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Chapter 24

Amara gave Yuuki some clothes to change in to after Yuuki was all changed. They left the room, Yuuki told them what they were doing to do and they all agreed Yori would be the only on in that would know that Yuuki would be in Japan and that she would report to Yuuki if anything changers. Yuuki and Yori and the others left Amara's but not before Yuki gave both cousines a hug and thank you,

"See you later, doll face." Amara said as she let go of Yuki "bye see you tomorrow." Yuuki said as she and the other left. Once out Yuuki and Yori took a taxi to see the Headmaster...

An hour later.

"What!! but Yuuki you can't leave and not come back, I'll miss you too much." the Headmaster said as he hugged her

"Dad it not like I'm not going to keep in connote and I will come and visit once in a while." Yuuki told him

"Yes, but…,but you can't you still 16 under age." he said

"That why I want you to sigh these papers dad. With this I will do what ever I want and be able to do what I want. It's like you unadopted me." Yuuki said holding out papers that Kyo had given her.

"WHAT Yuuki!! I COULD NEVER DO THAT YOU KNOW THAT!! YOUR MY LITTLE GIRL!" The Headmaster yelled with tears in his eyes

"Dad please I just need some more time away from here I promise I'll come back, its just that I need this for myself. If you want the best for me you would singed it." Yuuki said sadly the Headmaster had no other choose he singed the papers and Yuuki hugged him before leaving. the school once more, but this time she wasn't going to go so far...