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Iruka hummed quietly and piled the papers lying on his desk into a neat little stack. His shift at the mission desk was almost over and he couldn't wait to go home. Two whole days of blissful peace with nothing to do but relax. Gods how he loved his free days.

A quick look at the clock told him it was two minutes past eight. Kotetsu was late again. Oh well, no one would die if the mission office was left alone for a few minutes. He stuffed his pen into his overloaded drawer and threw his half-eaten sandwich into the trash. He'd fry some rice when he got home.

He had almost reached the exit of the building when a voice halted him in his tracks.

"Iruka-sensei! Just the person I was looking for."

Iruka winced before smoothing out his expression into a polite smile and turning around. "Shizune-san" he said pleasantly. Please, please don't ask me to help the Hokage with paperwork, he prayed. Not now.

"Tsunade-sama needs someone to take some notes to Hatake-san."

Thank god. "Of course, Shizune-san."

Gratefully the kunoichi stuffed a sealed envelope into his hands. "Thank you Iruka-san. Have a nice weekend."

Iruka smiled as the young woman turned around and hurried back towards the Hokage's office. He doubted that Tsunade would ever get anything done if it wasn't for her responsible friend.

Iruka didn't really mind stopping by at Kakashi's apartment. He would pass the bachelor quarters on his way home anyway.

The sun was just starting to set when he walked out and it was still pleasantly warm outside. Happily, he thought about the weekend to come. It was his to do with as he pleased. He didn't have any papers to grade, no shifts at the mission office and no mission either. He could lie in bed all weekend if he wanted.

Dreaming about his first free weekend in weeks, he almost walked right passed the jounin's apartment building.

Cheerfully, he bounded up the stairs to Kakashi's apartment. The man lived at the top floor in the left corner apartment. Naruto had pointed it out to him once, but Iruka already knew about it of course. As a team leader he was required to know where some of the most important ninja in Konoha could be found in case of an emergency. Iruka knew the homes of most of Konoha's jounin.

The door to Kakashi's apartment was wide open. That was good; it meant that Kakashi was probably at home.


No answer.

Iruka tried again, a little louder this time. "Kakashi-san?"

Iruka frowned when nobody answered. Who would leave their door wide open if they weren't at home? He suddenly got the mental image of Kakashi just sitting on his couch ignoring him in favour of reading his damn porn. Well, he wouldn't be ignored like that; he would just pester the jounin until he finally answered.

He leaned in, trying to spot any evidence of Kakashi's presence. Without thinking he set a foot inside the apartment. "Kaka-aaahh!"

Iruka's foot was jerked out from under him. His arms flailed as he tried to grab onto something, anything, to stop him from being pulled into the apartment. It was useless. A dozen ropes shot out of nowhere and whipped around him, pinning his arms to his sides making them useless. He was pulled up into the air, ending up hanging horizontally near the ceiling. Behind him, the door swung shut.

One of his legs was still half free and he kicked at the wall, hoping that the swing would loosen the ropes enough for him to get one of his hands free. No such luck, the ties only tightened more around him.

When he finally stopped swinging Iruka took a deep breath, waiting for his wildly beating heart to calm down a little.

Alright… so he was stuck. He hung there, hoping to think of some way to get loose. His arms were firmly pinned to his sides though and his only weapons were in the inside pocket of his flak jacket.

At least the trap was only designed to restrain people. Sure he was uncomfortable, but if he didn't struggle anymore he could safely hang here until Kakashi came back and got him out. By now he was fairly sure Kakashi really wasn't home. Stupid jounin, leaving his door open like that…

Iruka sighed. If he was honest he had to admit that he was the one who'd been stupid. He'd stepped into another ninja's home, a jounin's home, without permission. How dumb was that? He was lucky to be alive.

Hopefully Kakashi would come home soon, so Iruka could give him the mission notes, apologise profusely for entering the man's house, and leave this embarrassing incident behind him.

Hours later there was still no sign of Kakashi. By then it had gone completely dark. It was disconcerting to hang there and not be able to see anything.

After the first hour had passed and it became apparent that Kakashi hadn't just stepped out to pick up a bottle of sake or something like that, Iruka had started calling for help. Nobody had answered his pleas though. Either the neighbours weren't home, or they thought it was normal to hear screams coming from Kakashi's apartment. Iruka sincerely hoped it was the first option.

He tried to think positively. At least he was hanging horizontally, which was something to be thankful for. If he'd been hanging upside down he would have lost consciousness hours ago.

What a way to start his weekend…

Time had never moved so slowly for Iruka as it did that night. He felt like he'd been hanging there for a week when the sun finally rose, signalling the end of the longest night of Iruka's life. He was exhausted, numb, faintly nauseous, thirsty and even worse…he had to pee. He had to pee really badly.

He wondered what Kakashi had been up to all night. As far as Iruka knew the jounin didn't have a mission, and it wasn't likely that he had a mission that Iruka didn't know about. Unless they were in a crisis of some sort Tsunade usually tried to give her ninja some time in between missions, and Kakashi was already scheduled to leave on Monday.

Maybe the jounin had spent a night out with Jiraiya, now that he and Naruto were back in town for a little while. Or maybe Kakashi had spent the night with a girlfriend. If that was the case Iruka fervently hoped that they weren't planning on spending the day together too. If the jounin stayed away much longer Iruka was going to have an accident in the man's house.

Half an hour later Iruka finally, finally, heard the door open up behind him.

He'd expected a lot of questions, preferably after Kakashi had cut him free. What he got was silence.

Nervously Iruka twisted, trying to see whether it even was Kakashi who had entered or someone else entirely. With each move the ropes tightened, cutting off his circulation completely until he had no choice but to hang still.

