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Half melted ice cubes

"Urghh, you are so gross…." Logan observed with disgust, as he barged univited into room 101, in his usual superior style, tossing a basketball and letting an expression of complete disdain confuse his 'pretty boy' features.

Dana didn't even need to raise her head from its comfortable position on the beaten up pillow, to picture Logan, pretty boy face and all, gawping at her with that patronizing pout that always made her blood boil. Quite possibly resulting in the violent tendancies she'd developed, of punching the crap out of her now deflated and compliant pillow. Subsequently it wasn't the least bit comfortable. Stupid Logan.

She hadnt seen him in three years. The Paris exchange trip hadnt exactly been fun. Not the way Dana interpreted the word. Nicole would have loved it. Lots of happy, smiley, talkative people who didn't take offence, even when you screamed at them to leave you alone. But there had been good aspects, one of the most highly rated, it being a 'logan-less' experience. She hadn't heard a single crude comment, sexual inuendo, or narcissistic remark from him since the day she left PCA for the programme, and for that she would be eternally tgrateful. Even more so if he hadnt just stepped foot in her room. With 'hello's like the one he had just offered, Dana wouldn't care if she never set eyes on him again. The thing with guys like Logan Reese was, even Paris wasn't far enough away…

"See you're as much of a slob as ever…" Logan added, continuing his sleep depriving tirade.

She'd arrive back at PCA late last night with really no opportunity to unpack. In an attempt to find some appropriate night wear she'd tried to be quiet and refined so as not to wake the other girls, but when she found the very un-Dana like method severly not working, she lost her temper and angrily emptied the contents of her suitcase on the floor. A rather confused Zoey and a grumpy stranger had come to, while Nicloe barely moved, except to kick slightly in her sleep like excited dreaming dogs do.

"Look at the state of this place. You've been back what? Less than a day? And you've slept for most of that. Dana it's almost 5PM."

She muttered something about jetlag, still refusing to open her eyes, or move. She was lying on her stomach, face burried in her pillow. If it had been more lifelike she might have actually suffocated, inevitably never hearing Logan's annoying voice ever again. Oh cruel world. Her duvet was twisted and crumpled beyond recognision, exposing her legs, most of which were on show due to the haphazard pjamas she'd had to make do with, of an oversized band T-shirt.

"Ever hear of an alarm clock?" Logan said sarcastically.

"Ever hear of the snooze button?" Dana retaliated, still not moving. She maintained her opinion that the snooze button was one of the greatest inventions of mankind. Although at this moment in time, she wouldn't have rated ear plugs too harshly.

"You gonna lay there all day?….Dana?….Dana?…"

Maybe if she ignorred him, he'd get the hint and go away.

"Hey, wake up Cruz!" he yelled, loosing his patience amazingly quickly and pelting her with the basketball he seemed to carry everywhere with him, proving that her theory only worked on angry farmyard animals. And Nicole. Go figure.

Seeing red as the ball struck her sharply in the back of the head, Dana hoisted herself up, seized the basketball and hurled it roughly back at Logan. It hit him non to gentally in the exact area Dana had intended, several seconds before he'd been able to anticipate her actions. After a dubious moment where the cogs were spinning at double speed in Logans little mind, he doubled over, clutching his crotch, with a look combined of surprise and missunderstood pain.

Dana couldn't understand his shock. It wasn't like this was the first time she'd taken her anger out on that particular area of his body, and it certainly wasn't the most painful. If she'd been in a more amicable mood she may have started an argument about him severly underestimating her basketball skills. He'd practically begged her to throw it at him. Logan had always thought that girls couldn't play sports. Even after she'd beaten him hands down to every challenge he'd ever proposed, his annoyingly small minded sexist opinion hadnt changed.

But Dana Cruz didn't do amicable. Never had. And now didn't seem like a good time to change a lifelong habbit. Angrily tossing him out of the room with a few choice words would do fine.

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" he damanded angrily.

"Same thing that was wrong with me three years ago. YOU!" she retaliated, on her feet now, standing menancingly infront of him not letting the fact that he was several inches taller and several stone heavier intimidate her in the slightest.

