Jump In all Over again!

What happens when Keke Palmer and Corbin Bleu come back to do another Jump In movie 4 years after the first one.

What if they had been together at the time and broke up after. What if Keke had a secret she kept from Corbin and know he is about to find out.

What if his friends knew all along but swore to keep her secret. Will they work it out or will everything fall apart just like it did 4 years ago?

(Instead of Keke being younger then Corbin I am making her the same age just for the story its just easier)

Chapter 1 Going Back!

My name is Keke Palmer and i am 22 years old and i have a daughter who is 4 years old. Her name is Rose Elana Bleu. Her father is Corbin. We were together till the end of 06 when our careers split us up.

He doesnt know about her but his family does. I didnt intentionally not tell him its just he broke up with me the night i was going to tell him.

(FlashBack) Hi Corbin why did you want to talk to me asks Keke as she looks at her boyfriend.I think we should break up.

What asks Keke. Our Careers have us in two directions i think its for the best says Corbin. Okay says Keke as she walks away haboring the biggest secret of her life.

(End FlashBack)

A month later he was dating his High school Musical costar Monique. When i was 8 months pregnant Corbin parents found out because they bumped into me at the mall and i couldnt hide it so i kept in touch.

Now i am heading back to film Jump In 2 and i have to face Corbin.

I knew i wouldnt be able to keep this secret forever.

I just have to worry about how he will take it if he finds out.

I have to leave now to go to the airport.

Sincerely Keke

Mommy yells Rose. We have to leave says Rose. I am coming hunny.

(Airport) Our plane was delayed but we will be leaving in a few hours says Keke as she talks to her daughter.

Okay she says as she falls asleep.

I love you darling. I love you too mommy.

(Few hours later) Hun you need to get up its time to board the plane says Keke. Okay says her daughter.

They got on the plane and were off on the adventure that was to come.