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The small car jerked to an unpleasant halt as the driver reached his destination.

"Here we are Mr. and Ms. Tsukimori!" the driver announced to his passengers as he unbuckled his seatbelt and stared up in awe at their destination. "She is quite the beauty, isn't she?"

16 year old Kahoko gazed up at the structure with her big, bright gold eyes.

It was truly magnificent. It stood up above everything else, ruling the port. It was the center of everything, and there was no way a simple common passerby could tear their eyes off it. Her steam tanks outstretched to the clear blue April sky, making the ship look even more sharp and precise.

Yes, the Titanic seemed to match her description as it did in the newspaper; her intimidating size and aura of grace could make it easy to believe that it was as unsinkable as rumored.

"I still don't see what the fuss is all about," Len, Kahoko's 20 year old cousin objected as he opened the door to let himself out of the car. "It just strikes me as an ordinary ship." With the end of his sentence, the natural scowl on his face seemed to deepen a bit. Along with the change of expression, he slammed the car door, causing the driver to yelp in surprise.

Kahoko also let herself out with a sigh. Well, it's obvious he begged to differ.

Even though they were cousins, they barely knew each other; literally COMPLETE strangers. She had never even heard of this Len until the reading of her dead father's will.

Though she loved her father, she barely knew him, for her parents got divorced when she was around three years old. Hence why she was surprised to hear that her father even left her SOMETHING in the will.

During the reading, her father left her money, his half blind pug Sammy…and the textile company he owned in America. Of course, everyone in the will reading room was surprised by this. A woman was hardly ever given any position of importance, or even a say in a decision, let alone a whole company to run.

However, he also left part of the company to Len, so that Kahoko could "seek the advice" of a male.

Now, they were on their way to make a new life in America, neither of them having any say at all.

I wonder how much more my life can be altered by this… Kahoko thought, lifting her large green hat to peek up at the massive ship.

She glanced at her cold cousin, who was watching the driver and some of the ship's crew carry their luggage aboard the ship.

Or if Len and I will ever feel like we can get to know each other…

A bark echoed from the car, as Samson soared from the backseat to the sidewalk, sniffing the trails of Kahoko's bright purple dress after he landed.

"Hello, Sammy!" She greeted him cheerfully, picking up the canine so that they were almost noise to noise. "Were you ready to leave that stuffy car?"

Samson cocked his head in response, tongue falling to the side.

Kahko smiled pleasantly and turned to her ever silent cousin.

"A-are you ready to board, Len?"

Len peered at her, and sighed again, which made Kaho even more nervous then she already was.

"I suppose we have no other choice, do we?"

Sammy started to squirm in Kaho's arms, and abruptly leapt, running away into the crowd. He tripped a couple times on his run, due to his lack of sight.

"Sammy!" Kahoko cried, panic suddenly washing over her, like a mother losing sight of her child. "Len! We have to find him before we board!"

Len raised his eyebrows and took out his pocket watch.

"We don't have time for that, the Titanic is about to leave in…"

He stopped in mid sentence when he finally realized Kaho had chased after the pug long ago, not even waiting for his reply.

"How irritating…" Len mumbled, running towards her direction, tying to ignore Titanic's steam tanks roaring commendably, signaling her soon departure.

Kahoko bitterly cursed her heels as she continued to chase after Sammy, following his supposed trail.


Her yells seemed to stand out from other people's voices; probably because hers was the only feminine voice actually calling out, searching for something.

Her fiery head jerked in all kinds of directions, hoping to catch a shade of Sammy's ivory fur. When nothing of the sort was found, she felt the prick of tears painfully sting her eyes.

"Sammy…" She hung her head in hopelessness, hands covering her eyes. She hated crying in public more than anything in the world.

"Oh my, what's the matter, hun?"

Kaho looked up with curiosity, and her whole face brightened at the sigh before her.

There stood before her, was Sammy, panting, goofy grin across his distorted but oddly adorable face. What she didn't recognize, was the young woman who held the pup in her arms.

Even though she looked at least 18, she was also rather short. She was even shorter than Kaho, who was not very tall herself.

She had wide, almond shaped amber eyes, which seemed to burn with intensity. Her skin was the color of rust, which Kaho instantly envied, for she always thought of her own porcelain skin as rather dull.

The feature that really stood out to her however, was her hair. It was extremely long and straight, and the color of ivory. It looked odd with her dark skin, yet it seemed to work. Kaho almost couldn't believe it was natural. Her mouth was twisted with restrained impatient, probably from Kaho's staring.

Kaho couldn't decide if she was beautiful or not.

"Darling?" Her words were kind, but her tone cut through like a knife, the murder impatient, eager to slash the victim's skin.

"Ohhhh, ummmm…." Kaho attempted to compose herself. "I was just looking for my dog because he was lost and…"

"You mean this little fellah?" The woman cut her off, that same tone iced through her voice. "He ran into my suitcase, poor soul. He seems to be fine though. I assume he belongs to you?"

Kaho could have sworn she said that all in one breath; she never heard anyone talk that fast in her life.

"Yes… thank you. I truly am greatful!"

And she was, but this woman's very presence made her nervous. There was something about her that seemed deadly, like her hands could suddenly fly to her throat.

She knew it was irrational, so she decided to ignore her silly feelings and intuitions.

"May I ask you for your name, please?" Kaho asked politely, hands digging into Sammy's fur, who was once again trying to escape.

The woman, already held out her hand, way ahead of her.

"My name is Ree Jackson. And yours would be..."

"Kahoko Tsukimori, its nice to meet you." Kaho took her hand, and smiled, attempting to keep up with this impatient girl. She was not used to dealing with someone so fiery and impulsive.

"Pleasure is all mine," Ree replied, a smile appearing on her face. It was an unusual smile, like there was something devious hidden behind it. It curled to the sides like a cat… who was about to dine on its dinner.

"There you are. You are extremely troublesome, I already know that about you."

An exasperated voice broke the trance immediately, which immediately caught Kaho's attention.

Her cousin stood a few feet behind her, arms crossed, glaring at her.

"G-Gomen, Len…this woman, Ree, helped me find Sammy! Isn't that wonderful?" Kaho held up to the snorting Sammy, who gave up on his fight for freedom and doggie exploration.

Len simply nodded, and glanced at Ree, who seemed to be a in a dreamy trance.

"Thank you for your help, but we need to board the ship, if you don't mind."

It took a while for Ree to speak. But when she did, that same smile crossed over her features.

"Yes… I must board as well," she murmured. Her eyes lingered upon Len for a while, then she finally took her leave, ignoring Kaho completely.

Kaho just stared after her silhouette, completely miffed by her character.

She seemed kind… but it also seemed… fake.

"How long are you going to keep staring?" Len broke her thoughtful musing. "The ship leaves in 5 minutes."


Without another word, she took off as fast her heels could carry her, Sammy barking with joy at the sudden burst of speed.

Len just walked back, shaking his head.

The steams on top of the vessel roared once again into the spring air once again, her last warning of departure.

Little did the cousins know, or anyone for that matter, that the following three days would be the most dramatic and life altering days anyone could ever experience.




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