Lost Souls

Lost Souls

Chapter 28: Epilogue: The Letters

Sakura squealed softly as she read over the two letters she received in the mail. Putting both back in their envelopes she bounded into the master bedroom. They were going to be married once their school year ended. Their parents allowed them to stay in one of the many apartments the Uchiha clan owned. Together the pair decided that an apartment would do until they got out of high school and probably going into college but Sakura knew that the Apartment would one day get too small when they wanted to start having children, and knowing Sasuke he'd want that sooner rather than later.

"Sakura what's with all the squealing?" she heard from their bathroom.

"Come on out Sasuke and I'll let you see."

He came out without a shirt on in black jogging pants. His hair was still dripping water. A red towel was draped around his shoulder. Sakura couldn't help but stare. He was finally hers now. That thought kept ringing through her head through and through. The ring on her finger proved it, and soon they'd make it official. Smiling softly at her fiancé she finally realized why she had the urge to jump him more than normal even though it was a proven fact that he was just plain sexy to begin with, and it was hard to resist his sexual appeal.

"Are you going to drool all night or are you going to tell me what's got you so excited?"

"I received two letters today both are good news and you can read both of them, but you have to choose which one first."

Sasuke sat down on the bed. Sakura stood before him holding up both letters. The male Uchiha scrutinized both of them carefully as if trying to gauge which one to pick. He looked at Sakura and she was smiling while she waited for him to choose a letter. Sasuke couldn't help but see how her eyes were lit up with happiness and excitement. Finally he just picked one randomly. Carefully, he opened the envelop and the Uchiha prodigy noticed a hospital logo on it and paled. Fear raced through him violently. He'd just found her and he didn't want to loose her.

"Sakura you're not sick are you?"

"No, silly keep reading."

His eyes continued to scan the document and his mind shut down and he passed out. Sakura burst into a fit of giggles at his reaction. Figuring the other letter could wait she sat it down on the night stand. She took the towel from around his neck and threw it into the hamper inside the bathroom. Moving him carefully onto his side of the bed she started to tuck the black and red comforter around his pale form. Sometimes it amazed her how pale he was despite the fact he got out in the sun a lot. Then she figured it had something to do with the curse mark. Shrugging her shoulders she let the thought wash away. Deciding sleep would be nice she got on her side and curled up against him. Despite acting like an ice block, Sasuke in fact was a really warm person. His arms came up around her waist pulling her back against his chest. There were no words spoken for the longest time so she broke the silence first.

"Are you okay with this Sasuke?" she asked softly.

She felt his lips against her neck and his fingers splayed over her stomach. His wandering fingers made small shivers run up and down her spine. His warm breath brushed across her neck making the fine hairs stand up and it stirred her longer pink locks.

"I'm more than okay," he rumbled softly against her neck making her shiver.

Sakura turned around in his arms to face him. Leaning up she placed a soft kiss on his lips. Sasuke deepened the kiss readily. Tangling her fingers in his raven locks she pulled herself closer to him. They parted when breathing became and issue. Soft pants escaped their mouths. His fingers ran up underneath her shirt and over her stomach in a searching manner. Sakura laughed softly at his searching fingers. The test told her that she was only a month into the pregnancy so what he was looking for wouldn't be there yet. She looked in his eyes and noticed he was deep in thought. The smile on her face vanished.


"How did you do it?"

His fingers were making absent patterns across her stomach. "Why did you fall in love with me knowing what I did back then?"

"Then isn't now Sasuke. We were different back then. From the past I learned how to read some of your emotions that you tried to hide from the world."

"Why did you risk falling in love with me again?"

"Because even though I didn't remember you I saw something in you that no one else probably saw."

"And what's that?"

"A lost soul looking for a way home, and my home is with you where ever you go."

She reached up and touched his heart and brought his hand up over her heart. "My heart Sasuke Uchiha will always be with yours."

"You know that sounds like a cliché line from a chick flick."

Sakura brought a pillow up and hit him over the head with it several times.

"Great way to ruin the moment Romeo."