"And this stupid place, filled with stupid people who invite themselves places they are NOT WANTED!" Dana continued, shouting the last part.

"Fine. Whatever I'm going. I'll leave you to wake up on the right side of the bed. Sleep off the psychotic agressive bitch mood."

"Oooh someone invested in a dictionary."

"Missed you too." Logan said sarcastically, obviously still extremely annoyed at how hard Dana had managed to throw the ball at him, and stepped out, slightly awkwardly, into the hallway. Obviously being Logan, he couldn't resist making one last comment.

"You know, it's unbelievable how peaceful this place can be without a loud mouthed selfish little fu-"

His insult was cut short as Dana swung the door shut in his face, slamming it harshly back into its frame. The echo of the wood reverberating distorted the last few words of Logan's scentence, but she got the gist of it. The place was better off without her. She was an evil bitch. Yada, yada, yada. It was nothing she hadn't heard countless times before, from various different sources. She knew how the story ended.

Dana dramatically collapsed back onto her unmade bed, which bounced slightly and gave a cautious creek, more from the force of her leap than her actual weight. For some reason, as usual, the second she unwillingly left the unconditional love of her bed, it disowned her, and suddenly felt unbearably uncomfortable. The fact that she didn't have the patience to actually remake it forced her once again to get up. That and the heat of the typical Californian afternoon along with the annoying brightness of the sun glaring through her eyelids, made the hope of happily drifting back of to sleep little more than an impossibility.

Despite her tiredness Dana dragged herself from her bed, dropped onto her knees, and started to sift through the mess that Logan had looked upon with such disdain. She fished out a short dark blue denim skirt, from the crumpled up garments, and laid it on her bed which was in a similar state while she padded into the bathroom to brush her teeth. She washed her face, and smoothed her hair over with some frizz control serum, which separated out and definined her long curls. Then she wandered back into the bedroom, found clean underwear, pulled on her skirt, and slipped into a tight white strappy t-shirt, all while cursing Logan angrily under her breath. Dana yanked another t-shirt over her head, this one black, depicting merged menacing images of grey and white hearts, skulls and stars, and checked her appearance in the mirror. she sprayed a few scented breezes of perfume, roughly scrunched up her hair and grabbed a pair of slip on shoes, stormily stomping out and leaving the room in a state of disrepair.

PCA hadn't really changed. The campus was still sickeningly scenic. Lots of flowers, trees and pointless water features. It contrasted somewhat completely with her old dorm in Paris which had been a state since the day Dana moved in, and remained that way, in fluctuating degrees of destruction until the day she left. The campus itself had been pretty minimal composed mostly of massive concrete buildings, and never ending grey walkways. The only greenery or flowering colour that dared to challenge the system there were weeds, skillfully growing up between paving slabs. Of course they were quickly sprayed with weed killer, or trampled into submission by the hurried footsteps of students. Dana was never quite sure whether or no to receive this with pessimism or as a depressing omen.

Right that second she decided to take it as one. A bad omen warning her that she'd have to come back here after everything that she'd been through in the last two weeks. As she disheartedly wandered through PC's campus, dragging her heels slightly, her heart sank even more when she realized what exciting thrills lay ahead of her that afternoon.

Just up ahead everyone was gathered on a 'good' patch of grass. Anyone with experience of PCA knew that good grass was scarce compared to bad whether it was brown, patchy, un-mown or itchy, and therefore hard to come by in the summer months. At a guess Dana would have said that at least two people had been guarding it since eight am at the latest. Chase and Michael were arm wrestling, while Logan watched superiorly, with a smug look on his face as if their efforts were amazingly inferior to his abilities. Quinn was sat with a laptop rested of the grass infront of her, completely immersed in the screen. Zoey looked practically asleep, with her head resting in the lap of a girl Dana didn't recognize. She was tall and thin with coloured streak that look very out of place adorning her hair. Dana assumed she was Lola. The girl looked almost as bored as Zoey, who was nodding slightly, trying to appear enthusiastic and interested in the story Nicole was energetically telling, and probably had been for some time. Zoey practically cried with joy when she saw Dana hesitantly approaching the group.