"Kakashi-san?" he muttered finally, surprised at the hoarseness of his voice.

Iruka didn't hear anything but someone soon appeared in his line of vision. He was relieved to see that it was indeed Kakashi.

Finally Kakashi spoke. "Good morning, Iruka-sensei."

Iruka bit his lip to keep from screaming at the jounin how incredibly not good his morning had been, or his night for that matter. Pissing the jounin off was not in his best interest. Iruka had trespassed after all, and Kakashi would be entirely within his rights if he left Iruka dangling there for a while longer. "Good morning, Kakashi-san." He answered after a while.

Kakashi smiled pleasantly and got to the point. "What are you doing in my apartment?"

Iruka couldn't help himself. "Oh," he said casually, "just hanging out."

He thought he detected a twitch of Kakashi's lips underneath the mask before the jounin turned around.

"Any friend of Naruto's is welcome here, Iruka-sensei," the jounin called over his shoulder as he sauntered down the corridor, "hang around as long as you like."

Despite himself Iruka sniggered until his bladder reminded him why he needed to get down, right that instant. "Kakashi-san!"

Kakashi must have heard the urgency in his voice because he was back at Iruka's side almost instantly.

"I'm sorry for trespassing Kakashi-san, but the Hokage gave me some notes to give to you and I was calling for you and took a step inside. I wasn't planning to go in any further, but it was already too late. Please untie me, the bonds are really tight."

Kakashi gave a curt nod, pulled out a kunai and with a few well placed cuts Iruka came tumbling down.

An entire night caught in the tight bonds had taken away his ability to land gracefully and he was glad when Kakashi caught him at the last moment. He didn't need a broken tailbone on top of the sore muscles he was already bound to have.

There was an awkward silence when Kakashi put him down on his feet, until Iruka blurted out. "Can I use your bathroom?"

Kakashi snorted. "By all means, second door to your right."

Iruka took one step and sank to his knees. Apparently his legs weren't up to cooperating just yet.

Kakashi effortlessly lifted him back up and proceeded to half drag him towards the bathroom. Iruka squeaked when the jounin unceremoniously opened the buttons of his pants, pulled his pants down together with his underwear, and sat him down on the toilet seat.

Iruka nearly died from embarrassment, but his bladder was only too happy with the opportunity for release and didn't seem to mind Kakashi's presence in the slightest.

At least Kakashi was polite enough to leave the bathroom after depositing Iruka.

"Meh, Iruka-sensei, how long have you been hanging here?" The jounin asked from the corridor.

"Since last night, before dark."

There was a short silence. "How much did you struggle?" Kakashi finally asked tensely.

Iruka was quick to reassure him. "I stayed very still, Kakashi-san. The ropes only got very tight when I tried to see you when you came in. Before that I was okay. I don't think I'm really hurt." Except for the mad prickling in his limbs now the blood was flowing through them again.

With some difficulty Iruka managed to stand up on his own after he'd finished, and get his pants back up. He leaned against the wall after he flushed the toilet. He really needed to lie down for a while.

"You done?" Without waiting for an answer Kakashi walked back into the bathroom and wrapped an arm around Iruka's waist.

Iruka let the jounin guide him through the house. Finally Kakashi sat Iruka down on a huge bed. "Wait here."

Iruka curiously looked around the bedroom. There were two pictures standing on the window sill, one of Kakashi with Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura, and one of a young Kakashi with his teacher and team mates. He grinned. Even at that tender age Kakashi had the bored look down pat.

The only other interesting thing in the room was a large bookshelf filled with all kinds of books. Iruka was surprised to see that only a few of them had the telltale Icha Icha cover.

Soon Kakashi came back carrying a large glass and a pitcher of water. He poured a glass and held it out to Iruka.

Iruka was only too happy to comply, he was parched. After he'd finished a second glass Kakashi plucked it from his hands and set it on the night stand. He looked at Iruka seriously. "I need to check you, please take off your shirt."

"Ah, I'm fine, Kakashi-san," Iruka muttered nervously, "I'm just a little tired and stiff."

The jounin didn't listen to Iruka's protest and pushed Iruka's flak jacket off his shoulders before tugging Iruka's turtleneck up.

Since he really didn't have the strength to put up a fight right now, Iruka decided to cooperate and he lifted his arms painfully so Kakashi could slide the sweater over his head.

The ropes had dug into his skin, but the marks were already starting to fade a little. He was going to be a little sore for a while, but it really wasn't anything serious.

Iruka expected Kakashi to let him dress again now he'd seen for himself that Iruka was alright. Instead the jounin gently pushed him down onto the bed. "Kakashi-san, what-"

"Turn over Iruka-sensei."

Iruka rolled his eyes as he turned to lie on his belly. Crazy jounin, always telling people what to do. As if Iruka couldn't tell for himself whether he needed medical attention. Hello, chuunin. Ring a bell? He knew perfectly well how important it was for a ninja to take care of his body and he was perfectly capable of- "Ah!"

The cold liquid dripping on his back took him completely by surprise.

"It'll warm up." Kakashi said, sounding amused.

Just when Iruka was about to ask what it was, Kakashi's hands started spreading the goo over his back, warm hands firmly massaging his shoulders and back. Iruka's protests died on his tongue as Kakashi's talented hands worked out the knots in his muscles. If Kakashi wanted to do this, Iruka wasn't stopping him. He'd be crazy to refuse something that felt this good.

Kakashi didn't seem inclined to stop anytime soon either. Iruka felt the jounin settle down on the back of his thighs, knees on either side of Iruka's hips.

The room was warm, the bed was very soft and Kakashi's hands were working magic. Slowly Iruka's eyes drifted close.