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The ticking of a clock and the fiery heat of Ishida's breath against his cheek was all that reminded Ichigo that he was, indeed, not imagining this moment in time. Whether or not he wanted to believe it was still uncertain. In a way, it reminded Ichigo of the moon because it was so chilly and, even so, could give you a warm feeling in your tummy when you truly looked at the light around the edges.

Everything seemed so stiff and yet so right. Perhaps they had to warm up into this idea, or maybe Ichigo was just a bad kisser. He didn't know that either, but by God, though, for a person so incredibly cold and detached, Ishida's body was oh-so very hot and oh-so very close. All he knew now was that an accidental cry of surprise slipped from his mouth when he so suddenly felt himself being grasped between his legs.

Ishida had taken his hand away from their laced brace a moment before, but he hadn't decided to take any meaning to that. Oops.

"U-Uryuu… I don't think you should, ah!" he was cut off (squeaking) with a firm grope as either punishment or something else.

Why did this all have to confuse him so?

"I can't believe that you're so virginal, Kurosaki," was the worded reply.

A furious blush spread across the redhead's face. "Or maybe you're just too horny," he retorted almost breathlessly. Response? A smirk that made Ichigo's stomach drop at least a few inches.

Ishida leaned in close and whispered against the other's ear, "Just for you." A sharp nip to the lobe made the shinigami whimper.

"Where did this all come from, dammit!? You don't have to act like a nympho!"

"I apologize, Kurosaki."

"Can you at least call me by my first name?"

"… Ichigo."

The way it rolled off of the Quincy's tongue made Ichigo stare. Was he trying to be seductive? The only thing wrong with that was the fact that it seemed to be working. He captured the smirking lips in a bruising kiss.

Maybe there was a point behind Ishida being obnoxious; the shinigami found the sharp gasp that he received as a reward for his actions to be highly pleasing. It gave him a strong sense of control now. "How about you listen to what I say for now?" he purred.

"You don't even know what you're doing," the other replied.

Ichigo frowned, snorting, "Shut up." At that point, he started to slip his shirt over his head. A questioning and almost-confused glance from Ishida was the thankfully-quiet reply. "I sleep without a shirt. What? Aren't you tired?"

"Well, yes…" he trailed off absently.

"Then we can sleep. You obviously want to be in the bed with me anyw-OW!" Ichigo was not happy to find himself with a fist to his stomach. "Damn!"

Uryuu clicked his tongue in annoyance, and buried himself under the covers, purposefully making them very messy. (He had been honestly surprised that Ichigo's home was so clean; he seemed like such a slob.) Turning away from Ichigo, he snuggled all the way in and huffed one last time.

"You've got to be kidding me," Ichigo sighed. He followed suit and decided to pull Ishida into his arms. The other male resisted at first but ultimately decided to just let it be. That is, until Ichigo licked the shell of his ear.

"What are you doing!?" he snapped in surprise, almost tossing his elbow back to smash into that cocky face. It was impossible to hide the blush that had infected Uryuu's skin.


"I thought you weren't gay?"

"There's plenty of me to go around for everybody."

"Perverted bastard."


At that point, they both fell silent, still in their back-to-chest embrace. Ishida could feel the redhead's body start to relax as he started to get sleepier. His grip became looser and more gentle, something that was quite unlike the Ichigo that most people knew. Slowly glancing backwards over his shoulder, the Quincy was surprised to see that this stupid shinigami was lazily (and tiredly) smiling at him.

"What do you want?" he asked sharply.

"Nothin'. Is it wrong to look at a face that I haven't seen in so many years?"

"I suppose not, but still…"

"Will you just relax?"

With that, Ishida rolled over and let his arms rest snuggled up against his body, his head against the crook of Ichigo's neck. He didn't care if it wasn't something he normally wouldn't do; romantic moments can make one do crazy things. Closing his eyes and breathing deeply, Ishida allowed himself to once again be familiarized with the scent that he had once known as Ichigo.

It wasn't exactly the same. The faint smell of a spicy soap and a very mild, sweet cologne mixed with a slight amount of salt, just from him having been sweaty and hot up on stage. Ichigo had never bothered with cologne when they were younger; perhaps it was the fact that he must have been out often that made him think of wearing it. Either way, no longer could Ishida trace the ever-so-slight but copper metallic scent of blood; more often than not, that blood was Ichigo's. He had always been so good at ending up severely injured. "… Ichigo, I want you to kiss me."

