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Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse all belong to the wonderful Stephenie Meyer. Her characters have become my playthings is all.

Authoress' Notes: An experiment. This is just the intro. Next chapter to come soon. Hopefully that will have some plot to it... I kid! This is just a way of getting into things. To show Bella's feelings. It's necessary. Big things happen next. I have an idea so I'm going to try and go somewhere with it. So let's just the roll the tape then. We're live in 3...2...1...ACTION!

The dark.

I had learned to love the dark. And everything about it. It hid my secrets. It hid my miserable appearance. It was comforting. A black nothingness...a black nothingness that nonetheless reminded me of my hideous past, my awful present, and the black hole in my heart.

And it was dark now. Sweet, sweet dark night. And though I was hidden from the rest of the world under the cover of darkness, my thoughts and memories plagued me and came crashing down upon me.

"Bella, I don't want you to come with me."

My heart had fractured then. I hadn't understood yet. Not completely anyways. My heart had been holding on. Hoping. The tiny fissure that had just been made was nothing. My heart had thought it could repair itself. My heart was dumb. It was just setting itself up for more pain.

"You're not good for me, Bella."

He had brought a hammer to the fracture and it had given up it's fight of holding my heart together. My heart had shattered into thousands of tiny pieces. I had nothing to live for now. I loved someone and he didn't love me back. It was over. That should be simple enough.

But no. With him not even heartbreak could be simple.

"It will be as if I'd never existed."

A lie.

How could it possibly be as if he'd never existed when I thought about him every waking moment of the day. Every minute of my dreams. It was impossible to imagine a world without Edward Cullen.

"We won't bother you again."

Another lie.

Thoughts of the Cullens bothered me everywhere I went. Alice and her pixielike ways. Emmett's straightforwardness and teasing. Carlisle and Esme's love and dedication. Jasper's mysteriousness and smoothness. And even Rosalie and her exceptional beauty. I could not get them out of my head.

And they had all left me. It wasn't only Edward who had abandoned me. Oh no. All the Cullens had left without a goodbye. Even Alice. He had told me he wanted it to be a clean break. Clean break? I don't think a "break" could come any messier than this. He had taken my things, every physical trace of him. But he could not take back what was not physical. He could not take back what was not his. He could not take back my memories.

And those were all I needed to cause me unbearable pain. Nothing more.