He waited, slowly yet impatiently as his new target sat writing. He took in long blonde hair and her cerulean blue eyes, her sun kissed skin and her dainty build.

The hunger and darkness of the night hung over him.

He smirked ruefully thinking of the deep, dark, shade of red

His growing hunger made him angrier yet happier to an extent . He was going to feed now, it had been the longest moon, the 2 months he hadn't fed had felt like 2 years, 2 long painful years.

A strange feeling had built up in the pit of his stomach, a predatory gleam set in his eyes.

He watched as the girl set her pink diary on the bedside table, a small smile place on her thin red lips, unknowing of her terrible future.

She looked around 15, a little younger then his body, he had the body of an 16 yr old but his true age was unseen,

He may have been the youngest of the pack, but he was not the weakest, he was called the runt of the pack due to his age, and his body didn't't help that at all, but he was one of the strongest pack members.

He watched as the girl slowly walked to the window, searching outside for any sign of life.

He smiled coldly.

Eyes locked on his target.

She slowly turned the handle, opening the window.

A strong gust of wind blew through her long hair.

She felt ice cold fingers claw at her scalp.

She fell to her knees ,head in hands.

He took that as his welcome and entry.

His ice cold eyes watched as the girl clutched her head in pain.

He felt a little sorry for her,

but his hunger was overpowering .

Glass shattered and a shrill scream could be heard.