The Really Secret World of Alex Mack

Note from the author: I should mention some backstory elements for those not extremely familiar with the TV show. This fanfic is based on the episode "The Other Side (part 1 2)" where the character Annie Mack accidentally drops a chemical called GC Divide on her sister Alex. The chemical then splits Alex into two incarnations - one good, the other, evil. The evil Alex wreaks havoc on Paradise Valley, leaving Annie and friend Ray to clean up the mess. In the cliffhanger of the first episode, the evil Alex traps the good Alex in a construction site, where she almost gets killed when a building at the site is violently demolished using explosives. Later on, the evil twin traps the good Alex inside some pluming pipes at the Mack household in order to suffocate her. Another source for this fanfic is the episode "The Journal". In that episode, Alex keeps a journal where she keeps track on how she uses her super-powers. Alex loses the journal and it almost ends up in the hands of Vince, who works for Ms. Atron (the top baddie of the tv series). And yet another source is the episode named "The Creeper", where Alex gets embarrassed in front of the entire class, by a secret admirer. Among many, many other episodes from the show. BTW, "Alex Mack" and "The Secret World of Alex Mack" are trademarks of Nickelodeon, MTV Networks, and Viacom International Inc.

Chapter I: The Journal's Secret

Annie sits down to read the journal that Alex is writing concerning her everyday experiences with her GC-161 powers. They had previously agreed that Alex would write it independently from her regular diary. The GC-161 journal was supposed to be strictly about science. Nothing more. One recent post in the diary had to do with Alex's 'unique' experience with the GC- Divide chemical compound that was still undergoing testing in the plant. This compound had previously shown the ability to split a small amount of GC-161 into two equal parts.

The chemical was introduced into the Mack household by Alex's dad who along with Annie was conducting research experiments in the garage lab.

Alex herself was exposed to the chemical thanks to Annie, who accidentally spilled some amount of the compound on her while she was in her morphed translucent form.

Immediately on contact, the said chemical divided Alex into two incarnations - one good, the other, evil. That strange reaction to the compound wasn't understood for what it was at first, but Annie later concluded that the chemical probably caused a division in Alex's psyche where her good side was literally separated from her darker side.

The evil twin of Alex was the personification of malice. She had no morals or compassion. Things got so bad that the clone even tried to kill the original Alex more than once. And while the real Alex was thought to be done for dead, the fake one was causing havoc all over town. Fortunately in the end, Alex and her evil twin did managed to merge themselves back again, and all life returned to normal after that.

Reading the GC-161 journal, Annie discovers that Alex actually does remember what her evil twin did now that they had become one all over again. The experiences of the evil Alex were now the experiences of the original Alex. The problem was that Alex didn't even mention in the journal anything in much detail about what she remembered.

Annie felt compelled to ask Alex about what her double did and how did she make use of her GC-161 powers while she was on a rampage around the neighbourhood and at home. So she placed the journal aside and makes her way downstairs where Alex sat eating breakfast.

"Alex. can I talk with you for a minute?"

"Sure!" Alex replied as she put aside her bowl of cereal.

Annie had a look around to make sure her parents weren't near by. Then she sat down closer to her sister.

"Alex, do you remember what you wrote on the journal about the little incident we had with the GC Divide compound?"

Alex eyes widened comically and she placed her hands over her face as she heard what her sister had said.

"Aww! How could I forget!"

"Well Alex, you said in the journal that you actually remember what your double did all the time she was separated from you. Why didn't you write what she did on the journal?"

Alex was looking at her through the fingers of her hands in silence.

"Alex? c'mon!" Annie pulled one of Alex's hands away from her face.

"It's important that you write what she did! I know that she was using her powers. I just want to know how she made use of them."

Alex spoke hesitantly.

"T-there is nothing to know Annie. She didn't do anything that you haven't seen me do before."

Annie was looking at her seriously. That made Alex even more nervous.

"Somehow I doubt that!" Annie said with an even more serious tone.

Alex got up from the table and took her bowl towards the sink.

"Well that's too bad, Annie. Because it happens to be the truth."

Annie also got up and she followed Alex to the sink where she was presently washing the bowl using her special powers.

"Well, I don't remember having seen you use your powers to... kill people!"

"What?" Alex suddenly lost control of the bowl and it crashed into the sink. She was obviously upset.

"I guess that I touched a nerve." Annie spoke softly as she walked over to look at the broken pieces of the cereal bowl now dispersed on the sink.

"I didn't, I mean 'she' didn't kill anybody!"

"Remember Ray? The double used her powers against him aggressively. Me included!"

"She didn't wanted to kill Ray or you!"

"It didn't look that way to us! And besides, she was determined in killing you! Remember?"

"What's the point of this argument? She is gone now! Forever!" Alex was yelling aloud now.

Annie came closer to her and grabbed her arms fiercely.

"let go of me, Annie!"

"Quiet! Listen to me Alex. I know you. I know that you're hiding something from me. That double was capable of anything! And she was out for most of the day doing terrible things to people. Ray has told me what she did to Robyn and also that she was causing trouble at school. But most of her time was spent on the streets. I want to know what she did during all that time she was on the loose."

Alex's face was glowing now. That usually meant that her emotions were out of control. Annie took that as a signal that she was on the right track. Alex was hiding something.

"Look at you. I can read you like a book! Why are you hiding things from me Alex?. Alex?"

Alex had morphed into a puddle and Annie suddenly realised that she was no longer holding her sister's arms with her hands.

"Alex! Come back here!" Annie screamed at her sister.

But Alex was already out of the house.

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