Almost Over
Sequel to :: Shattering World, by AnuneFan412
Chapter 2

Summary: Gakuto's world has ultimately come to an end when Oshitari leaves him for tennis. It's three months until the end of the school year, three months before Gakuto graduates, and goes onto High School. Gakuto resolves to make a last-ditch effort, and tries to make Oshitari return to Hyoutei, even if only for a little while. (Sequel to: Shattering World, by AnuneFan412)

Disclaimer: Prince of Tennis is not owned by me. Neither is the original plot for this story. I'm simply continuing it, with my own ideas.

This chapter's mostly filler, and a little lame. Forgive me. D:

What am I doing here?

Why did I bother to come here again?

Will this even work?

Gakuto couldn't move. He felt as if he'd lost all control over his body. He wanted to stand up, leave, go back home. But, something inside of him prevented him from grabbing his bags and leaving. Something told him he needed to be here, it wasn't his time to go back.

Looking out of the glass doors leading out the balcony, Mukahi sighed and looked down, away from the scenery outside. It was too happy. The bright, flawless blue sky, pure white clouds, and warm, welcoming sun; just too happy. It didn't match how he felt right now. He was back in Australia, somewhere completely unfamiliar to him, just so he could chase after his former teammate.

Why, why was he doing this again? Why was he risking feeling the pain, suffering, anguish all over again?

Oh, yeah.

Mukahi looked back up, absentmindedly staring out into the distance.

I, I

It almost hurt to say the words, even if they were only in his mind.

I miss him.

He closed his eyes, and wiped away the few tears that were forming with his forearm.

More than anything, I miss you, Yuushi.

It didn't hurt to know that he missed his doubles partner. No, not at all. It actually made him feel good, knowing that he cared about Oshitari. What hurt was the knowledge that Oshitari probably didn't miss him back. It hurt knowing that the feelings were no longer mutual. It hurt, thinking about what Oshitari probably thought about him now.

But, right now, Gakuto threw all of that away. He didn't think about what hurt, he just wanted to give it one more shot. It didn't matter if he made a fool of himself again, all that mattered was getting Oshitari back.

Mukahi sat miserably in the middle of a vacant court. The minute he stepped out of the hotel he was staying at, he didn't know where to go. Australia was a big place, how on earth would he find Oshitari in Australia, he didn't even know where Oshitari went to school. Unsure of what to do, he very slowly made his way to the courts that he – by some absurd chance – had found Oshitari at, the last time he had chased after Yuushi. But, the boy wasn't there. Of course he wasn't there. What were the chances of finding Oshitari at some random tennis court? One in what, a hundred, a thousand, a million?

His thoughts were then interrupted.

"What are you doing here, again?"

"Atobe told me to give it another try."

"Really, now?"

"Ye-" Wait. The voice was, so… So… Familiar. His heart fluttered as his mind registered the kansai accent that was so soothing to Gakuto. He looked up, only to face the one person who occupied his thought every single day since, forever. "Yuushi…"

Oshitari smirked, "So, you're back, again, eh? What do you want this time?" the boy was amused. His former partner was back in Australia. It wasn't quite something to celebrate, but it was interesting.

"Yuushi… I just thought that… Since the Australian Open is over…"

"Oh, you've heard about it?"

"Yes…" Mukahi replied miserably. "But, since it's over, I thought that, maybe you could, you know, come back, to Hyoutei… And play tennis with me… Again…" Gakuto couldn't bear to face Oshitari as he spoke. He knew Oshitari thought that it was a stupid idea.

"Why would I go back to Japan?" The taller boy questioned.

"Because, you only came here for the Open, right? But now it's over, so, you could come back… Right? There's no other reason for you to stay here…"

"Oh, but there is."

"Huh?" The red-head looked up in shock. Why would Oshitari want to stay here? The tennis tournament was over. Unless… No, he couldn't have. No… Could he?

"Yuu-chan! Yuu-chan!" A shrill, female voice could be heard from a couple hundred feet away. The voice had an Australian accent, and it didn't sound right, to Gakuto, to hear an Australian girl call Oshitari, 'Yuu-chan.' That name used to be his name for Yuushi… Now that was taken from him, too.

The female ran up to Oshitari, and flung her arms around his waist as she reached him. She snuggled her face into his chest, and said something that was muffled by Oshitari's shirt. The girl was a bit short, had dirty blonde hair, a small, round face, and very nice legs. Gakuto glared at her, she didn't belong with him. The acrobatic player couldn't control his feelings towards the stranger, he just hated her. He knew nothing about her, yet hated everything about her.

He hated her tanned skin.

He hated her high voice.

He hated her Australian accent.

He hated her clothes.

He hated the loving eyes she had directed at Yuushi.

He hated those eyes even more when her gaze had shifted to him.

"Yuushi, who's that?"

He hated her pointing at him.

He hated the way she said his name with a bad accent.

"My old teammate."

"Oh. Nice to meet you!"

He hated her kindness towards him.

He hated her sticking out her hand for him to shake it.

He hated the silly pout she had on her face when he made no move to take her hand.

"He's not very social, is he, Yuushi?"

"No. Let's go now, koishii(1)."

"Yuushi…" He reached out his hand for Oshitari, but the he was gone, and so was the girl. All Gakuto could see were two people walking further away from him. Further, and further away.

Why? Why? Why?

Had he lost before it even started? Did Oshitari truly love the girl?

Paralyzed, he continued to sit on the tennis courts. Mukahi didn't move. The more he stayed in Australia, the more his heart seemed to break. Was it worth it?

Something inside him told him that it was worth it. Or it would be.

But Gakuto couldn't see how. He hadn't even been in Australia for a day, and the pieces of his heart were broken into even more pieces, some of it could be considered dust.

That little thing inside him. A small bit of his heart, told him not to give up just yet.

But was he really up to it? Did he have the courage to face Oshitari again?

The small speck told him he did.

And he believed it.

He wanted to believe it.

More than anything.

He wanted to have the courage to even just be friends with Oshitari.

Things didn't feel right without the tensai.

He wanted Oshitari back.

If they were together or not, it didn't really matter anymore.

Without Yuushi, everything just felt so...


1. Koishii - Means 'darling' in Japanese.

Author's Note: Okay, I know that this isn't the greatest chapter in the world. But this is the result of listening to Shishido's version of Valentine Kiss on an endless loop while writing. Every time I write a chapter on my own, I end up listening to a song on an endless loop, last chapter was Eden, Yami no Matsuei's opening theme. Still, this chapter wasn't complete junk, right? It was mostly filler, but some was a tad important...

To all Dirty Pair fans, I sincerely apologize for giving Oshitari a girlfriend. Really, I feel truly terrible. But fear not! She will be gone in a chapter or two, no matter what the final ending is. Also, I have nothing against Australians.

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