me, and for giving me a child. I'm so looking forward to our life together and now our family is starting a new beginning."

"Back atcha." Lorelai snuggled deep in his arms also looking forward to their new addition.


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