The shivering leaves danced in the only breeze of the day outside Sakura's window. She glanced out at the movement, but quickly returned to the paper in front of her.

'Write a report on your mission, and don't leave out a single detail.' Is what Tsunade had told her after a very long interrogation, er, discussion from her Shishou. Well, that wouldn't be too hard. All she had to do was write that Kabuto was a bland sort of laid-back guy who let his prisoner waltz about in a yukata and play cards. It didn't sound believable at all, and she was leaving out only one relevant fact, but writing 'all the details' was certainly out of the question. Sakura chewed the end of her pencil and shuffled her feet. So far, she'd gotten to the part about smashing the kitchen table to smithereens, and she'd made sure the part about verbally defending Konoha was extremely clear. With any luck that would make whatever she wrote next a lot less suspicious. While she was supposed to include things like 'information obtained', Sakura would never write what she'd really discovered. That freedom was tempting her, that she'd almost followed someone on a whim yet again, and that watermelon tasted best in summer.

There was a knock at the door, and Sakura, ready for an excuse to avoid writing, leapt up to answer it. The cheerful face of Kakashi poked into her doorway, one hand raised in greeting.

"Hey, Sakura chan, mind if I come in?" She stepped back to let him through, wondering what could possibly take the jonin from his comforters on his day off. They sat down at her small kitchen table, and Kakashi glanced out the window before speaking.

"I'll cut to the chase Sakura, you know how blunt I am." Sakura's bored mind snapped into focus. He couldn't know…

"I'm not going to ask or pry, but I want you to know that I am aware that something went on between you and Kabuto Yakushi several weeks ago. You didn't say anything on our careful journey back to Konoha, so I wondered if it was about Sasuke. However, that doesn't seem to be the case." He paused to let her think up whatever explanation she was prepared to give.

"I know you'd never consciously put your life her in Hidden Leaf into jeapordy, but I've got to know. If you've committed any sort of treason-"

"Kakashi sensei, please wait!" She interrupted, as he assumed she would. He knew her well, and so knew that Sakura would never betray her village purposely, but this was the only way to be one hundred percent sure that Kabuto hadn't done anything to her. Sakura's speech was rushed.

"I don't mind telling you, really. But not Naruto, I could never tell him. But if you picked up on what happened at the Onsen, then please don't think that it was anything more than… what it looked lik." Sakura was surprised she had it in her to blush. It must be because this was Kakashi she was talking to, who despite being a pervert would never go against his village. Slightly embarrassed, she continued in a lower tone.

"I didn't give anything away, no information or hints or tips about anything, except.." Kakashi raised a brow.


"Except that maybe kunoichi should be trained harder for, uh, captor situations." This was as detailed as Sakura would go, and if Kakashi didn't pick up on the fact that summer heat had easily broken into her head at the onsen, and was partially at fault for what had happened there, then their beloved Konoha was in need of some extra training classes. It had, after all, been a matter of being unable to resist the other person.

Kakashi was silent for several minutes, shifting his gaze to her window once more where flowers lay shriveled and dry against the sill. Sakura watched his profile nervously. Finally he spoke.

"And Sasuke left again."

"Yes. he went to kill Itachi." The same thought drifted in. That Sasuke might soon return was thrilling, although anyone else wouldn't have known this because of the sad tone in their voice. Sakura was beginning to hate how things turned blue at the mention of his name. Of course, now that team Seven had a lead on their lost member, they'd probably be sent off on yet another crazy mission sometime soon.

"Well if that's all, I suppose there isn't any harm done. You'll include anything about Yakushi 's current situation and about Hidden Sound in the report, I presume?" Sakura nodded, pleased that her sensei hadn't scolded her. Wasn't she lucky to have such an understanding teacher? Yes, she was. Kakashi stood up and Sakura walked him to the door. Before stepping out he pointed over to her window.

"You're flowers are looking rather toasty." And he was gone. Sakura smiled and rolled her eyes over to her flowerbox, where the obviously dead plants baked in the end of summer heat. Returning to her desk, she stared at the report and half blank paper before her. Slowly she picked up her pen again, and started a new paragraph.

Concerning the village of Hidden Sound: information class C-

Information obtained from: Yakushi Kabuto-

-The village of hidden sound poisons their kunai.

Sakura tapped her pen and shifted to gaze out the window again, and then back at her partially blank paper, then again at the sunshine through the glass.

"Oh, screw this." And she stood up, threw down her pen, kicked aside her chair, and walked out the door.

Maybe if she caught up with Kakashi he'd buy her lunch at Ichiraku.


Oh it was so short. So sooo short. Well, in closing I'd like to say that I hoped you guys enjoyed reading this. Personally the nature descriptions were fun to write, but I did learn a lot. Like, my lemons need improvement, numbers are typed out, make the pace of the story better formed, etcetera. If you've any other tips of the overall fic, I'd love to hear them. :')