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"Bart I dare you to eat some a spider." Lisa "Do I have to!?" asked a grossed out Bart said. "Yes" Lisa said with a grin. "OK" Bart said a he prepared to put the spider in his mouth and swallowed it so he wouldn't have to chew it.

"How does it feel Bart" said a gleeful Lisa. "I think its crawling up my throat." Said Bart with his eyes wide open. "Lisa I dare you to kiss Ralph." Bart said trying to get back on Lisa. "Okay said Lisa then she came up to Ralph and kissed his cheek. "Hey I told you to kiss him!" "You didn't say how to kiss him so I kiss him so I kissed his cheek. "Bart get ready to get embarrassed." said Lisa. "I dare you to sing Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne to Nelson" "What!" Bart said "That's unfair!" "Then say good bye to the money Bart!" Lisa said happily. When Bart spotted Nelson he said "Hey Nelson!" "What?" Nelson said. Then Bart started to sing weakly. "Hey hey, you you
I don't like your girlfriend
No way, no way
I think you need a new one
Hey hey, you you
I could be your girlfriend

Hey hey, you you
I know that you like me
No way, no way
You know it's not a secret
Hey hey, you you
I want to be your girlfriend

You're so fine
I want you mine
You're so delicious
I think about you all the time
You're so addictive
Don't you know
What I can do
To make you feel alright

Don't pretend
I think you know
I'm damn precious
And hell yeah
I'm the mother" Then Bart got punched by Nelson. "That's for soiling Avril's good name and her kick ass song" "Lisa I am so going to KILL you!" Bart said with a black eye. "How?" Lisa said in a smug face. "I dare you to kick that stray chiwawa" Bart said. "What! That's cruelty to animals!" an outraged Lisa said. "Then you lose!" Bart said making a L shape with his hand which was what we call the loser sing. Then Lisa kicked the chiwawa(I forgot whow to spell and my computer doesn't tell me) and guess what happened? If you guess the little dog attacked her you were right. "Ah it's biting me help!" as Lisa said as the camera was facing somewhere else so you the readers don't see Lisa's pain. "Bart you're going to get IT!" a dirty and a little bit of blood Lisa said. "Whow?" Bart said. "You're going to jump of that tree" Lisa said pointing at that tree. "You mean that three foot tall tree?" asked Bart. "No the one next to it but we'll be using a quilt to catch you." "You mean the ten foot tall tree?" "NO! The left side not the right side!". The right one was five stories tall. "Gulp" Bart gulped. When he was up there Lenny and Homer where holding it. "Jump!" everyone said. Then as Bart jumped Homer saw two pennies. "Hey two pennies! This is better than the day I found one penny!" as Homer let go of his end and Bart was near the bottom! Then Marge thinking fast pushed her small exercise trampoline to Bart and Bart landed on it and was saved! "Okay Lisa I want this stop I dare you to eat this hot dog I asked Dad to buy me so I dare you to eat it!" "WHAT! Bart I'm not eating that!" Lisa said. "Then.You.Lose!" Bart said. Then Lisa picked up the hot dog at was crying while eating it. "Bart I don't want to do this!" Lisa said crying off. Then Bart asked Jessica "Should I tell her it was made of tofu?" Bart asked. "Na" Jessica said. "Hmmmm. Maybe we should go home its getting dark" Marge said "Lets take this game at our house."

Then all the players went to the Simpson's home Hey I thank all my reviews who have bin reading this. Anyways this is the last cahp of the kids group and I will begin the drunks and udate more often. And if u tell me lyrecs on are illegal guess what? Ive read at leats 10 fic with song lyrecs so don't tell me that k?