Raking his fingers nervously through his hair, Ron was walking randomly in one of the corridors at St. Mungus. "Why is this taking so long? Maybe she's not doing well. I'm going in!"

Harry pushed Ron into the chair he'd been sitting in earlier.

"You won't go anywhere, mate. She is fine. First baby labor is always longer. Relax, or I'll have to cast a Petrificus Totalus on you."

Ron glared at Harry, but seemed calmer because of his words.

"You're right. You should be home with Ginny and your children. I forgot it

was three o'clock in the morning when I owled you. But I knew you wouldn't drive me nuts like my family. Mum would tell everyone before the sun rises."

Harry smiled and poked Ron's shoulder. "No problem. And I wouldn't miss for anything seeing your and Hermione's firstborn in your arms. I deserve it after so many years of dealing with your constant bickering."

Both men laughed and kept talking for two more hours.

"Can I hold Rosie again?"

Hermione beamed while Ron awkwardly took the baby in his arms. Ron felt so happy that he thought he might explode.

There was a knock in the door. "Can I see my niece now?"

Ron and Hermione nodded, grinning. Harry took Rosie in his arms, and his eyes shone brighter when he was invited to be her godfather.

Ron finally understood his father words about parenthood. That it made a man feel braver. He was feeling it more than ever.