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This story was inspired by JA Baker's series of shorts entitled 'First Contact'

A/N – I have my own ideas for which Bond this is but I'll let each reader decide on their own who to picture for this fic.



It was the perfect assignment, thought Six. The Cylons had discovered Earth before the Colonials. But while Earth's technology was fairly primitive, the Cylons decided to repeat the same strategy they'd used to destroy the Colonies.

So she'd been sent down to infiltrate the Thirteenth Tribe. It took several weeks of research and surveillance before she selected her target. A computer programmer working for British Intelligence. Through him she could gain access to all of the major power's most critical secrets.

The seduction had gone beautifully. It helped that he was a very attractive man and quite frankly superior to even Gaius when it came to the pleasures of the flesh. She'd let him believe that she was a skilled 'hacker' and gotten him to open up about his job.

Soon she was supplying him with programs and even a couple of pieces of hardware that would enable his government (and by extension the Cylons) to access virtually any computer network on the planet. She'd actually given him far more than was needed. She'd even supplied him with top of the line infiltration software that was experimental by Cylon standards.

But he was such a good lover that she felt compelled to please him, if only for a little while. The time would come soon enough to reveal what she truly was and for the Cylons to crush this last bastion of humanity.


Six waited patiently for her lover's return. Today the Cylons invaded Earth. She would miss him. But God's demands were not to be ignored.

Six sat facing the door to the apartment. She never heard the footsteps behind her.

One moment she was sitting contently the next she felt cold steel press against her temple.

"Hello Gina," came the familiar seductive voice from behind. Her lover moved to face her all the while keeping the pistol in his hand trained directly at her head. "Or should I call you Six?"

Her eyes went wide. "How?"

"We're not as primitive as you thought," came the answer.

Six looked into his eyes and chill ran down her spine. The laughter, the gentleness she'd come to associate with him were gone. Replaced by a cold calculating gaze that not even a Cylon could match.

"I'd like to thank you Six," the man said. "With the programs you supplied us we can now infiltrate the Cylon network."


He favored her with a smile a hint of amusement flashed in his eyes. "We're not the Colonial's. We're not afraid of our technology. It took some time but Q Branch with the help of the Americans and the Russians were able to reverse engineer your software and that nice little transmitter you gave us to work against your systems. The Basestar you have positioned in orbit around Saturn is now transmitting software packets throughout your network. Shutdown codes, viruses, self destruct commands and a very special little program that automatically boxes any Cylon before they resurrect. And then, of course, erases them."

"No," Six said softly. There had to be some way to salvage this disaster. She looked at him seductively, shifting her pose. "Robert …"

"Actually that is not my name," he said in that same cold voice the gun never wavering.

"Then what do I call you?" she asked.

"Bond, James Bond."

A single gun shot rang out.