He nuzzled her shoulder gently. Sakura shivered. "Cheater," she hissed.

"Hn," he replied.

She could practically hear the smirk in his voice. That made her angry.

"Sasuke Uchiha I'm going to send you…"

He kissed her before she could continue with the threat of pain. She melted like butter under his soft kisses. His fingers tangled in her pink locks and hers in his spiky raven locks. Before they could get into anything more heated a loud knock resonated thorough their apartment. Sasuke growled out something about murdering whoever it was that was at the door. Sakura laughed softly as she rose and straitened her shirt and ran her fingers through her hair. Sasuke went to the dresser and got a shirt on knowing that Sakura wouldn't want any female company to see him without one. He smirked at the thought of her getting jealous over something like that. Of course he didn't want to test Sakura's emotional streak that would probably come now that she was pregnant. Both nins paused the chakra felt somewhat familiar. It made Sakura nervous having the chakra wash over her. Backing up she bumped into Sasuke. His lover's distress set him on edge right then and there. His eyes were blazing red and ice cold. Sasuke pushed Sakura behind him telling her without words to stay behind him. He moved to the door and opened it slowly.

"Sasuke-kun," Sakura heard a girl squeal.

A mop of red hair jumped at Sasuke. The Uchiha shoved her away as she tried to hug him. Sakura could feel her lover's chakra getting darker and darker

"Karin, get the hell out of my home," he snarled dangerously.

"But Sasuke-kun," she whined softly.

Then did the red head notice her pink haired rival. Sakura glared daggers at Karin. The red head frowned.

"Get lost Karin," Sasuke snapped. "You have no business here."

"Did that pink headed whore put a genjutsu on you?"

Before Sakura could reply in retaliation to that comment Sasuke had Karin by the throat in the middle of the hallway. He slammed her back against the wall knowing that pain might drive his point home. She wasn't welcome here. The Sharingan was blazing wildly in his eyes. Sakura saw the Uchiha neighbors come out of their apartments at the commotion. If anyone should be called a whore it should be Karin herself. Sasuke knew for a fact that Sakura had only been faithful to him in any life.

"Sakura is my fiancé and if I ever see you around again I'll send you packing to the seventh level of hell."

"Sasuke-kun," she gasped as she tried to breath.

"That's Uchiha-san to you," he snarled. "Only my wife can address me in such formalities."

"Sasuke let her go."

Sasuke looked over his shoulder at her his eyes still their infamous bloody crimson. Sakura knew Sasuke wouldn't hurt her with his Sharingan so she stared him strait in the eyes. Neither blinked as they started for what seemed like forever which it was only for a second.


"She's been humiliated Sasuke. The Uchiha Clan knows who she is and never will she be welcomed here. The need for blood shed was over when the snake died."

The irate Uchiha nodded his head and dropped the red head and move to Sakura's side. Karin got up and lunged for Sakura. Sakura's Sharingan blazed to life and with a chakra infused fist she sent Karin to the far end of the long hall. There were several smirks on the faces of the other resident Uchiha.

"Will someone get this tramp out of here and tell the door man she isn't allowed to return," Sakura commanded sternly.

"Yes, Sakura-san," she heard from one of the Uchiha down the hall.

"Thank you," she started then she remembered this Uchiha's name. "Katashi-san."

The older Uchiha smiled at her and noticed Sasuke's heated glare, and knew all to well about the possessive nature of the two Uchiha prodigies. Sasuke pulled them back into the apartment and shut the door behind them. He threw the bolt. The male was staring at his lover with a hard look.

"Don't give me that looked Sasuke Uchiha. I was being polite, and Katashi was more than willing to help by throwing that trash out," she started. "Besides only a moron would try and take me from you."

"If they even tried I'd kill them."

The angry red of the Sharingan faded back to their cool black color. She wrapped her arms around his neck. His eyes met hers calm emerald meeting cool onyx.

"I belong to you Sasuke Uchiha, and no one else."

"Damn strait you do," he growled possessively.