The other frowned in surprise. "That came from nowhere."

"Please… please just do it, Ichigo. I need it."

He was still hesitant, gently cupping the narrow chin in his fingertips and tilting it towards him. Looking into those sapphire eyes was a bit heartbreaking. There was such desperation and yet a fear of rejection. As that gap between their lips was ebbed away by Ichigo's imperceptibly-slow lean forward, he noticed those eyes start to close, so he did the same.

Right away, Uryuu felt a surge of electricity flow through all of his veins even though they were just tightly lip-locked like inexperienced teenagers. He was surprised to feel the opening of the other's mouth first, the prodding of his tongue against a sensitive mouth that so gladly granted the access. The feeling of any tongue other than your own inside of your mouth was indeed a strange, though pleasurable, feeling.

Ichigo felt the soft, squishy muscle of Ishida's mouth press against his own and gasped lightly. Perhaps he was virginal because it felt so new. Why had he missed out on this for so long? A spark ignited inside of him, just as the heart of a hunter after his first catch. The shinigami gripped Ishida's wrists firmly and rolled on top of him, forcing the other onto his back.

Uryuu pulled away, panting for breath. "I-Ichigo," he stammered nervously as his hands were freed. "Ah…" The other's body became pressed closer, and the Quincy could feel the tightness of Ichigo's pants against his leg. He couldn't help it; Uryuu frantically grabbed the zipper of the redhead's jeans. Shakily, he slid it down and fiddled with the button until he was sure they were undone, allowing Ichigo to let out a sigh of relief when the pants themselves were removed from his legs. He kicked them off the side of the bed rather violently. Ishida glanced upwards and put his arms around Ichigo's neck, drinking in the sight of his body. "Take them off," he whispered, "Do it now."

Ichigo's face fell slightly. As he was about to stutter something, he was interrupted by the other's words.

"If you don't, I'll do it for you. Now take your boxers off, Ichigo."

He was still frozen but nodded anyway and sat up on his knees, still over Ishida's body. "Fine," he rasped in a voice that sounded erotic even though it wasn't intended to be that way. He hooked his thumbs inside of his underwear and slowly cast them off. Seeing the tone of Ishida's skin become redder at the sight of his manhood, he leaned back down over his body. "Happy?"


"Where do you want this to go, Uryuu?" he whispered, resting his lips against the skin along the Quincy's neck. Nibbling and suckling gently on the sensitive area brought forth a small, begging whimper from the other.

He didn't want to be like this, so needy and whiney and just… Ishida didn't like the fact that he wanted to submit so badly. At the same time, he just wished to be here in this intimate moment. "I… I want it to go somewhere that… Nobody ever actually says it except for in romance novels."

Ichigo let out a tiny rumble of laughter. He had read a romance novel or two (thanks to Yuzu and Orihime), and some of the phrases that they used were absolute jokes. Oftentimes one wondered if people actually said such things. "If you say so…" he replied quietly, starting to undo the buttons of the shirt to push it off of the other's shoulders.

Ishida was far too impatient for this child's pace that the shinigami was taking, so he sat up and threw the shirt away none too sensually. "There!" he snapped.

Ichigo raised an eyebrow and smirked, sitting up himself and pulling the other into his lap. He saw the embarrassment in Ishida's eyes as he felt the erection pressed against his backside. "I think you should take your pants off for me then, Uryuu," he murmured into his collarbone as he suckled on it.

The darker-haired one growled in annoyance with Ichigo but let loose the latch of the belt and undid the fly in a few swift movements.

There was an almost curious glance in the shinigami's eyes the moment he started to reach one of his hands towards the neglected region of this Quincy's body. His mind stayed hesitant, only forcibly reminding him all the time that this was a man. There was not only that, but it was also Ishida. Someone who had once said, "Ichigo Kurosaki, I hate you." All because of his silly, overbearing Quincy pride.

Damn that Godforsaken Quincy. Damn him to hell for having this lithe, silky, and oddly-curvy body before him. Damn him for having those gorgeous sapphire eyes that looked so incredibly sad sometimes and were just filled with a tantalizing spark in his aroused nature. Damn him for his soft, perfect, dark hair that looked so incredibly sexy and adorable being ruffled. Damn him the most for ever having associated with Ichigo in the first place.