"Dana!" she yelled leaping up, looking pretty much exactly the same as she had done three years ago. Her hair was a slightly darker shade of blonde, and she looked her age, as opposed to the very young looking girl Dana used to know, but to her disappointmet, Zoey still looked deterringly squeaky clean. Dana didn't know anybody else who could make a black, string tied halter neck bikini top like the one Zoey was wearing, look so innocent.

"Wow, you look amazing! It's so good to see you! How are you? How was France?" she gushed.

"Did you see the Eiffel tower?" Nicole said joining in. Dana glared at her.

"I've been in Paris three years. What do you think?"

Nicole blinked.

"I-I think that I have some um… stuff to do… somewhere. Bye!" she stuttered tripping as she hastily gathered her towel and sun tan lotion and left.

"Less than ten words and Nicole scarpered." Logan observed. "Do you always have this effect on people?"

"Only the ones I don't wanna talk to."

"Erm, Dana this is Lola. She came to PCA just after you left" Zoey said introducing the girl beside her.

"Hey." Dana said obediently.

"Sit." Chase instructed, patting the grass, and waving his other hand over the assortment of drinks. "Join us in our celebration of summer with a smoothie or juice."

Dana reluctantly accepted an apple juice, and carefully arranged herself on the floor, so as not to expose herself, dreading the question she knew was coming.

"So… how was Paris?" Michael asked.

It wasn't as if there was a big secret there, Dana just didn't have he energy to recap the three most boring years of her life.

"French." She said simply.

"Wow, sounds like you had a ball." Chase observed dryly.

"Dyed my hair." Dana shrugged.

It was now dark, and twisted down her back in enviable loose curls. She had considered dying it black in true teenage rebellion style, but after a complete disaster with a wash in wash out dye, Dana had decided to reconsider her natural colour of a shade somewhere between rich coffee and dark chocolate.

"Looks good." Zoey commented.

"Would you say that the change in your surroundings triggered the change in your appearance?" Quinn asked suddenly, glancing up from her computer screen for the first time, and analysing Dana through her glasses with a professional expression.

"I'm doing an experiment on environmental factors affecting certain species, and I've come across the hypothesis that 'Certain changes which occur in many humans are actually triggered by a need to adapt to their changing surroundings, which could be controversially recognized as a new and subtle form of evolution that we are actually aware of on some unconscious level.'"

"…I don't know." Dana said slowly, still trying to rearrange the many big words Quinn had just thrown at her into some sort of logical sentence.

Quinn 'hmmm'ed, and turned back to her computer screen.

"So, how was the exchange programme?" Zoey asked, looking just as confused by Quinn's scientific outburst. "I bet you met loads of new people."

"Yeah, when I went to Paris on vacation a few years ago, it was amazing. Really beautiful." Chase contributed.

"Speaking of beautiful, meet any guys? That accent in a cute boy would sooo make me go weak at the knees."

"But more importantly, how were your studies?" Chase butted in, deliberately changing the subject and making it crystal clear to Dana by the jealous tone of his voice that his boarder line obsessive crush on Zoey was still going strong, and even after three years she still had no clue how he felt about her.

"After all, school was the main reason you went to Paris, and is probably the most important institution in your life at the minute." He continued.

"Yeah, whatever…" Michael laughed.

"Seriously, it's a sociological fact that the education system is a secondary agency of socialization, and provides people with the morals and beliefs that they will need to become valid members of society. School is probably the biggest influence in our lives from the age of four, apart from the family."

"Ok, Chase we all know you're acing in sociology. No need to rub it in." Lola joked, playfully pushing him.

"So did 'ya have to learn French?" Michael enquired.

Dana exhaled loudly, and discarding her unwanted apple juice by throwing it on the grass behind her, becoming tired of the conversation topic.

"Can we change the subject?" she snapped. "I mean, is this place really so boring that me leaving three years ago is still the most important news?"

Logan snorted, flexing his muscles after just beating Lola quite easily in an arm wrestling match, his face brightened with an idiotic smirk as if he found her statement humorous in some way.

"I hate to break it to 'ya Cruz, but you were never that important."

