Hello! Yes, I know, I have a lot of other things I could be doing right now. This poem has sat on my computer since before college let out, but it's just now being finished and published. I hope my rhyming's not too terrible. This only leads up to just after the fifth book, so it isn't affected by HBP or DH. Are you curious yet? Well, then, read on!

Summery: A poem in which Remus Lupin contemplates his past with the Marauders and his future without those friends. Goes from his childhood to the end of OotP.

Edited: 10-4-07


The Last Marauder

I stand here thinking now
About what used to be,
I look at the Whomping Willow,
Planted just for me.

I remember my childhood well,
How I lived in fear.
That I wouldn't be able
To study here.

I got my letter anyway,
My mom said, "See?
You'll go there."
I was happy to agree.

The first night here,
I was so alone,
It was my first here,
In this great unknown.

The full moon came,
and with it pain.
The wolf didn't like it,
And almost went insane.

I was fine by light,
Numb, without feeling.
And now it was time
To start the healing.

Second year came
My friends found out.
I thought they would leave.
Why did I doubt?

Fifth year helped.
They became Animagi
They swore they'd do it,
Even if they died.

James was a stag.
Peter was a rat.
Sirius was a dog.
Animals, just like that.

We became the Marauders four,
Always there, never apart.
Looking back now, those
Memories taste so tart.

I should have known,
Just from Peter's form,
He would betray us,
To the Dark conform.

I think about that day,
That All Hallows Eve.
The following day,
At first I didn't believe.

James and Lily were dead,
Peter also, by Sirius's hand.
That was the story at the time,
But it all seemed planned.

The years went past;
I did what I could
To support myself
But I'm misunderstood.

I'm a werewolf, see,
That no one will hire.
But by the year '93,
My situation was dire.

I was offered the post
Of DADA, but still
The old curse held;
I did a year fulfill.

But that year changed me,
I found out the truths,
That rat was only saved
By the three youths.

Wormtail escaped that night,
Went to rejoin his master,
I couldn't believe it, but
I was assured by the Headmaster.

Harry and Hermione,
Through a trip in time,
Saved Sirius and Buckbeak,
By midnight's last chime.

For two years, we were back.
Although still shy two,
The Marauders were reborn,
Fresh, to start over new.

Then came the night,
That Sirius died.
That night's forever with me.
I almost cried.

I see Albus coming
That steady twinkle in his eye.
Does he not realize
I just watched my last friend die?

He tells me that death
Is but the next adventure.
But I think that thought
Is but a venture.

I still have Harry,
He's worth living for.
But he's not them.
I've shut that door.

I'll keep on living,
Just like they would want.
I won't let their deaths.
Make me daunt.

They died first, even though
My hair is so grey.
But I guess that just proves.
Irony taunts me every day.


Poor Remus. He never gets a break. It's funny though, that I should write a poem when usually my poetry sucks. So, please, review and tell me if I balanced the poem properly. The rhythm is abcb. Did either of Remus's parents leave? I don't know; does it say so in the books? If so, I overlooked it or I don't remember reading anything like that or both.

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