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chapter 1

"Yuuki come on now, you have to get out of there sooner or later." The Headmaster said.

"No father! I don't want to come out!" Yuuki yelled, she was still mourning for Zero's death because she was the one to blame. She thought she could handle it, she thought that day wouldn't come when Zero would finally change to a level E vampire. But it did come and she ended up killing her best friend, Zero was always like her older brother. They did everything together- she would even drag him shopping with her.

"Oh, Zero I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I should have found another way." She whispered to herself.

"But there was no other way my dear girl." Yuuki turned to see Kaname, he held a small box in his hands. She was surprised, she thought that she had closed the door to her room so that no one could come in.

"How did you-"

"My dear girl, you don't think that a locked door can keep me away from you do you." He said as he walked over to Yuuki. He sat down on her bed, Yuuki stood up and looked at Kaname.

"I was getting worried. You haven't come out of here for 3 days and you haven't eaten. Look at you, you're so pale and thin, you have to eat." At this comment, Yuuki had turned away.

"You're pale too." She said, her eyes not meeting his.

"Yes, but I am a vampire and you are not." He said as he put his arm around her.

"You truly miss him don't you?" He asked Yuuki as she nodded.

"Yes, he was like the big bother that I never had." Yuuki said as she put her head on Kaname's shoulder. It felt so good to be with him right now, he was always so sweet to her.

"You know that the Headmaster is going to send you to the United States, right? Well, New York to be more precise." Yuuki nodded

"Yes, he wanted me and Zero to go at first, but now he thinks it's better for me to go alone so that I can get over the loss of Zero. Being here just brings up too many memories." Yuuki said, she could feel Kaname bringing her closer to him.

"When do you leave?" He asked.

"In 2 weeks, he wants me to train the new prefects for the school first." Yuuki answered.

"Oh, well here's an early farewell present for you." Kaname let her go and gave Yuuki the box, She opened it to find a necklace. On it was what looked like a fang, on the fang were some red rubies.

"I can't accept this Kaname-senpai ." Yuuki said as she put it back. She loved it, but it was way too beautiful for her.

"No, I want you to have it. It has been handed down throughout my family for generations. It always given to the oldest son and he gives it to the one person that he cares for the most. My father gave it to my mother before they got married and she gave it to me when she thought I was really for it." Kaname explained to Yuuki as he lifted her head up. As he did he could see a spot a little bit of happiness showing in her eyes. He took the necklace and put it on her neck.

"It looks great on you. Come, I don't have class tonight, so I'll get you something to eat." He said as he took her hand and led her out of the room.
X 2 Weeks Later X

Yuuki was now at the airport with Kaname, her father, and Yori. She was giving her friend a last hug. "Bye Yuuki, take good care of yourself, don't let New York get you down." Yuuki nodded

"Thanks Yori, take care and good luck on patrol." Yuki said letting go of her.
She then hugged her father who was crying, "Oh Yuki, my beautiful daughter, who I will always love. I'll miss you. Take care and come back as soon as you feel better."

"Yes father don't worry I will come back." It was now Kaname and Yuki's turn to say good bye. The Headmaster knew that they wanted to be alone for this.

"Yori, come on, we can wait in the car for Kaname." He said, Yori got the message and left with the Headmaster.

"G-good bye Kaname-senpai thank you for the necklace. I will never take it off." She said as she took it out to show him that she was wearing it. Kaname then hugged Yuuki.

"Take care my dear girl. Don't forget that I'll be here waiting." Yuuki was about to say something but stopped when she felt Kaname's soft lips on hers. Yuki was surprised but then she closed her eyes and kissed Kaname back. Yuuki broke the kiss when she heard that her flight was about to leave in 5 minutes.

"I'll miss you Kaname-senpai" Yuuki said as she ran off, not knowing when she would see him again