Beast boy seemed suspicious as he looked up from his game to where Raven suddenly stood before him after a good two days of pointed avoidance; he half expected her to continue their explosive argument.

"Beast boy…" I'm sorry. I crossed the line. I didn't mean it. "Video games rot your brain."

The changeling bristled and gripped the controller tighter. "If that's all you're here to say—," he began, but was interrupted when Raven plunked herself down on the couch beside him, crossed her arms, and scowled at the television. When there was no sign of further movement, the bewildered boy reembarked on his virtual adventure.

Ten minutes in, the perky battle music was threatening to be drowned out by the sound of Raven's grinding teeth. She'd thought she could tune it out while reading, but the random blips of sound jolted her out of any concentration. Forgiveness isn't worth this. She was just about ready to throw out the endeavor when Beast boy pressed the mute button and started chatting amicably about a new bookstore and how maybe they could go together sometime.


"I will love you forever."

Raven shrugged off her momentary panic and dismissed it as part of his over-the-top thanks, but Beastboy didn't mind. It still felt good to finally say it, even if she didn't believe him. Yet.

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