When You Were Young –Trifecta

A HariPo Fanfiction

by mew-tsubaki

Disclaimer: Unless I mention at the beginning of a chapter, all the characters used in the story belong to J.K. Rowling.

NOTE: SOME PLOT LINES FROM THE DEATHLY HALLOWS MAY BE USED. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. Here's to more odd pairings from me… :) Anyway, while I don't think I'll be terribly flamed for the couples, please keep in mind that things will change as the story progresses. Hopefully, my timeline will stay intact with my own elements for the story and I will do my best not to drag things or rush them. PLEASE! Tell me if I'm dragging or rushing, if you love or hate the story, if you love or hate me! I want to read YOUR REVIEWS! Without further ado, the story:

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Chapter One: Whence It All Began…and Ended

The tips of her nails slit his back open and little beads of blood ran along his spine. She looked at what she had done. "Whoops! We can't have you bleeding all over the place." The woman grabbed her wand from the nightstand and waved it over his back. "There! Good as new."

You may want to get rid of my skin underneath your nails, too," the male said, holding her hands in his. His onyx eyes flashed red for a split-second as they roved over her naked body. "But you should leave that for later…" He placed his mouth over hers and kissed her, allowing her tongue to flick over his. When she let him go, he kissed her body –a peck here, another there –but then she hugged him to her chest. Instinctively, he wrapped his arms around her, too, but something was different tonight. A wet substance hit his head and dribbled down his forehead. How warm it was… In an instant, he knew what it was. He looked up just in time to see her hide her face and frowned. "I'm sorry," he mumbled.

"No, no, it's not your fault," she said, wiping her tears on the back of her hand. "I'm not sure we could escape him even if we had had more time. Dumbledore put up all the defenses he could that would still allow members of the Order in. All of this has been taxing on him, too. I mean, he put up the same barriers for the Longbottoms in case Voldemort wants to eliminate all possible candidates to kill him, but Voldemort is Voldemort. Even you don't know how he truly thinks, Sev." She sighed and looked into the kindest eyes she had ever seen. Sure, he could be an arse sometimes, but Severus Snape was a gentleman of his own kind.

"Lily…" Her name on his lips always made his heart skip a beat. She looked beautiful, even now with her hair clinging to her skin in places from perspiration. How he regretted being the one to give the Dark Lord the information that was leading him right to her child. And now, he would live out an eternity dying to kill himself, but that was not an option anymore. He had been so close, everything had been perfect –but then he heard the snippet of a prophecy that they both knew would lead to her death.


Severus blinked and was looking into Lily's green eyes again. "I know, I know…" He backed off of her and dressed, then waited as she put her turtleneck and slacks back on. He followed her out of the room and to the fireplace, where he paused for one final goodbye. "I love you, Lily, and no one else."

Lily kissed him and smiled. "You say that now, Sev. Just wait. Your dream girl will show up some day. She'll probably be a thousand times prettier and smarter than me."

"No!" he interjected.

The woman only shook her head. "You're bound to forget me some day, Sev. I promise you'll love her –maybe even more than you'd ever think possible. Just do me a favor."

"Whisk you away from James?" Severus greedily smiled.

Lily merely rolled her eyes. "No. Do me a favor and catch her while you can. You chickened out with me and then James appeared." She smiled again, but this time it was bittersweet. "I'll miss you, Severus. Goodbye."

With one final embrace, Severus reached into his pouch of Floo powder and dropped the sparkling dust. "Spinner's End!" Green flames enveloped him and he watched Lily's emerald eyes turn away as she exited the room to check on baby Harry, who was promptly crying his little heart out.

Severus fell to his knees when he saw the background was the dark and dreary décor of his house on Spinner's End. He slammed his fist on the floor. Tears were welling up behind his eyes, but he couldn't free them; grief had not entirely hit him yet.

