Sorry I kept you all waiting so long, as I said I was having issues keeping the book seperated from the movie. To make up for it I added extra fluff and the spiders that were requested. They were a lovely idea, and I hope you like what I did with them. And you anyone else has anything they want to see in here let me know and I will see what I can do. Thanks for being so patient with me and I hope you enjoy!
Still slightly stunned by Sophie's announcement, Howl slowly made his way back inside. Calcifer, who had noticed Sophie run by not moments before, chose to keep his mouth shut as Howl threw himself down in a chair near the fireplace. When the shock of it all finally began to wear off of Howl, he turned to pouting. Calcifer had no idea what their lover's spat was about but it was enough to upset everyone in the house.

"Howl, what did you do to Sophie?"

Still pouting Howl answered in outrage. "What did I do to her?!?! I proposed to her!"

"Proposed to her? Well why isn't she happy then? She has been waiting around for you for years."

"How should I know? She took it into her head that the only reason I proposed was because she accidentally enchanted some flowers!"

At this reply Calcifer couldn't help chuckling at the situation they had gotten themselves into. If it wasn't one thing going wrong, it had to be something else. "Well Howl, there is nothing to be done about it tonight. You might as well go get some rest."

"Oh fine." Howl mumbled as he drug himself from the chair and moodily climbed the stairs.

When Howl reached his room he was greeted by an army of small creeping spiders. His spiders had remained afraid of Sophie after she had threatened them during one of her cleaning fits. That was also the reason they remained loyal to Howl, he had after all saved them on many occasions. When Howl threw himself on his bed they surrounded him, offering what comfort they could. When he only pushed them away they sadly crept back to their corners.

"I have to figure out a way to convince her that I meant what I said. Maybe there is a way to prove that her magic didn't affect me. It couldn't affect me without me noticing at all!" With that said Howl began his contemplation of ways to make things right. Soon after he began this contemplation he fell asleep.

After learning that Sophie was the cause of Howl's mood, the spiders took it into their tiny heads to find a way to help him in his endeavor. They crept out of Howl's room and made their way to Sophie's. Whatever the problem was, Sophie was sure to forgive him for anything if he saved her from a horde of spiders. One by one they moved stealthily into their seemingly menacing places, scattered throughout her room. The bravest of the spiders crept right under the blankets with her.

As the sun slowly rose above the mountainous horizon, casting a golden glow on everything the light touched, Sophie slowly stretched and then rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. Pulling the blankets off of her legs she noticed a certain crawling sensation. Her eyes flew to the creatures covering her legs and then scanned the room only to find that she was completely surrounded by spiders. Without another thought she let out a blood curdling scream.

Startled from his sleep, Howl shot out of bed and ran to see what was wrong with Sophie. Howl had never heard her scream quite like this before and automatically thought the very worst. Running through the house he burst through her door to find her trembling in bed surrounded by his spiders that were trying to act menacing. Upon this sight Howl began to laugh and when Sophie heard him he received a glare that sent him into action.

Since he had already ruined the chance to charge in and rescue her he simply said, "After pulling this stunt my friends I'm afraid there is nothing more I can do to protect you from her."

When they realized what Howl had said their act dropped and their eyes grew wide in fear. All at once they burst from Sophie's room in retreat, heading for the sanctuary of Howl's room.

Sophie's fear had melted away to anger once they were gone. "Howl Jenkins! What were those spiders doing in my room? If you can't keep them away from me then I will make them leave!"

Still chuckling at what his spiders had done he replied "If they ever do it again Sophie, then I won't stand in your way. But I think perhaps this time they should be excused. You see, they were worried about me last night when I came in upset and I think they took it into their heads to help me out. They were trying to scare you so that I could run in and rescue you, but I'm afraid I ruined that for them."

Sophie couldn't help herself; she had to smile at the antics the spiders used to help Howl, even if it did involve scaring her. "I suppose I did cause quite a scene last night. I meant what I said, but it wasn't your fault that I made the enchantment."

"Sophie, there has to be something I can do to prove that I want to marry you. Even if it was your spell that made me propose last night, that doesn't mean that I didn't want to. I had been meaning to ask you for a while but I could never seem to find the right time."

Tears began to fill her eyes at his speech. "Are you sure Howl? You don't have to ask me just because I wanted you to do it right now. I'm not going to leave you if you don't. I love you too much."

When he saw her tears, he joined her on her bed and gathered her into his arms. As she finished talking he gently brought his lips down upon hers. "So does that mean you will marry me now? Now that I have asked you, three times now, I would like the correct answer."

Sophie couldn't hold in the laugh that seemed to bubble through her. "I suppose I can give you the answer you want. Maybe I should enchant things more often!" She finished on a chuckle and she threw herself back into his embrace and their lips met once again.

It was just then that Michael had finally drug himself from bed and made it to Sophie's room to see what all the fuss was about. Upon seeing them locked in each others arms, he rolled his eyes before closing the door. As he headed back to his room to go back to sleep he shouted over his shoulder to Calcifer. "Don't worry Calcifer, everything is fine. I'm sure Howl came to the rescue and set everything to rights."