"Look whose talking Mr ego of the year."

"Always had reason to be." Logan retorted, nodding at a passing giggling blonde girl who was obviously a fan, almost as if to prove his sickeningly true point.

Dana made a disgusted face, making it clear how nauseous she felt.

"Jealous?" Logan smirked.

Dana's mouth almost fell open. Okay, so she'd admit that he looked good these days. He'd gotten taller and a lot more solid, towering over her by several inches more than he used to. He had the sort of soft dark hair that girls dreamed of running they're fingers through, and the most amazing intense brown eyes that seemed to look right into you. He was almost cute. But after his complete invasion of her privacy this morning and his conceited suggestion just moments previously, Dana wasn't fooled. Logan Reese hadn't changed at all. He was still the same selfish little boy he always had been. Although those beautiful eyes appeared understanding and acute, they looked right through everyone and everything, unless they directly affected him. There was nothing behind them. Dana also had it on good authority that Logan's hair was strictly out of bounds. The no touching rule was made explicitly clear to a new conquest within the first two days of dating.

Dana couldn't stand him, and today, he was trying her patience beyond the limits she could force it to withstand.

"Oh, I'm jealous?" she demanded. "Jealous of what? This?"

Dana grabbed Michaels drink mid sip, and before he had the chance to protest, emptied the thick yellow contents of a homemade banana and strawberry smoothie over Logan's grey PCA sports top.

"Dana!" Zoey gasped.

"You are nuts!" Logan shouted. "Could you be more childish? What is it with you attacking me today?!"

"You woke me up, you threw a basket ball at me and you just called me jealous."

"Yeah, and you're really proving that your not…"

Dana reached for Nicole's abandoned smoothie, but she was too slow, and Logan saw her, grabbing an almost full jug of juice, and emptying it over her head, without so much as hesitating. Cold, sticky orange juice, complete with half melted ice cubes and slices of orange hit her, completely drenching her hair, weighing her curls down in long straight locks. It cascaded down her back and arms, covering her with bits of orange pulp.

Dana screamed, shaking her top to empty it of a few rogue ice cubes, which mercilessly shivered down her skin, leaving a trail of goosebump's in their wake. Logan was laughing. Dana saw red.

"This is my favourite top!" she yelled, launching a full scale violent attack on him. "Look what you've done to me, you complete asshole! I hate you!"

Logan tried to back away, unwilling to hit her back. He grabbed her arms and pinned them to her sides, but then tripped on the discarded orange juice jug and fell over, pulling Dana down with him. She was in the perfect position to empty the remaining jug of apple juice in his face.

"Dana, drop the jug!" Chase yelled, stepping in and trying to physically restrain her from Logan. She elbowed him hard in the ribs, causing him to back off into the sympathetic arms of Zoey who yelled "Okay guys that's enough!"

During the distraction, Logan gave Dana a slight shove, too gentle to actually hurt her, but enough to push her off him. It probably wasn't the smartest move. Dana fell backwards, dropping the jug, which impressively somersaulted through the air, almost vindictively emptying its icy contents all over him.

"You little bitch!" he shouted.

"You pushed me!"

"GUYS!" Zoey yelled, finally getting their attention. "That's ENOUGH!"

Dana stood up, slightly short of breath, only just noticing the crowd that had quietly gathered around the dispute. She glared at Logan then down at the state of herself, and went to leave, shoving through the pathetic crowd as harshly as she could, knocking two younger kids flying, as she went. Logan did the same as he silently walked away, for probably the first time, from being literally the centre of attention

Zoey, Lola, Chase, Michael and Quinn sat in a shocked state of relative silence in the middle of the rapidly dissipating circle.

"She seems um… nice." Lola observed meekly. "Is there something going on with her and Logan?"

Zoey shook her head knowingly.

"Not officially, but there was always something there. Not that either of them would admit it. They always argued way too much to just plain hate each other." She explained.

"And that little show just proves that they still like each other!" Quinn gushed excitedly.

"Is it just me or does she seem even angrier than she used to?" Chase asked Zoey, sounding slightly upset as he nursed his elbowed rib, fully expecting it to be badly bruised by tomorrow.