The One Who Saved Them All

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Some of the Espada could tell the fight was over once Hinamori screamed from seeing Aizen's body. He was dead, Gin had switched sides and was now dying, and Tosen was close to death himself.

"We give…for now. You're all trash and will meet your end," Ulquiorra told the Shinigami.

"WHO MADE YOU LEADER!?" Grimmjow yelled. Ulquiorra didn't respond to the blew-haired Espada. Yammy picked up Tosen and with a snap of Ulquiorra's fingers why returned to Hueco Mundo.


Gin's body was on fire. Aizen hadn't lied about the pain he would feel. He did want to die.

"Gin…" Matsumoto whispered. Gin couldn't respond. He was in too much pain to talk. "I'm glad you came back at the end. I missed you."

Just then Yamamoto came up to Gin. "Ichimaru Gin. I thank you for saving us and killing Aizen…hum…Uharaha-taicho…since you invented the devise that did this to Ichimaru, would you happen to know a way to revuse the effects?"

"Of course I do!" Kisuke said.

"Would you please?"

"You want me to save him?"

"Yes. That's an order."

"Yes, sir! Oh Myuri…!"

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" Myuri yelled.

"But Myuri-san! I don't have enough strangth to perform the spell on my own and I know you know it! It's not for me or for Ichimaru but Yamamoto-soticho asked." Myuri mumbled some curse words under his breath but aggred. "Now please made the circle."

Myuri used his freakishly long finger nail to draw out a circle. Inside the circle he drew a vertical and horzantial line so there where 4 boxes. Inside each box he drew the Kanji for 'moon', 'sun', 'heaven', and 'hell'.

Kisuke placed Gin's fever indused body in the middle of the circle. "Remember the incandation?"

"Of course I do!" Myuri snapped.

"Ye Lord! Ruler of the earth and the heavens, creater of the soul bound to thee! Rip out all forms of wickedness and banish it to Hell! Destructive spell number 98, Soul Purify!"

A white light covered Gin and he let out a throat -ripping scream.

"Why is he yelling like that!?" Kira yelled.

"We're ripping Aizen's soul out of his and that's painful!" Kisuke yelled back. Gin started thrashing, like he was having a nightmare. "Someone hold him down!" Matsumoto and Kira both but their weight on Gin's chest, trying to get him to hold still.

After a minute or so, a light came from Gin's mouth and disspared. The light around Gin went away and he stopped scareming and thrashing but was uncounsicence.

"The rest is up to him now," Myrui said.

"What do you mean?" Matsumoto asked.

"Well he's not going to die from Aizen's death now but he's hurt bad. I'm sure Unohana-taicho can help him but he still may not make it," Kisuke said.