Oh, how he hated this person sitting so willingly in his clutches.

Oh, how he loved this person so incredibly much just for being here after leaving for so long.


This small whisper was enough to knock him out of this love-hate trance, his eyes snapping back to the tender expression that he really did enjoy.

"Why are you so distracted?" Ishida asked quietly, nipping on the pink lower lip just daring to be bitten. It was only now that he realized how much he had missed this orange-haired, loud, obnoxious, overprotective, arrogant, selfish shinigami. He had missed him so much. His atmosphere, his confidence, his presence, even his scent.

When he thought back to how he had even bothered meeting Ichigo, it almost (key: almost) made him feel guilty for automatically hating the boy for his shinigami ways and his obliviousness. It was too bad that he ended up falling so far as to be in love with the likes of his idiotic self.

"I'm sorry, Uryuu, I was just thinking about something," came the airy reply into his ear. That loud mouth planted onto Ishida's jaw and trailed right back to his lips. He pulled away, though.

"Make me a promise, Ichigo."

"What's that?"

"Don't be loud."

The look that he got was either that of disgust or confusion. This was confirmed by the simple 'huh?'

"I said: don't be loud. This is an apartment building. Do you really want your neighbors to hear you having sex?"

Ichigo grumbled a little bit, something about being able to make just as much noise as he pleased, but nodded anyway. "Whatever you say."

"Oh, and no more talking."


"Shut up, Ichigo!"

And he was silent, roughly kissing those demanding lips again. This pattern went in such circles: insult, kiss, get a little bit more naked, and insult. Was this really what sex was like? Regardless, he pressed forward and rolled Ishida onto his back some, just so his rear end was slightly higher up. The dark-haired head was almost pressed up against the headboard, and Ichigo had to admit that in some severely twisted way, seeing the compromised position of his friend and a bit of a funny tilt in his neck was such a turn-on. He rested his wide hands against the pale hips of the other and slowly slid the final garment of clothing away.

So then he could see it all. And his sexual instincts made him just want some more.

"Uryuu…" was all that he whispered as the tension in his body and mind melted away. Kisses became more frantic and heated until Ichigo thought he might want to explode with ecstasy. It wasn't enough yet, though. It just wasn't enough. Now these kisses became provocative touches, each caressing farther down their opposite's body.

"Come on, Ichigo… do it," Ishida panted softly, "I'm telling you to."

"But I don't have--"

"I thought I told you not to talk anymore?"

The Quincy bit back a small growl of pain as his answer was received. He told Ichigo to hold his peace, and at least he had listened. Time passed only to grow comfortable, writhing and moaning softly until Ichigo would ruin it and add another piece to his response. All of this until he took it away and positioned himself. He wasn't allowed to speak, so he just gave Ishida a questioning glance.

To which was replied with by a nod.

"Ah--" Uryuu refused to cry out in pain. He was not going to cry, nor would he allow Ichigo to have complete control over him. There were plenty of times he had felt pain so much worse than this, and just to prove it, he thrust his body against Ichigo's. "Don't just sit there like an idiot!" he snapped in a strained voice.

The musician just snorted and attached his lips to Ishida's neck as he built their pace. It changed frequently, sometimes being slow and gentle and others it would become hurried and rough. Neither of them could deny the pit of fire that built up in their stomachs that was undeniably more frustrating the longer it was dissatisfied.

Ichigo let go first, a surprised cry escaping from his lungs, followed by a sever shudder to course through his body with shaky pants of breath. The suddenness of it tossed Ishida over the cliff as well, and the tensing of the muscles throughout his body gave the redhead an extra helping of pleasure before he retreated and collapsed next to him.

Wrapping his strong arms around the dark-haired boy, Ichigo closed his eyes and nuzzled himself near. Ishida wasn't quite sure if he wanted to appreciate this or not, but he decided it would be alright for now as he got comfortable being held.

"… Can I ask you a favor this time?" Ichigo muttered sleepily, his amber eyes shifting around nervously.

"Mm?" the other huffed; he had almost been asleep.

"Please don't leave this time."

"Whatever. If you so insist, my Anti-Strawberry…" he answered with a smirk, glancing at a promotional poster that Ichigo had taped onto his wall. Uryuu assumed it must have been from his first gig, as he looked slightly younger. Splattered across his Ichigo in a rocker's outfit as he sang to his heart's content was the name of the band. Such a stupid name, it was.

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