It had probably been a silly thing to do but he couldn't help it. Rose had been absolutely heart broken after having to leave her father dead in the past. After he had gotten her settled with a cuppa and some soothing music he had left the TARDIS. He was a man on a mission. He wandered the streets of London for probably close to an hour; he was in the 'flower district' so why couldn't he find the flowers he wanted. He was about to give up when he saw a small cart stuffed between a larger one and a wall. There was a young child sitting on the ground near the cart looking sad and rejected. She probably hadn't made a sale all day.

"Right then," the Doctor stated walking to the cart, "I need some pink roses, not fully bloomed just a little open." He had almost asked for blue, but remembered at the last moment that Resticx VII was the best planet for blue flowers. It was something to do with the minerals in the soil.

"'ere you are sir, the prettiest pink roses you'll ever see. That'll be 10 pounds then." The girl said tying the stems together with rope and wrapping the whole bunch in day old paper. The Doctor rummaged around in his pocket glad that he had started carrying 'round some of Roses currency. He gave the girl the money and turned to leave. He thought better of it and turned back to her.

"Where's the best chip shop then. She'll want some chips." He asked as the girl had taken her seat on the pavement and picked up her book.

"Down the street 'round the corner's a place called Jack'n'Nicks, I'd say they're the best." She gave a sharp nod and was into her book. After a quick detour to the chip shop the Doctor was back to the TARDIS in no time.

"Rose, I got you a snack. Come on out before they get cold; you know as well as I do that you hate cold chips." He had gone straight to the kitchen and was debating putting the flowers in some water as he called for Rose.

"What's that then? You put out for chips. I'm amazed." Rose said cheeky grin in place. When the Doctor pulled the flowers from behind his back Roses jaw dropped