AN: A short introductive drabble on Lavi that shall lead onto the series of drabbles and one shots on Lavi's changes and how he deviates from his path as a bookman into becoming someone. Enjoy! LAVI CENTRIC. expect some lavi x lenalee x allen fluff soon!

49th Alias, the Introduction and Beginning of Change


As a bookman, there is no need for heart…

No reason to interfere into the lives of others.

No need to care.

We, the bookmen have only but one sole purpose in life.

To watch history

To remember history

To record history

But never to be in history.

To be emotionless is a useful tool in order to fulfill the tasks of being a bookman.

If one had emotion…. It would be blasphemous.

A hindrance, an obstruction. Simply more obstacles to overcome!

Yet, over time….

The apprentice and the future to the lineage of the Bookmen has wavered.

Changed yet did not notice the changes.

What caused these changes?

What made being simply the bystander… so much more difficult then it ever was?




When one feels the urge to interfere…

To join history with others…

To change…

To care…

To have a heart.

I am not a bookman anymore.

I am…


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