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Jimmy held the doorknob in his hand for a moment before entering the familiar antechamber of the Neutron home.

It was eleven-something that Friday evening, November 17th. Retroville's skies were spotted with soft clouds, the moon illuminating some dormant streets below. For once the world was calm and gentle. A time like this was rare when a certain boy genius by the name of James Isaac Neutron resided there. One had to enjoy the peace while it lasted.

Jimmy's mind, however, had excitement spilling over all sides. He was fully aware of it as it happened, yet couldn't quite grasp the fact that it had. Cindy Vortex, his long-rivaled crush and recent friend, had caught some of the bright moonlight while on her way back from the news station. Siezing the chance on impulse and in complete awe of her beauty, Jimmy had suddenly taken her hand and pulled her close, kissing her right on the lips.

Of course, he had been kissed many times before. There was April the Gorlock, twice (once as a seal of trust, the other a kiss)... Betty Quinlin, while in the lead role of their school play, Macbeth in Space... Jimmy pondered his lovelife history and concluded that tonight was definintely the best. All day he had watched Cindy closely with admiration. She was starting to really be nice to him, also making several attempts to impress him, which were admittedly successful. He almost felt overcome with the pheramone 9.76/J, but was sure it was safe inside the vaccuum-sealed container down the lab all the while. A goofy smile came to his face as he remembered the day.

Jimmy looked over his shoulder at the Vortex home, realizing he was still standing outside his own house. A light was on where he presumed the kitchen was. He could just barely see someone standing at a counter, preparing food.

"Oh, sweetie, you're home!" Judy Neutron said as Jimmy opened the door. She was wearing her pink robe and a rather scary looking geen facemask. Slightly startled at the entrance of her son, she had been wondering why he was seemingly frozen on the front step.

"Hi, Mom," Jimmy said tiredly. He walked upstairs slowly without a word, taking off his coat and tucking it under an arm. Judy glanced at him before rerturning to her nightly livingroom dusting. She thought to herself how much older he looked in the collared shirt she had boughten him for the news show. After finishing off the piano, she gave the coffee table a little crooked, watery smile.

Upstairs, Jimmy decided the only thing he had energy left to do was to sleep. After a greet from Goddard and a quick brushing of his nearly-perfect teeth, he clambered into bed wearing the usual boxers and t-shirt. "Night, Goddard," he said, turning over. His eyes fell onto the house across the street and he smiled. Did he notice how pink it was before? Who painted a house that color, anyway? Jimmy's smile faded when he saw the only lit room still the kitchen. Someone was just... standing there. He glanced upstairs at Cindy's room. Dark. What was she doing preparing food by herself at midnight?

Cindy. As exhausted as he was, Jimmy felt wide awake. There was no way he was going to fall asleep anytime soon. Pukin' Pluto, how could I? "Think of prime numbers," he muttered. This quickly grew old, so he decided to try to remember as many places to pi as he could.

Meanwhile, Hugh Neutron was eating pie with an "e." Not surprisingly to his wife, he had chosen to eat his much-anticipated cherry slice in bed. To top it off, he was wearing his new pajamas. These had an attractive duck print with matching socks, which he insisted that Judy buy. After all, it isn't every day the House of Blue Pants holds an opening sale for blue pajama pants. And with ducks!

"Hugh! Don't you dare get that pie on the comforter. It's dry clean only and will not withstand food," Judy warned as she entered the room. Hugh set the plate down and got up to count his bedroom ducks. The living room ducks were all safe; he wanted to be sure the upstairs ones were too.

"One. Two. Three. Four," he counted happily as Judy rolled her eyes and proceeded to dust the dresser.

Jimmy was concentrating on pi without an "e." He had gotten quite far and was beginning to have trouble thinking of the next number. "3... 2...7...3...1... No, that's not right. Um, 2... Yeah, 2... 1... 4..."

"Five. Six. Seven. Eight," Hugh continued with his ducks.

"9... 1... No, 4... another 4... um... 8..."

"Nine. Ten. Twelve."

"Eleven, dear," Judy corrected.

"D'of course, SugarBooger! Alright- nine. Ten. Twelve. Eleven. Thirteen. Fourteen..." Hugh counted all twenty-eight of his prized ducks before finally joining a very exasperated Judy in bed. On the way, he tripped on his long pajamas.

"Hugh! Watch out!" cried Judy as he made a grab for the nightstand. His hand came down on the side of the plate and the cheery pie flew through the air, landing on the silk comforter at the feet of a very wide-eyed Mrs. Neutron.

"Uh... I can fix that," Hugh muttered out of the corner of his mouth, suddenly feeling like stone.

"Hubert Neutron, you have ruined my beautiful comforter! There's a stain right in the bottom left corner!" Judy wailed. There was indeed, a large red pie filling blob underneath the heap of buttery crust Hugh was now mourning. He quickly got a washcloth from the bathroom and tried to scrub the stain away. It only made matters worse, in spite of his attempt to calm his wife.

About two hours ago Jimmy had heard something about a ruined comforter. Frowning at his failed attempt to fall asleep, he turned over again. He had run out of places to pi and his pillow was beginning to feel too hot for comfort. He beckoned Goddard to follow as he got up and wordlessly left his bedroom to spend time in his lab.

On the way around the front of his house, Jimmy looked at Cindy's house again. The kitchen light was still on. There was still someone standing in the same place as before. He was sure it was a person and not something like a lamp, because every so often an arm would reach out and do something as thought it were making sandwhiches.

That's strange. Jimmy thought. What in the name of Einstein is she doing?

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