When You Were Young –Trifecta

A HariPo Fanfiction

by mew-tsubaki

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Chapter Four: The Daymares That Follow

One of them entered his mind. Who are you? You aren't within our records of ever being born. He ignored it.

Another pursued the subject. Your powers aren't the usual ones, either. Why are you so unique?

Don't tell us you're mixed!

The last one angered him enough to force his mind completely closed. A few more attempts, and Severus probably would have been found out.

He sighed. It had been almost two days since his altercations at Potter's party. His bloodlust had subdued for now, but he was still wondering just what had happened to him to make him lose control. Maybe he had accidentally eaten something magical… That was the only logical explanation he could come up with at the moment. Severus didn't recall anything noteworthy enough to have affected him this way. Then again, sometimes big and strong things are disguised in small packages.

Severus walked to the window in his bedroom and leaned against the windowsill, thinking back on the days –peaceful days- spent with Lily. He stood still, just picturing every detail he remembered of her: her silky hair; her soft, supple, inviting skin; her sensuous lips that curved into a devilish grin whenever she was planning something… Severus sighed again; he missed her so much.

Speaking of missing her… Severus tried to be indifferent towards the shiver that ran down his spine and into his libido as his body remembered Lily, as well. He straightened himself up, shaking himself as he planned his next dining spot. Even after all that gorging, he still possessed some kind of hunger. He knew not of what.

-------------------------------------- ^-^3

"Welcome back, Miss Lovegood. You are well, I suppose?"

"Hello, headmaster," Luna cooed in her dreamy tone. "I'm quite well, thank you."

Albus Dumbledore nodded. "I hear the Quibbler is doing well, too. I've read some of your articles myself, and I am by far impressed. You don't think you'll find much here, do you?"

"You never know," Luna said in as much a serious tone as she was capable of managing. Her head bobbed up and down as she spoke. "Hogwarts is a very mysterious place, and I want to immortalize the institution on paper." She faced Dumbledore as they reached the Great Hall. "I appreciate you permitting me to stay in Hagrid's cabin during this school year. The year starts in about six or so weeks, correct?"

"Mm, yes. I assure you no one will bother you, and that all of our teaching staff is glad to see an old pupil return." Dumbledore faced the Great Hall. "I suppose it is time to eat. Care to join us wrinkly wizards for a meal?"

"Actually, I think I'm going to start research for other stories now. If you'll excuse me…" Luna smiled at the headmaster in parting, and scampered back to her new, temporary lodging. She grabbed an Auto-Write quill, a muggle notebook that Hermione had sent –she quite liked the spiral binding –and the latest edition of the Quibbler, Specter Specs inside. She stepped outside and looked at her surroundings.

Being placed in Hagrid's old cabin gave her some good advantages. Yes, she would have to trudge up the hillside to work on any stories surrounding the castle, but the Forbidden Forest was a goldmine of creature stories. And all she had to do was step into the backyard.

Luna was about to step into the forest when she heard the pounding of hooves on the ground, and the vibrations went through her feet and jostled her knees. Maybe going into the forest at night wasn't as good an idea as she had first thought. With the centaurs warring with one another, the last thing she needed was for them to squint at her in the nighttime and decide that she was an enemy and kill her.

For the first time ever, a sigh escaped the usually emotionally detached girl. Things would be so slow here.


-------------------------------------------------------- ^-^3

The next morning, Ginny awoke and rubbed her temples. Pain faded from the front of her head, the remnants of last night's headache.

Or migraine, she thought as she went downstairs for breakfast. It was quiet, and the girl wondered if her parents were up yet. She glanced at the clock; it was noon, and her father was at work, her mother on errands. So, she had the house to herself. On a second glance, she realized that no, she wasn't alone. Ron was still in bed.

Well, it's quiet right now, which is what's important. She grabbed an apple and stepped outside. The witch silently munched on the fruit while she looked up into the bright blue sky. A few puffy clouds dotted the sky, but otherwise it looked like it would be a beautiful day.

Then the pain returned. At first, it was like a buzzing in the back of her brain, but then it hurt so much that Ginny dropped the apple and had to lean against the front door's jamb. A small whimper escaped her; the pain was excruciating…

A chime resounded in the far distance –or so Ginny thought. She looked up and saw she was still alone, but the area around the Weasley home seemed quiet, too. She squinted her eyes, looking for a person she might have missed in the distance…and the witch realized the pain was gone.

Just like that…?

The witch shook her head, not sure what to make of this strange occurrence. She went back inside and up to her room to change. She had to get out of the house.

----------------------------------------------------------- ^-^3

"So you're telling me that she's not even human?" Hermione snorted. "Please, Draco. That's not new knowledge."

Draco crossed his arms in front of his chest and leaned back in his chair. "I can't stand her. I don't even remember how I came to live with Pansy, the damn beast." He tsked as a waiter bumped his chair in the busy restaurant. "And the service here's lousy."

The genius witch rolled her eyes. "And the millionaire here needs to reign in his quick-to-judge attitude."

"I'm not a millionaire," he groused. "My father's actions made sure of that. At least he's dead. Besides, I'm building myself up, my own name."

"Doing what?" she asked.

"Now, it's not in the line of Borgin and Burke's," he began, "but I've started a business seeking and collecting magical items. Sometimes it's to retain a wizard or witch's personal effect, other times it's to take powerful items out of a muggle's unknowing hands." The blonde sipped his coffee. "It's more profitable than you might think."

Hermione looked impressed. "It's an out-of-the-box idea. Good for you, Draco."

"Well, you think so." He rolled his eyes. "Pansy's so damn whiny that it's been hampering things at the store. Merlin, you'd think she was a baby."

