Rejection of Love can kill you

Name : Rejection of Love can kill you

Author: Lisi the slayer

Genre: Romance/Angst




Draco finds out he is a Veela, he finds out that he has a Soul mate to whom his very life depends upon. He can kiss nor be with anyone else. Draco is pulled into despair when he finds out his Soul mate is Harry Potter and that if Harry rejects him he'll die. The seventh year will be Draco's darkest yet, the question is can Harry do it ? Can Harry love and save the infamous Ice Prince ?

Disclaimer - This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros, Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.


Draco moved his face against his pillow and snuggled up in his silk bedcovers. A beautiful smile graced his now soft features. No one saw this side of Draco Malfoy, the soft warm side. A side that was easily warm and caring enough to melt the Ice Prince. It was a shame therefore that Draco did not want to show this side and rid himself of the Ice Prince. Unfortunately, for Draco all this was about to change...


Lucius kissed his wife gently and entangled his fingers with her slender ones. Narcissa smiled at him, gently, she placed a kiss upon his cheek.

"I love it when you're like this, when you're warm and loving. When you're yourself."

Lucius smiled at his wife and sighed warmly.

"I know love, but this Manor didn't come by warmth. It came by talent, by careful intellect and by strength."

Narcissa frowned.

"It came by coldness, by hate and manipulation. That is not you and I."

Lucius tensed and not wanting to argue with her, he hastily changed the conversation

"What of Draco? His time approaches, this midnight he reaches maturity. You and I know what that means."

Narcissa ran her fingers through Lucius' long silky hair.

"I do, and when he needs us, we will be ready for him"

Lucius purred deeply, unable to take anymore, pulled his wife in a tightly against him, kissing her passionately. Twelve came and went and as Lucius and Narcissa were locked in a tight embrace, something far less pleasant was happening to Draco...


Draco opened his eyes and sat up. He tried to work out what had woken him from his deep dream. He did not have to ponder for long. A hot wave of pain passed through his abdomen, taken completely by surprise, he collapsed back down on his bed. Draco forced himself not to scream, as another wave agonisingly washed over him. His body began to shake. Another wave came, worse than the others, and Draco could no longer contain the howl that rose up from his throat.

Sweat gushed from his pores, his silk boxers stuck by sweat to his legs. For a brief moment, the pain subsided and Draco assumed that whatever weird thing had taken place had finally finished. Taking in deep breaths, Draco tried to calm his frantic breathing and erratic pulse. Feeling his body gradually calm down, Draco closed his eyes with the intention of falling back asleep. Without warning, a particularly painful wave crashed over him and Draco screamed and withered on his mattress. His quakes made him lose balance, and before he knew it, he slid off the side of his bed and banged his head hard against the wooden leg his bedside table.


When Draco finally came to it was still dark. He hissed as he touched the side of his head, he groaned as he noticed the dark stain in his cream carpet. Grasping hold of the table and bed, Draco attempted to stand up. His legs shook from beneath him, and before he had even fully risen, they abruptly gave out beneath him and he collapsed back down, bringing the table down with him. The temptation to call for his parents nagged him horribly but he forced himself to remember that his father would not appreciate being woken from his 'important' rest. No, he would just have to deal with this alone.

An odd feeling began to gather in his chest, It felt like someone was squeezing the air out of him, and as his tears of panic slid down his face, his breathing became shallow. The feeling grew stronger, Draco felt like he could barely breathe. Just when Draco swore his chest felt so constricted he would never take another a breath, a white aura began to pull out from his chest. Draco screamed openly, the pain was too intense, even biting his lip didn't help and blood soon trickled down his chin. Draco continued to scream as his white aura pulled its self out of his chest...


Meanwhile, Harry wasn't having a great night either. Ripping off his bed shirt, Harry howled in agony as an emerald aura tugged its self from his chest. Terrified, his mind raced to come up with an explanation, any reason why this was happening. Finally, the entire emerald aura left his chest and flashing briefly at him, it shot, like some kind of shooting star, out of the window and across the sky. Harry had just convinced him the bizarre affaire was over, and perhaps managed to dismiss it as a particularly painful coming of age transition when a white aura crashed through his window and into his chest. Everything went black.

Not so far away, a bright emerald aura hit Draco squarely in the chest, he was out before his head hit the ground.

Hey ! There are loads of VeelaDraco fics out there so I wanted to come up with something slightly different involving them losing and replacing their auras. Hope I've managed that to some degree ! Please review