Paring: Ishida X Inoue

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"I am coming!!" Ishida shouted to the one who were knocking on his door. It was Friday night and he was just about to lay the last hand on another piece of clothing he had been doing.

The Quincy wasn't used to that one of his friends paid him a visit, so he was quietly wondering to himself whom it would bee, and on a Friday night as well…

He almost hadn't time to open the door before an orange-haired woman with enormous breast was throwing herself on him.

"Uryuu…" her voice was shaking and low, almost like she was whispering.

"I need you…" Not even listening to the last words he felt his own face redden.

"Inoue-san?" he asked as he tried to push away the images his head had showed him.

He felt her breast pressing against his chest and bite his bottom lip to be sure of not letting out any suspicious sounds.

"I… hollow… I… it followed" he starred at her for a short moment before he felt the spiritual presence. He couldn't understand how he hadn't been able to sense it before.

"I will be back soon Inoue-san" he told her, gently pushing her away.


"Just make yourself comfortable" he gave Orihime one last glance before he ran outside to face the hollow.

When he came back he found her sitting on his couch. She starred down on her knee and seemed concentrated.

The hollow hadn't really been that hard, well, if you were comparing it to the shinigamis from soul society that's it.

But it sure had been much more than the hollows that ordinary came to this world. Soundless to be sure to not disturb his important friend he sneaked into the kitchen.

He came back some minutes later and let out a small sound that made Orihime turn her attention to him. When she did he gave her one of the two cups of tea he had been holding. Pushing his glasses back on its place he sat down besides her starring at the cup in his hands.

She was the first to break the silence;

"Eum… Ishida-kun… did you…?" he nodded slowly.

"Yeah, the hollow is gone"

"I see" another moment of silence fell between them both.

"Inoue-san, why… did you run away? I am sure that you would have been able to kill it" his calm voice made her eyes burning.

"No… Tsubaki… he got wounded" she starred down on the hot liquid. Smelling the scent of the tea while she was waiting for Ishida to understand the situation.

He already knew that Tsubaki was the part of her powers that was able to attack, and without that piece…

"But Inoue-san… why did you come to me? I mean, you got Ichigo, Chad and…" she raised her head and starred at him. He saw the tears that were forming in her eyes, probably because of Tsubaki.

"I don't know" she uttered the words so quietly that he almost wasn't able to hear them.

"I don't know" her tears made his heart ache, he wanted to hold her tight and comfort her, but it wasn't something a Quincy just could do.

"How… is Tsubaki then?" he didn't want to ask something that made her even sadder but he couldn't take the uncomfortable silence that appeared time after time.

"I don't know" she cried. That was when Ishida noticed that her hands were shaking. Reaching out a hand he took the cup from her and placed it on the table with his own. Sitting down on his heels in front of her he grabbed her shaking hands.

"I have been trying to heal him, but it doesn't work… WHY DOESN'T IT WORK?!" the tears were falling quick after each other and was tearing Ishida apart. He got up once again and sat down beside her and she immediately leaned herself against him, her head buried into his chest.

He wrapped his arms around her protective.

"In the end…" she cried into his chest "I have never been able to do anything. Al I have been capable of his standing in the background and watching you guys fight… In the end I can't even take care of my own powers while you other continue to protecting me! I am… I am… I am completely hopeless… really…"

She had been soaking down his shirt but he didn't seem to care about it.

"Inoue-san" he started, unsure about how he should tell her about how important she was to him.

"I don't think you're fair now. How many times haven't you saved our lives when we were badly injured?" he placed a hand on her head and started to stroke her hair gently.

"I don't know" her small voice were muffed by his chest and he unconsciously started to play with her hair instead which caused her to press herself against him even more in a quiet prey that he wouldn't stop.

"See? You're very important in your own way Inoue-san" he smiled even if she wasn't able to see him.

She started to calm down and suddenly she got aware of her fast heartbeat that matched the sound in front of her. Suddenly coming back to reality she pushed herself from him.

"I am so sorry, I shouldn't… I mean…" she bowed time after time as she couldn't do much more than feel her face get redder and redder.

Ishida breathed out and fixed his glasses, not aware of the slight blush on his own cheek.

"Inoue-san, I think that it was too many emotions rushing through your head before when you tried to heal him, why not try again?" she nodded slowly and started to whisper out the names of her fairies.

Ishida moved closer to her in an attempt of giving her a little more courage and power. It didn't take long before Orihimes happy voice suddenly screamed;

"TSUBAKI-KUN!! I…am really, really happy…" Ishida smiled a bit, he had always thought that Orihime looked her best when she was her cherry self.

"I am sorry, I didn't think… I just…" Orihime had obviously got into in to a conversation with her powers. Letting out a small sight Ishida leaned back on the couch and closed his eyes. There was no point in disturbing their reunion, and he hadn't anything important to let out from his mouth anyway.

"Wake up Uryuu!" her soft but still demanding voice made him open his eyes again. Letting out a small yawn he starred sleepy on Orihime for a while.

"Inoue-san? What are you doing in my…oh… I am sorry" the latest time had rushed through his head in some seconds. He must have fallen asleep during their conversation.

"It was my fault you got bored…" the orange haired woman looked down on the floor sadly.

"No, I just didn't want to disturb your reunion" he stretched himself a bit before he fixed his glasses.

"Uryuu… I…"

"Hm? Did you say something Inoue-san?" her head shot up in the air with her usually childish expression. Orihime wasn't so stupid that everyone though, she just liked to be that way. It was something that helped her remember her brother. How he had protected her, and she had hold on that childish personality her entire life, even if she couldn't hold back some smart words then and then. But how could she possible tell him that his movements awakened something inside her, something that she hadn't felt in very long time.

Not since she finally came over Ichigo… No, she thought for herself. It wasn't the same feeling.

They were alike, but at the same time not. She couldn't form the feelings in words. It just felt deeper and more… passionate? Her eyes widened at the thought and a small blush made its way over her cheeks. Was that how it was?

"Inoue-san, you look hot… do you feel well?" her face reddened even more and she suddenly saw one of his hands reaching out to touch her face.

Closing her eyes tightly she suddenly felt something soft against her forehead.

"You don't seem to have fever thought…" his concerned voice made emotions rush through her head.

"I am fine… I promise!" she tried to do another childish grin, but she wasn't sure that it worked out that well.

"Inoue-san…" she stood up quick, maybe to quick.

"Oh! It's so late already… I better get going or… or… my goldfish will be worried!" she didn't have a goldfish but she had to make something up. But still… letting Ishida take care of her wouldn't have been so bad… but she was afraid. Afraid of how her own body was reacting against him.

It was wrong wasn't it? She couldn't be her brothers little innocent sister if she had feelings like these… could she?

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