So yea, another story I wrote at like midnight. Seriously though, it's funny. laughs I hope you all enjoy it. Feedback is welcome and enjoyed. And the Megascream thing is an inside joke between me and my friend (though it is quite obvious as to what were talking about).


Hopefully I fixed the problem...Bumblebee is NOT a girl!

The Autobots sat quietly conversing with themselves happy to have a moment's peace after the recent Decepticon attack. At least, they tried

"RATCHET!!!!" A voice shouted in the distance, it was immediately followed by a groan from said mech and laughter from the others.

"Here comes yer little fleshy friend." Ironhide chuckled only to be quickly silenced by a glare. Moments later Hunter could be seen running up to the four resting mechs, stopping at their feet. Looking down at her they decided to stay quiet knowing that she would speak her mind when she was ready. And just as they thought, it didn't take long.

"Ratchet," she started sweetly, "where do robot babies come from?" Ratchet and Prime's jaws dropped while the energon Ironhide had been drinking ended up all over a surprised Bumblebee's face.

"WHAT?" The medic shouted after he had regained his senses. Hunter pouted but repeated her question.

"Where do robot babies come from?" All eyes quickly turned to the green bot wondering how he was going to handle another one of the eccentric human's questions.

"Err...well," Ratchet had no idea what to say, even though he was used to the human, this question was just odd.

"You do have female bots, right?" She tilted her head to the side in a curious manner.

"Well, yes." He agreed.

"Then how do you do-"

"ENOUGH!" Ratchet snapped cutting her off causing her to pout once more. Pausing to think for a moment he took another glance at the mechs around him. They all seemed quite amused. He frowned; he was going to get them for this. Sighing he looked back down at Hunter who was staring back up at him expectantly. It only took another moment before an idea popped into his CPU; he would tell her what all human parents did when they didn't feel it was time to explain the truth.

"I'll tell you when you're older."

"Aw, but-"

"NO!" He glared at her. Crossing her arms she stomped her foot on the ground.

"But that's what Sloth said, and Jetty, and Rick, and Cherrie, and-"

"Just how many have you asked?" Prime spoke up. Looking over to him she made a face as if she were trying to think; before she eventually just shrugged and looked back at Ratchet.

"So…you're not going to tell me?" She tried one last time, her head falling when he answered with a flat out no. Turning she began to walked dejectedly away only to perk up seconds later.

"What?" Ratchet asked, knowing that she had thought of something. She spun around grinning.

"Thas perfect!" She shouted. The Autobots all began to look wary.

"What is?" Bumblebee questioned. Throwing her arm up in an overly dramatic pose Hunter smirked.

"FANFICTION!" The Autobots each let out a groan. Laughing manically she turned once more and began to run from the room still shouting.