Never leave me

Artemis had never been so unhappy to see Fowl Manor. It was a forceful reminder that he and Holly were from different worlds, worlds that were not meant to blur together. Foaly shook Artemis' hand strongly once more, unable to comprend it was all over and that now they were not in mortal danger. But as he looked at Holly and Artemis his heart clenched. They loved eachother more than anything, something in the world wasn't right he decided, if they had to be parted from each other...

He watched as they clung to eachother as if the other were their lifeline.

Artemis kissed Holly like he had never kissed before, trying to convey all his love and heartbreak at once. When they finally broke for air there was tears down both of their faces.

" I love you Holly."

Holly caressed his cheek.

" I love you... I'll keep in touch get visiting permission."

Artemis smiled at her sadly, unable to delude himself but unwilling to break the idea.

" Yeah." he pretended to agree with her.

But as he saw her and Foaly disappear back into the plane he knew he'd never see her again.

Foaly watched as Holly seemed devoid of life. It was the last thing he needed to decide to continue with his plan. He carefully produced a red vile.

" Holly ?"

Holly jumped startled, her eyes narrowed questionably at the vile.

" Holly you don't belong here anymore, you belong down there, with him."

Anger flared in Holly's hazel eyes.


Foaly smiled and handed the vile to her.

" You won't, it will make you human Holly."

Artemis sulked on his bed, completely spent until he heard an insistent knock on the manor door. A huge rage of anger exploded in Artemis and as he sprinted even Butler moved out of the way, immense rage was pouring off his agitated strides in waves.

With a deafening bang Artemis swung the door open.

" What business do you-"

The rest of his snide and angry sentence died on his tongue. Artemis stared in awe at the beautiful girl before him who was so familiar and yet he had a strong certainty he had never met her before, but as she winked one of her sparkling hazel eyes he pulled her towards him and kissed her passionately, all his rage flowing out of him.

They both moved back gasping, Artemis put his pale hands either side of Holly's head. She didn't look too different he supposed. Her ears were now rounded, her hair though was definitely different, it fell down her back in soft waves. Her eyes were smaller too, but other than her obvious increase in height much stayed the same. She was still Holly. His Holly.

Holly laughed nervously, and to her surprise her nerves seemed to be contagious as ever so slightly a pale flush coloured his pale skin.

" Oh Arty ! So this is what you've been up to whilst we've been away !"

The pair jumped a metre in the air before Artemis spun on his heel to face the ecstatic face of his mother. She smiled kindly at Holly and pushed the door open further.

" Please come in dear, you must simply tell me everything about yourself !"

Artemis stifled a groan, but inwardly he was pleased that things were back to normal, well as normal as his normal ever got ! He was for once thankful that he was just able to live, and to experience the feelings that any other teenage boy went through. However, it meant he and Holly were going to have to come up with a heck of tale to explain about her sudden entrance into their lives.

Holly returned the warm smile to Artemis' mother, she glanced over at Artemis and a sly glint went through her hazel eyes, she wasn't technically a fairy any longer, but she hadn't given up everything magical...


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