This isn't really the first chapter, but rather an introduction of sorts to my next story. It is based on

the book rather than the movie (by Dianna Wynne Jones), some some of the things really have

nothing to do with the movie. Which is why I wrote this, to try to kind of introduce a bit of the

book so you will kind of not really have a clue what im talking Anyway, I know its

short but the first real chapter is well underway. Also I want to let you know that this is going to

be a rather short story, only a few chapters. So thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy.

Letty had been terribly excited when Wizard Suliman offered to take her on as a pupil, and a bit

embarrassed by him having thought he was in love with her, even though it was Prince Justin's

memories. When they had returned to their respective bodies she had found the Wizard Suliman

very attractive, even more so than she had found Howl the day he came in the suit Sophie had

accidentally enchanted. But now she was to spend all of her days with this man, learning magic, as

she had learned everything she could from Mrs. Fairfax.

Nobody who saw them together ever though them just a teacher and a pupil and when the

announcement of their engagement came, soon followed by their wedding, no one was the least bit

surprised. The only thing that did surprise these onlookers was that Howl still hadn't asked Sophie

to marry him. Everyone knew it was inevitable but they were beginning to become as impatient as

Sophie herself.

Letty's wedding was held at Prince Justin's castle since Suliman was the royal wizard and the

prince would not hear of them having it anywhere else. It was a very grand affair and soon Letty

was happily married to her wizard. When it came time for Letty to throw the bouquet, she aimed

for Sophie, hoping it would help knock some sense into Howl. Sophie did indeed catch it and that

is where all the trouble began.