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Suddenly the soft touch was there again, this time it grabbed her wrist gently, almost like it wasn't there. Still she couldn't do anything to the power that was pulling her down on the couch again.

With a sight she let him draw her down again until she was laying on the couch with her head in his lap.

"I can't let you go away when you're saying such nonsense. Since when did you bought a fish Inoue?" she closed her eyes tightly, feeling a bit ashamed.

"I am sorry" he fixed his glasses again.

"Good, because you should be" Orihime sighted and opened her eyes, looking up she meet Ishidas dark ones. She felt that softness under her head and it made her stomach doing flips.

"Uryuu…Please…" he looked wondering at her.


"Can you please stroke my hair again?" her voice was soft and begging, and he couldn't do much more than obey her.

Letting his finger slide through her hair he started to play with the long locks and let his finger dancing over her head. She murmured softly as his skilled fingers made her whole body tingle. Closing her eyes again with a small smile in the corner of her lip she sighed.

For the moment she wouldn't have anything against living the rest of her life on that spot with him playing with her hair.

"How… can you be… so god at this, Ishida-kun?" she asked a bit panting from the pleasure.

"You know, stroking someone's hair isn't that hard Inoue-san" he told her.

She slowly grabbed his free hand that wasn't busy with her hair and placed it on her cheek. Rubbing slowly against it she sighted happily;

"It's so soft…"unable to hide the blush that made it's way to the young Quincy's cheeks he turned his head and let go of her hair to fix his glasses.

"No" she moaned as she felt the lovingly hand disappear from her hair.

"Inoue-san!" he starred down on her with an unreadable expression on his face. She slowly opened her eyes. Sure it was wrong, his own reactions didn't anything else than told her to quit it.

She sighted. She really didn't want to stop now, this feeling she could probably never get used to it… but still she wanted to feel more.

She was old enough to live alone; she was mature enough to take care of herself. Her brother probably already knew that this day would come sooner or later, because he had had a lot of girls in their apartment…

But why… why did even Uryuu think that it was so unbelievable wrong? Wasn't she allowed to mature just like everyone else did?

"Ishida-kun…" she said in a wondering but yet begging voice.

"Don't" his short answer made her cry inside. Why? She asked herself. Why? Doesn't he like me?

Sadly did Orihime not understand the battle Uryuu was fighting with himself. It felt like every movement she made, even the breathings was teasing him…

He did his best to not throw himself over the innocent woman in his knee and ravish her, but he didn't know how much longer he would be able to control himself anymore. His eyes widened when he felt something touch his finger. Looking down he saw that Orihime had moved his hand to her mouth, and stroke his fingers over her lips.

"I knew it" she declaimed with closed eyes. "They were soft as well" she smiled that innocence smile that always made his heart skip a beat.

Throwing the very last bit of his pride away he took away his hand only to lean down and press his lips against hers. Her eyes shut closed as she felt his tongue lick her lips, begging her to open her mouth. Obeying him she let him explore and examine as much as he wanted before she let her tongue greet his.

They played with each other for the longest time before they brook apart breathing heavily on each others lips. Starring deep into the other parts eye Ishida finally made a move. Carefully lifting Orihimes head he moved himself in a position there he was above her and she just lay on the same spot. Expect that she didn't have her head in his knee.

Looking up she reached out a hand as she was going to touch his face. Instead she fixed his glasses that had fallen down to the tip of his nose.

She smiled warmly at him, and it was driving him crazy. Even if he didn't wanted to admit it himself. He locked lips with her once more, letting her know al feelings he ever had have for her through the passionate kiss.

She buried her fingers in his hair enjoying every second of their kiss. She suddenly felt his hands stroke her stomach, but found out that she hadn't anything against it at al.

"Inoue-san… please" they both were now topless, and she could still feel his mouth all over her chest and neck. "…make me stop…" he begged her but she shook her head. She couldn't help it anymore. She wanted to be able to love the dark-haired boy above her, she didn't want to remain as a little dumb girl the rest of her life. She wanted to be able to experience things that everybody else did, she just wanted do grow up.

