(10 years later)

Mom Isabella won't give me my homework back yells 14 year old Rose. Rose do you have to yell says 32 year old Keke who was 6 months pregnant with Corbin and her third child. Sorry mom but that assignment is really important and Isabella wont give it back says Rose. Rose she's 6 how can she cause so much trouble says Keke. You don't believe me fine but when I fail and dad tells me I cant go and film my show and they pass it on its on your head says the fourteen year.

You see she had just been signed her own show and would being starting it soon. On one condition she had to keep her grades up.Keke walked over to her six year old. Can I have your sister's homework asks Keke? Yes mommy says the six year old. Thank you says her mom.

That wasn't so hard says her mom. Whatever says Rose as she walks away? Something's had changed in the last ten years. Rose had grown jealous of her sister after being an only child for so long. When she found out about her sister she was excited but then she was born and then she didn't have the same attention she got from her parents like she use to. She had to admit she couldn't wait until she was filming because it was going to just be her and her dad along with Uncle Zac and Vanessa and their son James.

Hopefully her and dad could bond cause she felt like she didn't even know him anymore. Knock ,knock says a familiar voice. She looks up from her desk. Hi dad says Rose. What's wrong asks Corbin? Nothing I'm just trying to finish my homework says Rose. Your mom thought something was wrong she thinks you're stressed or something says Corbin. No just want to get this out of the way says Rose as she holds up her homework. Well take a break and come down to dinner says her dad. Ok says Rose.

(Dinner) So Isabella how was school asks her mom? Good but mom why can't I stay home with you asks Isabella? Cause mommy needs a break even though she loves you she wants you to learn says Keke with a smile. Can I be excused asks Rose? Hon you have barely ate anything says her mom. Not hungry can I leave she asks again. Go ahead.

( 1 month later) Rose we need to be on set in 10 minutes yells her dad. She walked down the stairs and headed out the door. They were in New York filming a show called Just being me for Disney. Her dad was her dad and Vanessa and Zac were playing her aunt and uncle. She was loving time away from her mom and sister even if they had to go back in two months when mom had the baby. She needed the break from them but her dad still couldn't seem to figure out what was wrong with her or he just didn't care to.

(Set) Uncle Zac can I talk to you asks Rose. Sure thing Rose what is it he asks? Did you ever feel like your brother took all your parents attention when he was younger asks Rose? No why asks Zac? Cause ever since Isabella was born I feel like my parents don't love me the way they did and now that there is the new baby they won't have time for me at all says Rose. Hey kiddo they always have time for you and they love you so much. I know that for a fact cause your dad says it all the time says Zac. Okay thanks uncle Zac.

Your welcome says Zac. I think you should talk to your dad says Zac as he walks away. Okay she says as she goes to film a scene. (Scene) Dad tell Josh to leave me alone yells Samantha(Rose's character) Josh leave your sister alone says Corbin. Fine but she really needs to find a crush who isn't my friend says Josh. I don't like him yells Sam as she runs up the stairs to her room. (End Scene)

Dad can we talk asks Rose. Sure thing says Corbin. Don't take this the wrong way but… Corbin's phone rang. Hun can we talk later I have to take this says Corbin. You know what forget it says Rose as she walks away. Hello says Corbin. (15 minutes later) Bye says Corbin. He turned around and came face to face with Zac. Don't do that says Corbin.

You need to talk to Rose says Zac. Why asks Corbin. Because she thinks you and Keke don't love her anymore says Zac. That's ridiculous says Corbin. Corbin she left the set crying today because you thought the phone call was more important says Vanessa as she comes up behind them. I don't know what to say says Corbin. Just go talk to her and tell her you still love her says Zac as him and Vanessa walk off.

Corbin headed back to their house and found all the lights off. Rose says Corbin he headed into her room. Her bathroom light was on and he notice something dark reflecting off the light. Rose are you alright asks Corbin. She didn't answer so he kicked the door in and found his fourteen year old daughter on the floor bleeding. He pick up his phone and called 911. Hang on baby hang on says Corbin.

(Hospital) Family of Rose Bleu asks the doctor. That's us says Corbin. Relation asks the doctor. Her father says Corbin. She slit her wrist but lucky enough not enough to kill herself but her stomach was pumped of a sleeping pill. Can I see her asks Corbin. Go right ahead room 203 says the doctor. We will wait for Keke says Vanessa. Okay says Corbin.

(203 two days later) She was still not awake but early morning two days later she started to stir. Daddy says Rose as she opens her eyes. Rose thank goodness you are alright says her dad. Like you actually care says Rose. Of course I care baby when I saw you on the bathroom floor I got so scared and all these thoughts went through my mind like I was going to lose you and all the things I haven't said to you.

It doesn't help I don't talk to you any more either says Rose. Hun we are going to get through this and I want you to know that I do love you and I am sorry I haven't given as much as attention as I should be says her dad. Did mom come ask Rose? Yes she outside with Isabella says her dad. Send them in says Rose. Her mom walked in. Im so sorry says Rose when she saw her mom in tears. O baby I should have been better and down better says Keke. Mom you're a great mom I just let jealously get to me and I forgot to enjoy my family. But im okay and we are going to be okay says Rose. Her mom kissed her head and then grabbed her stomach. O no says her mom. What says Corbin? The baby is coming says Keke. They went and got a doctor and sent her mother to the deliver room. Rose and Isabella stayed in the room waiting for news.

Sis I'm sorry for causing this says Isabella. Bella know of this is your fault I just wanted to blame but I really can't cause it's not your fault. I love you big sister says Isabella. I love you too says Rose. There was a knock on the door. Uncle Zac says Bella. Aunt Vanessa says Rose. How are you asks Vanessa as she walks over to her niece. I am going to be just fine says Rose with a smile. Zac lifted Isabella up onto the bed and she snuggled next to her sister. They all fell asleep along with James.

10 hours later Corbin brought in the latest addition to the family. Elizabeth Vanessa Bleu she was beautiful. Daddy says the two girls she so cute says Rose. Keke came in soon after. Now our family is complete says Corbin. We are going to be just fine says Keke as she hugs her daughters. I love you mom says Rose. I love you too baby says Keke. I love you daddy says Rose. I love you too angel says Corbin. I love you Aunt Vanessa and Uncle Zac says Rose. We love you too says Vanessa.

Isabella I love you too says Rose. I love you too big sister says Bella. And I love my baby sister Elizabeth says Rose. She loves you too says her mom. We are going to be fine says Corbin as he kisses his wife.

They all lived happily ever after.

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