"While women do want attention and affection from their better halves, it does sound like Pansy's a little too expectant," Hermione stated. "Do you have any ideas how you want to end it? Or any ideas as to what might happen if you end it incorrectly?"

"That's any easy one: She'll probably destroy the house and my business. But I wouldn't put it past her to also stalk me. And if she sees me with your gang again, I wouldn't put it past her to harm you –and me. I mean, Harry's not that bad after all," he added in a small voice.

She couldn't help it. "What was that?"

"Harry's not that bad after all," Draco spat. "You can be tolerable, and Weasley –well, maybe I'll leave Weasley to Pansy after all."


"Okay, okay… You three are kind of my acquaintances…"

"I'll take that as Draco-speak for 'friends'."

A slight blush dusted the apples of his cheeks. "Anyway, the sooner I get rid of her, the better. I'm exhausted."

Hermione cupped her cheek in the palm of her hand. "You do have bags under your eyes… Okay," she said, clasping her hands together. "I have a few ideas."

"I'm willing to hear anything."

"First, there's the classic 'It's not you, it's me' line. Girls hate it because it's typically overused, but girls love it because they don't feel the need to shoulder any blame."

Draco's expression was that of a person with a bad taste in their mouth. "I don't know… She might be stupid enough to think it's all my fault –I mean, she already does –but I can't be a hundred percent sure. What else?"

"Well, there's also the separate-ways back door. The relationship is tired, and you don't want to tie her down."

He immediately shook his head. "She'll beat the crap out of me for that one. She wants to tie me down."

Hermione pursed her lips. "Well, you could always come up with a mystery girl and say you've fallen in love with someone. Tell Pansy that you liked her, but you've found your heart in someone else. Rash, but it defines lines right away."

"So it'll look like I've been cheating on her?"

"Yes, that could appear on the surface, but the girl doesn't even have to be real."

Draco snorted. "Trust me: With Pansy, she'll have to be real, otherwise there won't be an eyewitness when she Avada Kedavra's my sorry arse."

Hermione smacked her forehead. "Just pick something!" She looked back up at him to find his eyes locked on hers.

"What was that third option again…?"

"Uh-uh. Not if I was the last witch –the last woman on Earth!! Find someone else to play your girlfriend!!"

"But you said it yourself, that we're friends."

"You said we're acquaintances!!" Hermione sighed and shook her head. "Don't you have any ideas?" She blinked. "And you really want to do the last choice, fake having a lover?" She peered more closely at him. "You seem rather intent on that idea…"

"N-no, I don't," he spluttered. He dropped his gaze to his coffee.

"You do have an idea of someone else," Hermione stated. She straightened up. "You are sick of Pansy, but you've also fallen for someone else." She brightened. "Who is it?" Just as quickly, her face fell. "If that's why you wanted me to-"

"It's not you!" Draco interrupted. "I honestly hadn't thought about it before. But I've seen her some more around here, since I have a satellite store out in this area." He turned his icy eyes on the witch. "And I really mean I hadn't thought about it before, because I always thought of her as annoying. I don't like her family much either."

Hermione was taken aback. "So this isn't just some woman off the street. You know her well enough to know her family. Jeez, Draco. You could've said so from the beginning. Obviously, you should make a move on her, and somehow break things off with Pansy. It's your chance to find happiness." Hermione finished her iced tea. "So, what's Miss Mysterious like?"

Draco couldn't hide his flaming cheeks. "Do you have to know…?"


"All right, already… She's outspoken and firm in her decisions, to the point where she's been in my face about it."

"So you've had interaction with her. Good."

"Shut up. Do you want me to continue or not?" The wizard sighed and rubbed his arms. He wore a short-sleeved T-shirt, and Hermione could see him getting goose bumps just thinking about this ideal lady. "She's bubbly and funny, too, though I never would have admitted that before. She's not really tiny, but –when I see her shopping by herself –I get the image of a baby bird in my mind, and I feel like she needs me. Then, of course, I remember her family would kill me before I could smile for the first time at her. Usually, I only ever get the chance to be a jerk to her. Now, that bugs me."

"'Now'?" Hermione echoed. "So you've known her for a long time, then. She's a childhood friend."


"What's her name?"

Draco shook his head. "I'm not giving that away when I can't even have a civil conversation with her, you moron." He paused. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have been mean. I do need your help."

The witch frowned. "Fine. But maybe you should consider actually setting things in motion with this one while we contemplate how to handle Pansy."

"Thanks…" Draco stood and put some money down. "That'll cover us both. I'll contact you again when I next need you." He nodded by way of parting, and exited the restaurant.

Hermione furrowed her brow. Who the hell has caught his eye, though? she wondered. Okay, she didn't just catch his eye. I'd definitely say he's in love with this girl. She stood and picked up the bills and winced when one crisp bill sliced her finger. "Ow, dammit…" She instinctively lifted her finger to lick it –and stopped.

Blood red.

Deep red.


She blinked several times in rapid succession, pulling herself back to the present. That color had reminded her of Snape's eyes at Harry's party. Hermione knew what she had seen: Snape's black eyes, flashing an iridescent red, then returning to black. Well, not entirely black. They had seemed to fade from red to black, and she had seen his eyes act up at least once more before leaving the party.

Hermione stopped and shook herself. She had to push that out of her mind. She stuck her finger in her mouth anyway, paid for the drinks, and was on her merry way. If only it could be merry, Hermione thought. Suddenly, Snape was at the forefront of her mind, and she couldn't get him out. She felt there was only one course of action to cure her of this.

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