Lost Souls

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The rain poured around the duo in a fighting stance. Their bodies and faces were road weary as they stood there. They knew there was a chance that they wouldn't make it out of there together. They were two leaf ninjas so far away from all they knew. Orochimaru was now dead and rotting in a shallow grave. Now Sakura and Sasuke were back to back against at least twenty sound ninjas.

Sasuke looked over his shoulder at Sakura and realized this was the last time he'd probably get to see her. In all honesty he hadn't thought that for a moment she'd get that far alone in the Sound base. It goes to show how much she improved over the last few years. Though he had to smirk at the one thing that remained the same, it was her love for him. She held on even after all this time. Most sane people would have let go after that night he knocked her out but he under estimated her and for that he was grateful. She was here now beside him.

Sakura looked over her shoulder at Sasuke. She smiled at him. He was slightly different. The Uchiha heir was a bit taller and his spikes were a bit longer. That same smirk still graced his features as he looked ahead and around him. He turned his head and green met with crimson. They didn't clash as they normally did they melded and meshed.

"They don't want us to get out of here do they Sasuke?" Sakura asked softly.


Sakura smiled at his response. It was so like him to answer like that. Looking around she gauged her enemy with keen eyes. She glanced one more time over at Sasuke and for once regretted not being able to help him in anyway. If she died here to leave him alive then she'd die knowing she'd be happy. She drew a kunai and faced the enemy again. The familiar click of metal made her smirk inwardly. Sasuke was ready to battle now. It seemed as if time slowed down as the sound ninjas leapt forward. As she brought her kunai up to block an attack time sped back up to a normal pace. She deflected the kunai headed her way but couldn't avoid the kunai that buried itself in her shoulder. Turning so swiftly and slitting the enemy's throat she didn't have time to rip the kunai out. She headed strait forward not even caring that hot blood sprayed across her face. The pain was ignored for the time being as she ripped into another sound ninja. Her green eyes darkened and hardened into dark emerald and were just as cold as the stone. Minutes ticked by like seconds until most of the sounds lay dead or like many retreated under the ferocity of the two leafs combined efforts. Sakura's pain hit her body ten fold and made her crumble to her knees.

Sasuke was breathing heavily as the last of the sounds faded into the shadows of the trees. He didn't even consider for a second going after them. Turning to look over his shoulder she was on her knees breathing heavily. Her red clothes were soaking up a great deal of blood. He watched her rip a kunai out of her shoulder with a slight hiss of pain. In truth she looked like shit. He imagined he looked in about the same shape as her. His sight was blurring a bit. However, the Uchiha noticed her labored breaths and the slight wet sound of her heaves. Without a care for himself he struggled to his feet and went strait for her.

"Sakura?" he asked.

She looked up at him. A weak smile crossed her lips. She watched the proud Uchiha struggle to get to her side. Sakura gave him a weak smile and reached up to touch her ribs. A wracking cough made her body shutter and blood dripped down her chin and she spit the rest out. Her lungs were on fire and she knew exactly what was wrong with her and she knew it wouldn't be long.

"Sad isn't it I don't even have enough chakra stores to heal myself."


Her breathing was coming in labored pants now. Reaching forward she touched his cheek smearing her own blood across his cheek. He pulled her forward into a gentle hug. With the little strength her arms came up and tangled in his spiky locks. Every time she coughed it splattered his white shirt red. Her aura would soon be none existent and she'd be gone.

"Sasuke we're lost souls but I'll find you again. Some day somewhere."

She leaned forward and her head rested against his shoulder. The sound of metal grating against something didn't even startle her as something cold slid through both of their bodies mixing their blood together as it slid down the silver blade, as if finally sealing the bond that they shared. Before darkness claimed her sight familiar crimson eyes showed something more than vengeance. The sound of two heart beats stopped as one.

Sakura shot up in her bed. It was that same dream again. The dream has been coming to her since she was twelve and it felt so real. She had never seen so much pain in someone's eyes. In the dream she had called him Sasuke. In all her life she had never heard of someone going by that name. A thin sheen of sweat clung to her body making her shiver as a cool breeze floated through her open window. The sound of passing cars didn't disturb her in the least. It was one of those city noises that she got use to after awhile. Deciding that she couldn't sleep anymore she went to her desk and flipped on the light. She booted her computer. While waiting for it to load she thought on the dream again. Sometimes the dreams seemed so real that she could feel the pain that people in her dreams felt. It occurred to her that it might be what had happened to her in a past life always ending the same a promise of two lost souls being reunited. Pulling up a new word document she began to type the hours away.