He stood and stomped out into the sitting room. He flipped the coffee table over and tore the couch apart. The eyes of his ancestors watched him from the safety of their portraits, but they soon were, too, endangered. "SECTUMSEMPRA!!!" Slashes magically appeared on the canvases and gilded frames and any remains hit the floor with a crash.

The wizard marched to the other rooms of his home and unconsciously reduced them to ashes. Severus reached his own room and was about to swipe his arm over the possessions on his desk, but stopped. A silver picture frame stared back at him rather mockingly. He picked it up and his shoulder sagged; one of the few pictures he had of himself and Lily and a large, splintering crack ran down the middle of it in between them. Defeated, Severus sat down with the picture on his bed. Maybe they hadn't been destined to be together, but he loved her and knew he would love her forever, even after this horrible night was over…

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18 years later…

"Happy Birthday, Harry!!"

Cheers and jeers resounded in Twelve Grimmauld Place as the Boy-Who-Lived blew out the nineteen birthday candles on the giant Hogwarts crest cake. The Asian girl to his left bent over him and gave him a nice birthday smooch on the lips. Twin redheads in the back hooted and another male redhead, his younger sister, and a blonde boy gagged.

"I think our birthday boy's getting lucky tonight, George," one twin said to his brother.

"Oh, look, Fred. We made 'em blush!"

Indeed, Harry and Cho Chang were simultaneously reddening. Harry half-frowned at the twins. "Guys…"

"Sorry, sorry," they said in unison.

The other redhead poked Harry in the ribs. "No details if it does happen, though, mate," he whispered.

Harry grinned. "What? You don't need any tips for Hermione, Ron?" he uttered back.

"Look you little-"

The blonde boy interrupted Ron's retort. "Hey, I can stay as long as I want, right?"

"You have a home, Draco," Harry answered. "The festivities only last a little while."

Draco ran a hand through his slicked-back hair. "Dammit! Pansy won't leave me alone! I can't get out of the house anymore. You say 'home', Potter. I say 'prison'."

"Aw, the snake doesn't want to make babies with his banshee of a girlfriend?"

"Watch it, little girl." Draco drew his wand out and held it in her face.

Ron shoved Draco's arm down. "I wouldn't hurt Ginny, if I were you. She has six big brothers who're all but waiting to beat you up if you try anything. Besides, she could probably snap that twig you call a wand in half if she wanted to."

Ginny pushed the two males apart. "Excuse me. I have say in this, too, you know. And I say I want some chocolate cake." The witch passed her plate to Cho. "The Slytherin part's chocolate, right? I'll take the head of the snake, please."

Cho beheaded the silver serpent and passed it to Ginny. "Who else wants cake? Gryffindor's angel food cake, Slytherin's chocolate, Ravenclaw's marble, and Hufflepuff's coffee. You want part of the lion, right, Harry?"

"No, I'll have some Ravenclaw, please." As soon it had left his mouth, Harry winced. "I so didn't mean it that way."

The twins whistled. "I'm not sure we're really supposed to be here, guys," Fred stated with a smug grin.

"It is Harry's choice whether he wants to celebrate or boff his girl," George commented. A hardy blow to his head made him yelp. "OW! Ange…"

Angelina Johnson glared at him. "Watch your tongue, George, or so help me Merlin I will cut it out."

"No you wouldn't. You like it too much."


"Okay, okay, I'll stop…"

They all shared a good laugh as Mr. and Mrs. brought out butterbeers for everyone. Bill and Fleur followed close behind with the mound of gifts for Harry. Fleur passed him a large basket loosely wrapped in a floral paper with several punctures in it. "Pleez open zis first, 'Arry," she said. "Eet iz from both Bill and me."

Harry began to undo the bow at the top, but stopped as his present clawed through the rest of the wrapping paper. Two pairs of shining, huge, yellow-green eyes looked at him. "This one's…round. Very round," Harry said, trying not to laugh.

Bill petted the larger cat's head. "They're twin adult males. The fat one's Blubba and the one half his size is Zephyr. Fleur and I fund them outside Gringott's and had them checked out. They're healthy, have great personalities, and –most importantly –aren't Dark Wizards in disguise."

