chapter three


What was I supposed to say? What was I supposed to do? Man, I was in way to deep now to stop. I couldn't stop. This was bad. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. I needed to say something, I had to say something. But, what did I say?

Isabella: Hello.

Okay, I definitely wouldn't be able to pull this off. But, then again, maybe I could. Act innocent. Definitely act innocent. I looked towards the window, at the window sitting open. Oh shit! I rushed up quickly, bumping my thigh into the desk, shaking the computer. "Ouch!" I squeaked, before clumsily stumbling over to the window and shutting it. To be totally safe, I shut the curtains allowing the room to be totally dark.

In my absence the windows had started blinking furiously. I opened them quickly, getting annoyed from the constantn flashes.

JakeFisher: Yes, I am a vampire. If you believe that. (:

It was so unrealistic. Vampires weren't supposed to tell anyone. So how, where, my head was swimming with questions. I was beginning to get dizzy.

Isabella: Oh.

JakeFisher: Yes. Complicated? Hun, you either are a vampire or you're not.

Hun? Where had that come from? What was I supposed to tell this guy? He could be some psychopath killer.

Isabella: No. I'm not a vampire… I know some though.

JakeFisher: Oh, well that's good. Being a vampire isn't that great considering you're damned eternally.

Whoa. Déjà vu? Did Edward and him know each other? They should be the presidents of the 'I Hate Vampires' club.

Isabella: I really don't agree.

Why was I even telling this guy all this? Something about him was just weird, comforting. He was like a light and I was drawn to him. There was definitely something about him, and I didn't even know him that well.

JakeFisher: Oh well, a lot disagree. Did you ever update your profile?

No. I really needed to do that, and stop talking to this guy for a while. But first I needed to see someone's profile. I had no clue what I should put on my profile. What did vampires put on their profiles? There preference in humans? Animals? Ew. I clicked on his profile, hoping to get some idea, and maybe make some of the questions stop. I froze. His picture was breathtaking. His ebony hair framed his face, reaching just past his pale ears. His face was chiseled perfectly. What stood out the most were his eyes. Liquid topaz. He was a vegetarian vampire. The thought made me laugh. Then I snapped out of it. How long had I been staring? This guy must have thought I died!

JakeFisher: Hello?

Isabella: Yeah, sorry, I'm here. I was … doing something. I looked at your profile by the way. Very cool.

Did I just say 'very cool?' This was not good. I was being so not-my-self. He probably knows that I stared at his picture for the past five minutes. I bet he knows he is really hot, and has a very large ego. I had to find something to make him seem less enticing. This wasn't good. Not good at all.

JakeFisher: Cool.

I was really starting to hate that word.

Isabella: Um yeah.

Oh my god. I had forgotten about Edward. He would defiantly get suspicious. As fast as my hand would allow, I clicked out of the conversation, and saw the box still blinking furiously.

EdwardCullen: How are you? Are you a vampire?

That question was starting to become way overused. I sat there stunned. I couldn't lie, but at the same time, Edward would be furious if he knew that I had this. I had no choice but to lie.

Isabella: No, I am not a vampire. I would like to be one though.

EdwardCullen: Oh. You're the obsessive kind that comes looking for us in hopes we will bite you.

I hadn't prepared myself for this. I never really had seen the bad side of Edward. Truly the bad side. I needed more time to prepare for this. As of right now, I needed to get away; take a long hot shower. That would do a world of difference. I decided it would be easier to talk to Jake a little bit longer. Buy me some time.

JakeFisher: So, um things are getting awkward now. Haha.

Yeah, I mean it usually does get awkward when you're mesmerized by another incredibly hot vampire. But I loved Edward. There was no way this would come between us. This was just lust.

Isabella: Yeah, hah… So, you're a vegetarian vampire?

That had to be a safe choice for a topic, right?

JakeFisher: Vegetarian?

Isabella: You don't … 'bite' humans.

JakeFisher: Oh, yeah, vegetarian. Haven't heard that one in a while! I don't bite humans. You're safe for now! You know any vampires?

Eh, heh heh…

Isabella: Um, yeah, you could say that.

JakeFisher: How could you say that?

Isabella: I am dating one.

JakeFisher: Oh.

Isabella: Yes.

JakeFisher: So you're taken. Damn. And I was starting to like you ( ;

I went tense. This was not turning good. Not good at all.

Isabella: Aw. That's cute, I'm sure you have a mate though, or something?

I minimized the conversation switching back to Edward's.

Isabella: Well yeah, I think I know this guy that lives in my town, and his 'family', I am pretty sure that he is one. But, I am not sure.

EdwardCullen: I wouldn't just go up and ask him, and he probably doesn't want you prying into his life.

That was rude. Maybe I was just paranoid. Maybe I was in fault. Afterall, I was lying, karma was going to come back and get me.

Isabella: Well, I would kind of like to be one.

This was sure to make him mad. But I had to keep to my story.

I minimized, clicking on Jake's box not totally ready for a yelling from Edward Cullen.

JakeFisher: Well, Haley and Austin, are my family, they are awesome. I live with them. They are mates. I haven't found anyone, yet.

Isabella: Oh that is really cool. I bet they are really fun to be with.

JakeFisher: Yeah, they are. But, I know quite a few vampires. Some family that don't live with us currently are the Cullen's. They move around a lot like us.

Uh-oh. This was trouble. If they knew the Cullen's that meant that Edward talked to Jake probably. Not, not good.

Isabella: Oh, I've never heard of them.

JakeFisher: I didn't really think you would. They aren't exactly famous!

What did I say to that? Minimizing the box once again, I clicked on Edward's box.

EdwardCullen: You shouldn't want to become a vampire. We are monsters, we prey on you. You should stay the hell away from us.

What was horrible was I could totally picture him saying this completely calm. He didn't have a fit, he was calm, and that made it even worse.

Isabella: I don't agree.

That would tick him off even more, but oh well, it was kind of interesting.

EdwardCullen: Fine, don't, but stay the hell away from the guy.

Isabella: You see, I am not that type of a person; I will probably end up confronting him soon.

It was kind of enthralling, doing this to Edward. It made me smile.

Suddenly a noise came from downstairs.




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