Name : Prophecy

Author: Lisi the slayer

Genre : Romance/Supernatural


Holly and Mulch discover an ancient recording for a powerful prophecy. Unsure Holly gives to to Foaly who unravels and interprets it's contents. The Prophecy speaks of a sacred mudman calling him the Key, saying that he would lead the fairies up from the ground and on to soil once more. Some fairies are tired of living under, some will do anything to get back up to the surface especially if they find the Key.

Pairings - Artemis/Holly


The story is based on situations and characters who belong to Eoin Colfer, I do not own Artemis or Holly or any of the main characters. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

The Prophecy

Holly ran her fingers over the lid of the sacred Gold box of the fairy god Glorficus. Many fantasy tales had been told about the box of Glorficus. Tales which ventured from some super power that would finally restore the fairies to their glory, to others that were far more interesting. Holly's favourite by far was the tale of the lost Prophecy.

The lost Prophecy had become a tale past down from generations, it was a source of fantasy and of great adventure among many faires, some where certain of it's existence. Holly had loved the story and she could feel her fingers tingling as they lightly skimmed over the Gold box.

" For Gold sake ! Open the box !"

Holly frowned at Mulch and then rolled her eyes. How could she possible expect the Dwarf to understand what was going on around him. How she had found the source of her childhood dreams. Taking a deep breath she opened the box.

A horrible wail came from the inside of the box and before Holly could even look down to see the inside a rush of wind knocked her back and she hit her head hard. A gold light exploded in the underground cave before it was as dark as before. Gently she sat up and cautiously made her way to the box.

Her hand flew to her mouth to stifle her scream of surprise. In the box was a single roll of parchment. It was the Prophecy, the sacred Prophecy The People had dreamed off.

" O my God, it's real."

She took the parchment out from the box and looked at it in awe. Mulch watched Holly's slow movements impatiently, finally coming to the end of his short patience he coughed pointedly into his fist. It had the desired effect. Holly seemed to snap out of whatever revive she had fallen into she stood up and began marching out of the tunnel.

" We have to show Foaly, he's the only one smart enough to interpret it."

It took her less then ten minutes to get to Foaly's office and in her excitement she banged the parchment on his desk, making Foaly jump and look at her annoyed.

" Someone's unbearably happy today, and what an earth have you graciously placed on my desk ?"

Holly was too excited to care for Foaly's sarcasm and she answered him excitedly.

" The Prophecy of Glorficus, fresh from the sacred box it's self. Foaly I need you to interpret it."

Foaly nodded and began reading and scribbling immediately. Holly watched at first happily, extremely intrigued to find out the secret of the Prophecy. However as time wore on Foaly had gone ashen and cold sweat droplets were forming on his forehead. He looked most sombre and it killed her happy attitude instantly making her feel just as sombre and extremely worried.

An hour later and a extremely sombre and serious Centaur gave Holly a piece of paper. Holly looked from the paper to him and from him to the paper. Quite suddenly she didn't want to know what he had discovered.

" Read it Holly, this isn't just about us anymore."

Holly began to read and she felt her self shake as she discovered the meaning of the Prophecy.

A magical energy shall hereby be released into this unworthy world, a energy so strong and so powerful the world shall fall before it and beg forgiveness and mercy.

The energy shall save us, we fairies starved from the world for too long shall be free, the energy will change form. It has from now on taken a form of a mud man. A genius that has throttled us and used our resources for his own greed. This shall be our Key.

Any fairy that should read this parchment owes it to every other to find the Key. The Key will set us free and save our planet from mud men that have infected the once pure world, the world shall be made pure again by the spillage of the pure blood from Key.

The key shall be our salvation. When the night is young and the stars are aligned.

Glorficus shall provide freedom

" Holly, I think Artemis is the key."

Holly looked up and Foaly could see through her eyes she had thought the same.

" But he can't be ! Foaly I've known him for years."

Foaly shook his head.

" It's false, the memories, they aren't real. You released the key. Artemis has only been alive for an hour and thirty minutes. He isn't real. He's a magical energy. An energy that's going to be in hell if this ever gets out."

Holly looked at him confused, her heart frozen at the mere thought of Artemis not existing.

" Holly the Prophecy, we're not talking about a little spillage we're talking about it all. Holly this Prophecy, it tells us to kill The Key. It seems that when all of Artemis' blood is spilled The Key will be released and the extreme power will force us up. If anyone finds out Artemis is The Key their going to kill him."

Holly looked at the paper and then frowned.

" What of the ending. Glorficus shall provide freedom ?"

Foaly froze.

" Oh God, the god Glorficus, she's going to find the Key, she's going to find Artemis. Oh Holly what have you unleashed !"

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