Sakura couldn't help the laugh that escaped her at his possessiveness. It was endearing to know that he loved her so much that he'd do anything to keep her. His fingers trailed down to rest on her stomach. "And so does he."

"It could be a girl Sasuke," she teased.

He nuzzled her neck in affection all his anger melting away like ice under the hot sun. They stood there nuzzling each other affectionately for what seemed like forever before he spoke again;

"As long as both of you are healthy and happy that's all that matters to me."

Sakura lead him to their room. They lay down together and Sasuke rested his head on her shoulder. The ever seemingly cold Uchiha was lulled to a peaceful sleep by his fiancé's gentle healing hands. Sasuke couldn't believe his luck that her hands had not only healed his physical wounds but also his emotional ones. She'd taught him how to love and trust again after the family massacre even though it took him awhile to realize it. Their free hands were clasped over their unborn child. Sakura smiled feeling content and happy at the thought that they'd be together for a long time and this time they'd be able to raise their children together. Sasuke only slept for a short while before he stirred. He looked up to see Sakura was asleep. Soft sounds were coming from her making him fight the urge to chuckle at the sound. There was a smile on her lips. Sasuke knew that this was where he wanted to be for the rest of his life. Easing out of his lover's embrace he moved her till she was laying in a comfortable position. He tucked the covers around her. Shaking his head he saw the letter on his dresser and picked it up. Sasuke went to the kitchen and pulled out a tomato and sat down at the kitchen table and read the contents of the second letter. He choked on his food within a few moments of starting to read the letter. Sasuke swallowed his food and put the half eaten fruit down on the table as he read more.

'Dear Ms. Kage,

We at Akatsuki Studios would like to speak with you about making your book series into a movie series. We will pass on the idea to your editor as well. We hope that you will agree to allow us to make your wonderful books into a movie...'

Sasuke was floored and his mind couldn't register what else was on the paper. He never thought for a moment that people would want to make her books into a movie. Of course he didn't want that to happen anyway. The books were an insight on the touchy past for the both of them, especially for him and Sakura. Sasuke didn't want to deal with that.

"You didn't think too much of that idea did you?" she asked softly.

He turned his head to see her leaning against the door frame watching him. Her hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail as she stood there.

"Sakura, this is our lives…"

"I know that, that's why I was going to turn them down. Because I know for a fact that I'd be going through the entire thing. 'That's not right, Sasuke did this not that!' and 'I wasn't that weak!'"

Sasuke chuckled at Sakura's antics. She looked up at him for a moment. "So, that's a no?"

"Yes, Sakura that's a no. The Uchiha Clan doesn't need an ego boost."

"I think you and Itachi have big enough egos to float the world over."

The male Uchiha looked at his fiancé with a glare. She was smiling innocently at him.

"Sakura Uchiha," he growled.

She laughed as she turned around to run from her lover. Sasuke took chase both were laughing as they ran. Finally he cornered her in their room. He backed her up into a corner growling playfully at her.

"Now Sakura that wasn't nice."

"Oh come on Sasuke you know it's true."

Sasuke carefully scooped his fiancé up and laid her down on the bed mindful of her delicate condition. Sasuke curled up beside her. Sakura snuggled closer to her warm lover. His arms were folded protectively across her stomach. Her fingers ran over his arm and hand affectionately.

"It's not ego Sakura," Sasuke muttered softly against the back of her neck. "It's being possessive of what's mine."

"Call it what you want Sasuke but Uchiha's are known for their egos."

"Does that mean you have a big ego?"

"I should rephrase that. Uchiha males have a big ego."

Sasuke shook his head as he nuzzled closer to Sakura.

"I can't wait till we marry Sakura. I've been waiting for this for a long time."

"Me too Sasuke," she said between yawns. "Tomorrow starts our beautiful life together."

The male Uchiha stroked Sakura's stomach until it lulled her to sleep. The both of them drifted to sleep together. Two lost souls finally found each other through the darkest times. Brought together by strife and heartache, and with the promise of forever let nothing tare it asunder.


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