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Pairings: HG/SS

Title: A Marriage of Convenience

Chapter One: News & Letters

Hermione pushed her fork around her plate as she sat at the Gryffindor table, poking at her now cold potatoes. Harry and Ron sat to her left, talking exuberantly about a recent game of Quidditch. She nodded her head every now and then, pretending to be somewhat interested in their mind-numbing conversation. It was all she could do to keep from staring down at the article in the Daily Prophet that lay before her.

Minister Fudge had apparently decided that he should, finally, take an active role in the Wizarding community. However, this 'new role' had not come as a shock to the entire magical world, but also an inconvenience as well.

Letting out a tired and exasperated sigh, Hermione glanced down at the paper.

Fudge Forms Fantastically Frightening Law

Written by: Nitliac M. Enorrom

He's done it again, friends! Yes, you heard it; Fudge has officially astounded the Wizarding World once again with this new law. Magical Decree 8CM4, Section 7.2 states that the Ministry of Magic hereby holds all official power in Wizarding Marriage Declarations. Ministry officials have created this new law in an attempt to prevent the rapid increase of squibs and stillborns in magical births. As per new order, Muggle-born witches found to be legally above the age of 18 may hereby be petitioned for marriage by Pureblood wizards legally above the age of 18. Wizards are given one full month to court a particular witch before a legal Ministry-approved marriage ceremony must take place. If any witch receives more than one petition within a month's time, then she is given the right to choose whichever suitor she desires. Failure to do so within the given time-restraints will result in a marriage chosen by Ministry officials. As with all Magical Decrees, Ministry officials demand complete compliance. Failure to do so will result in punishments with up to ten years in Azkaban.

Losing her appetite completely, Hermione pushed her plate away, shaking her head in disgust at both the Prophet and the potatoes. The entire law idea had been presented over the summer, being very sparing with the details contained. But, of course, over the summer, it had only been an idea; nothing more. Fudge had apparently moved quicker in establishing this new law than everyone had expected. Before she new it, Fudge's tiny new idea became an Official Wizarding Decree.

At first, Hermione thought that the law had been a rather clever idea. She was obviously aware of the decrease in successful magical births and was pleased with the Ministry's attempts to remedy the situation. Until she received the letter

Dear Miss Hermione J. Granger,

It is our duty to inform you that due to your excessive usage of a Ministry approved Time-Turner, the question of your legal age has come into question. The Department of Magical Law Enforcement has deemed it necessary to alter your legal age based upon the extra hours added via Time-Turner during your third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. After careful accumulation of Time-Turner usage, the Ministry has added an official six month's and thirteen days to your legal age.

By reason of Ministry calculations, your formal age shall be, hereafter, acknowledged as eighteen years, one month, and six days.

Thank you for your time,

Francis N. Jungsickle,

Department of Magical Law Enforcement

After saying her goodbyes to Ron and Harry and gathering up her things, she set off towards the Gryffindor Common Room. It was already October and she hadn't received a single petition yet. And with any luck, she wouldn't receive any at all. Hermione figured that most people assumed she was still seventeen and that she was eligible to be affected by this new law. Not that she was going to complain. Being thought of as seventeen worked in her advantage.

She entered her dormitory and plopped down onto her bed, scattering her books next to her. Her classes were done for the day, and Hermione wanted nothing more than a quick nap before she started her routine rounds. Being Head Girl did have its advantages, such as her own dormitory as well as bathroom, but that didn't make up for the fact that she had to do nightly rounds throughout the castle.

Just as her eyes drifted closed, a slight tapping noise at the window caused Hermione to open them again. A brown barn owl had perched itself on the ledge, continuing its incessant tapping. Annoyed, she got up and let the large bird into her room. After giving it a treat, Hermione removed the piece of parchment attached to it leg, allowing the bird to immediately fly off.

Hermione unrolled the note, sighing once more as she read it to herself.

Dear Miss Granger,

Please meet me in my office as soon as possible. I'm dreadfully sorry for the inconvenience.


Albus Dumbledore

Growling in frustration, Hermione crumpled up the note and threw it forcefully to the ground. All she wanted was a little rest and time to think about this new law, but apparently, she couldn't even get that.

After retying her shoes, Hermione began to make her way to the Headmaster's office. She didn't know what this could possibly be about and nor did she particularly care. All she wanted was a peace…obviously, it was too much to ask.

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