Harry met Blubba's eyes and Blubba stared back. He petted the cat's head, but Blubba didn't coo appreciatively as he had with Bill. Suddenly, the feline jumped onto the table and trotted around the food until he reached Ginny. He looked at her for a second then rubbed his head against her hand, purring as loud as a motorbike.

Fleur frowned. "We are so sorry, 'Arry. 'E was so nice to us; Blubba did not appear to be selective at all."

"It's okay, Fleur."

"OW!" Everyone turned their eyes to Draco." Something clawed my bloody leg!!"

Harry looked back to his basket and saw that Zephyr was missing. Not good.

"Are you kidding? It's just a cat," came a voice from the shadows. A slender figure stepped forward and claimed the voice. The black ensemble, coal-colored hair, and onyx eyes belonged to one person: Severus Snape. "Where's your pride as a Slytherin, Draco?"

The room went deathly, uncomfortably quiet. For a straight minute, Severus's eyes locked with Harry's, but Severus broke away first. He tossed Harry a small package. "Something to use in your Auror office after you finish training," he stated.

Harry had caught it, but left it unopened and placed it with the other gifts. "I'm not sure 'glad you came' fits here, or that it's 'nice you showed'. You can pull up a chair, though."

Severus had half a mind to smack the boy, but restrained himself. If he and Potter were to have a truce, Severus had to see that he and his friends had not told anyone else of his memories. Just that bastard Voldemort had seemingly killed him with Nagini didn't mean that Severus had actually died. A monster like him couldn't be disposed of so easily. Lily's smiling face appeared in his mind's eye. "Why do you say you're a monster?" she'd ask. "Everyone has to survive some way; your way is just a bit different from everyone else's." But she had never fully understood the meaning of his words. Not only were his means of survival inhuman, but he was more than one kind of monster.

Pursing his lips, Severus pulled one of the chairs from the table and half sat in the shadows. Soon, he got the feeling of being watched. He picked his head up just in time to see the Granger girl turn her head away and mumble something into her Weasley's ear. The Weasley gave him a stern look, which Severus returned, and shook his head at Granger. She obviously thought Severus wasn't staring back anymore and chanced another look at him, but reddened and didn't turn again when her eyes had met his once more.

Damn mudblood, Severus thought, then he felt like kicking himself. Calling Lily that had gotten him into enough trouble once; he didn't have enough strength right now to argue if he said the word out loud.

He watched as more presents were unwrapped, the cat named Zephyr happily bit Draco, and everyone else had a good time. Severus gritted his teeth; this was no place for him to be. Potter had invited out of pity and their truce, not because they were suddenly the best of mates. No, no one would ever take that position in Severus's life again, not after Lily.

Severus snapped out of his daydreams at the sound of chair legs scratching on the hard wood floor. The others were cleaning up the dining room and bustling about. He took it as his cue to leave when Granger bumped into him by accident.

"S-Sorry," she squeaked, and she ran off into the kitchen.

Something she had seen in his eyes had scared her –that much was obvious. But what?

Hunger hit Severus like a two-ton brick. Carefully, he slipped away into the shadows and left the way he came. How did he leave? Just like any other being in his species: he melted into the darkness.

But where to hunt tonight…?

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Honestly, one thing I don't think came across very clearly was who was at Harry's 19th, so here they are: Harry (duh), Cho, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Draco, the twins, Angelina, Verity (even though she didn't have any lines), Bill, Fleur, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, and Sev. Percy's not there because he's an asshole; Charlie's off on the Dragon Plains; I didn't need Seamus or Dean there; and Luna, Neville, Tonks, Remus, and Sirius will be explained later on.

Also, if you have read any of Lady-Kyo's stories, you may have seen Blubba the cat pop up. Just so you know, he's not her original character nor is he mine: he's our real-life cat. Blubba shares both of us and so we share him in our stories.