Slowly she opened her mouth and let out just one word.

"Uryuu…" she said and pressed his head once again down to her awaiting breast. Her nipples were already as hard they could be, but she wanted to feel his mouth there again. Obeying her he carefully sucked on one of them, licking the tip. Nibbling it and biting down, not to hard in his fear to hurt the precious girl beneath him. He made his way upwards until he once again found that spot on her neck. She let out another moan and let her hands caressing his back. He started to place passionate kisses along her jaw line as her hands were buried in his hair and her eyes were closed tightly. She could feel his hand travel down, touching the waistband of her skirt.

In no time at al the piece of clothing were gone, just like her socks and shoes. Leaving her in only her panties his hands went al over her body, touching every inch of her bare skin until his hand once again rested on the remaining clothing. Moving his head Ishida took some few seconds to look on the visible red mark he had created on her neck. Leaning down once again his licked her cheeks and moved over to her ear. Nibbling on it he whispered sweet nothingness in her ear, his warm breath sending shivers down her spine.

Her hands seemed to have a own life as they al by their own found the zipper to Ishidas pants and unzipped them when them at the same time succeeded in unbuttoning his button. He helped her by kicking his pants of, before he leaned down to her ear once again.

"Inoue-san" he whispered slowly. "Are you really sure?" she let out a small sight and let her hand touch his hardening member through the fabricate. Painting circles on it she heard the small moans that was escaping his mouth, and she grabbed one of his hands and guided it under her panties, letting his fingertips feel her most private part she looked him in the eyes.

Without another word Ishida slowly and carefully pushed one finger inside her, she winched a bit but recovered in half a second. Placing more kisses under her jaw line Ishida started to slowly push in and out of her. She let out a moan as he added another one and she felt the pleasure rise. His fingers came deeper and deeper when his mouth at the same time did wonderful things with her neck.

"Uryuu!" she let out a gasp as he hit her spot. He thrust his fingers sometimes more into that place before he removed his fingers. Pulling her panties and his own boxer of he leaved them in a state where they both were completely naked. Slowly Ishida placed his member in front of Orihimes entrance. Then he carefully pushed in. Orihime did her best to not let out a scream. It hurt a lot, but she had been prepared on it would do that.

"Inoue…san…" Ishida gasped. "Are you…aright?" She opened her eyes that she had closed and nodded once.

"Hai, I am perfectly fine Ishida-kun"

He catcher her lips once again with his own as he started to thrust in and out of the red haired girl. The pain Orihime had felt before immediately disappeared and leaved place for a pleasure she never had felt before.

"Ur…uuyu…" she moaned slightly as he quickened his pace. She tried to get a hold on the couch, just something that could keep her head clear against the unbelievable pleasure that were overwhelming her. But it was almost impossible to get a grip on the fabricate, instead she wrapped her legs around his waist which just gave him better access.

Slowly her hands sneaked around his chest, nails started to dig in on the ravens skin.

"Ino..ue-san..!" he moaned slowly. He didn't even feel the small pain Orihime had made when her nails dig into his back, the pleasure were to great to simple lose against something on that level. He quickened his pace a bit, feeling the pleasure raise with every single thrust.

Orihime let out a scream as she reached her climax. Her walls tightened around Ishida and she took him with her over the edge.

Taking himself out of Orihime, Ishida collapsed above Orihime, both of them where breathing heavily.

"Ishida…kun" Orihime breathed out exhausted.

"Yes?" came his answer.

"I really…really like you" her face were a little bit flushed and Uryuu smiled warmly at her.

"Me to" his head went down and nuzzled her hair and he earned some small giggles from the girl beneath him.

"It tickles!" he just smiled and placed a lovingly kiss on Orihimes mouth which were immediately responded.

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