The gypsy and the servant

By: bloodysword99

Chapter 1: The gypsy's face

It was a sunny morning. A certain green haired girl walked at the side walk near the park. She wearied her black spaghetti strap and short shorts. She held a book in her right hand and carried some groceries in the other. She was reading a new book called "the gypsy and the servant". She just got the book yesterday.

"Why did I buy this any way?-sign-" She said as she closed the book. Then, she stopped….A flash came to her.

Flash back:

Yesterday, in the books store….

"Hey! Ai, what's this book all about?" A dark green haired boy said as he held a violet book. Ai was beside him while she was looking for some books in the near shelves.

"The gypsy and the servant? Look at the summary at the back, you Idiot!" She shouted with her fist tightened. Then, the Idiotic boy turned the book.

"It says…" Ueki said. Ai leaned her head to see.

It says:

"In a time where gypsies still wonder around places, in a village of Mandalor, Lived a young man. He was a servant and friend of the village leader. His family, friends, the village people, and even the leader of the village himself despised gypsies. One day a beautiful gypsy came. The gypsy caught the man's attention and annoyed her but soon fell in love with her. Explore their romantic and seductive life with each other. See the troubles that they will face…"

"Sounds nice…don't you think Ai…" Ueki said with a smile.

"Are you joking? Who would read such a lame book? I would read that book if it was the end of the world" she said with great discussed.

"I think it's a great book…Just think 2 lovers struggling and fighting for there love…The man was annoying at first but it's a sign of his love for her" He said as he looked at the green haired, sassy mouth, girlwith his gentle smile and gentle eyes.

Ai looked straight at Ueki's gentle smile and gentle eyes. Her face suddenly turned red and her face felt hot. She kept looking at him despite her face had different shades red. She looked at him with her twinkling eyes of curiosity. The flash back ended with Ueki's cute face.

End of flash back:

She continued walking.

Ai's thoughts: "Why am I felling this was?! Don't tell I'm in…in" then, she was cut…


She crashed in to a dark green haired boy's arms. She dropped her groceries and the book she was reading. The boy held her arms to brake her fall.

"WHATS YOUR PROBLEM!?!" She shouted. She looked up at the boy. Then…

"UEKI!" She shouted. She couldn't pull away because of total shock. She froze.

"Hey, tigress Are you all right? You look like you've seen a ghost..." Ueki said as he looked down at her as she froze.

"AAA…Its nothing…don't mind it…" she said as she pulled away.

She rubbed off the dirt on her face and her dress. Ueki help her pick up the groceries. They continued walking. They didn't talk much. Ai was too shy and Ueki was too distracted. They rest on the swings while the sun was setting behind them. Then…

"I thought this book is lame…OH MY! IS IT THE END OF THE WORLD!?!" Ueki got up from the swing and started screaming. Then….


Ai hit Ueki with the book on the head. Ueki held the back of his head to lessen the pain.

"WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!" Ueki shouted.

"THAT'S FOR BEING SUCH AN IDIOT!" she shouted at him with a fist.

Ueki returned to his swing. Ai started reading silently again.

It says:

In the dark streets of Mandalor the young man stood in front of the gypsy girl. The young man went up to the gypsy girl. He wasn't really sure if she was a really a gypsy. She went in front of her, kneeled down and slowly removed the silky violet cloth to reveal her face.

While she was reading Ueki was looking at her. He looked her green eyes, her green hair, her sexy body and her luscious lips. In his Point of view she was perfect. He couldn't stand there just sitting. She was taunting him with her beautiful face and he untouched body.

Back to the book:

He removed the cloth and he was stunned of her beauty. The gypsy was shock. He slowly put his hand on her gorgeous face. They gazed at each others eyes.

End of reading…

Ai's Thought: "that doesn't happen in real life. Its just plain stupid...really who does that?" She turned to Ueki to say some thing. Then, Ueki did something that made Ai blush madly.

"Ueki…what…what?" that was the only thing that she could say. She was in shock.

Ueki was holding her face with one hand. He cleared her face of her hair and looked at her straight in the eye. He soon held her beautiful face with both hands. He held it with great passion. He leaned so that their faces will come close.

"A beautiful maiden like you should have a man like me" he said.

"Ueki…I…I…" she said.

"Let me take you paradise…" He said as he gazed at her.

The book says:

"A beautiful maiden like you should have a man like me" the man said. He puts his face closer.

"Let me take you to paradise…" he said…

Cut of book:

Ai's thought: 'Its just like the book…but how…'

They gazed at each other as the setting sun set before them. Ai was confused and shocked. Ueki was in love…who would ask for a better after noon?

NEXT- chapter 2: the Annoying man and the annoying Ueki