A Wedding is the Best Time for Romance

Author's Notes: If anyone wishes to know about the "curious little shop" that Neville speaks of in this chapter, go and read "A Gift for Madame Maxime" which can be found in my favorites. Longest chapter till the wedding!

The alarm clock blared loudly and Dudley reached over and shut it off. He hadn't been sleeping anyway. He was sitting on the floor next to his bed holding the invitation and clutching his duffle bag. He picked up his duffle and moved downstairs, both Vernon and Petunia were already downstairs and were silently watching Dudley as he clutched his invitation

Seven o'clock, fifteen minutes to go. The anticipation gripped him like a snake coiled around its prey. In fifteen minutes he might see Harry again. Fear gripped him too, ever since his father had said, "Likely as not that invitation won't do much of anything."

Ever since then the horrid thought that this was some sort of joke had clung to the back of his mind. He was pretty sure his father was merely saying things like that because he disapproved of Dudley's choice to go to the wedding.

Petunia had been incredibly supportive of her son, though vehement about not going she was also extremely proud of him, and had even helped him pick out a wedding gift. (Good china, it was what she'd gotten for James and Lily's wedding)

He swallowed and glanced at the clock, two minutes remained. He clutched the invitation and his duffle bag tighter as the seconds ticked away. All at once he felt a sudden jerk beneath his navel and a sudden spinning sensation, as though he were flying through the air.

In his fear he tried to let go of the invitation and found that he couldn't. The sensation suddenly stopped and Dudley tumbled to the ground with a "thud".

A bullfrog like voice croaked out, "Welcome to Shell Cottage Mr. Dursley. May Kreacher take your bag?"

Dudley looked up to see one of the most unusual creatures he had ever seen in his life. He had bat like ears and a long snout-like nose. He wore a pair of towels like a toga and a green and gold locket hung around his neck. He seemed familiar to Dudley but he couldn't place where he'd seen him before.

"Uh sure," Dudley answered, getting up from the ground, he looked around. A small cottage overlooked the sea, which had to be Shell Cottage. There were several rows of camping tents in the field next to the cottage. There was a large white pavilion tent on the opposite side.

"Come, come," Kreacher gestured for Dudley to follow him. Kreacher led Dudley towards the tents and Dudley realized (within his still anxious mind) that he had not thought to pack a sleeping bag. They stopped by a tent that had a golden number seven on the sign next to it.

Kreacher was looking at a clipboard. "Ah yes here we are," he croaked. "Dursley and Longbottom, tent seven. Your tent mate has not yet arrived." He smiled and snapped his fingers. Dudley's bag suddenly levitated into the tent.

"Breakfast is served at nine," Kreacher said gesturing towards the pavilion. "Lunch at twelve fifteen. You are on your own for dinner, I'm afraid, but there is a charming Muggle village not far from here with several restaurants." He pointed towards a dirt road that led down a hill.

Kreacher turned to go, but Dudley had not heard the information that he'd wanted most to hear.

"Er…uh where's Harry?" Dudley asked. The elf stopped and then chucked. "Kreacher is not sure. Master is probably in the town with his best man."

Kreacher looked around to make sure no one was listening. "If you ask Kreacher," he whispered. "Master is hiding from Master's future mother in law. Pretty Mistress's mother is a scary woman!"

Kreacher smiled, "But you is not hearing that from Kreacher!" There was a "pop" and the little house-elf was gone.

Dudley blinked rapidly and slipped into the tent. He was shocked to find that it didn't look like the inside of a tent at all. It looked like the inside of a hotel room. There was even a bathroom. Dudley marveled at the fact that inside the tent was larger than the outside. It was a novelty that magic could be used for something so practical. Most of his experiences with magic hadn't been so rewarding.

He had wound up with a pig's tale when he was eleven and a ten-foot long tongue when he was fourteen. Then there was Harry's silver stag. That hadn't been evil. That had driven away those Dementor thingies.

Dudley shrugged off his thoughts and tossed his bag on to the bed near the window, before slipping outside and heading to the pavilion where he enjoyed a hearty (yet healthy) breakfast. After breakfast he decided to look around and see if he could find his cousin, though he had not thought about what he was going to say.

He looked around and saw other guests moving about the tents and chatting with one another. He recognized the enormous man who had delivered Harry's school letter, and saw he was talking to a blond girl who had a dreamy look in her eyes. Dudley decided it would be best to go in a different direction.

Moving away from Hagrid and Luna he paused as he saw bushy haired girl. He didn't know her name, but he had seen her before getting off of the train with Harry, and to his delight she was talking to Harry's bride-to-be. She was wearing a jean-skirt and a green t-shirt with a golden claw emblem on the front. Her wand stuck out of her pocket.

Dudley moved towards the girls, hoping to wish Ginevra congratulations, but before he got to them, the bushy-haired girl started smiling and pointing towards the road that Kreacher had said led to the village.

Dudley stopped and looked in that direction. Harry was coming up the path, with a red-haired boy walking at his side. They were both chatting away with each other, oblivious to the spectators.

Ginny smiled and pointed her wand towards Harry. "Accio Fiancée," she declared. Harry suddenly jerked forward and went flying right past Dudley and into Ginny's arms. They embraced in a very passionate kiss, and Dudley found himself embarrassed and envious at the same time.

"Oy!" the red-headed boy said catching up with Harry. Dudley noticed him slip his hand into the bushy-haired girl's hand automatically. "Just because you two are getting married, doesn't mean I even want to think about you two snogging all over the place."

They broke apart and Ginny laughed and smiled. "Well then Ron you really don't want to think about what we'll be doing Thursday."

"Our Honeymoon," Harry said trying hard to keep his grin hidden. Ron paled visibly.

"Are two trying to make me sick on purpose?" he demanded. He looked as though the thought of them on their honeymoon really was making him sick.

Harry suddenly gasped in shock. "Dudley!!!" His tone was of astonished disbelief.

A huge grin broke across his face, though Dudley noticed that Ginny's face looked downright murderous. Ron and Hermione had looks of mild apprehension.

"I can't believe that you actually came!" Harry came over and gave Dudley a half-hug with one hand.

"Did Aunt Petunia come too?" Harry asked quietly. Dudley, found himself at a loss for words once again. He wanted to speak with Harry, to say what he felt, but the words wouldn't come. His only response to Harry's inquiry was to shake his head.

"That's okay," He said happily beckoning his fiancée to come to his side. "You're more than I could've hoped for."

"Ginny this is my cousin Dudley," and the evil eye that Ginny was giving poor Dudley vanished in an instant. "Dudley, this is the most beautiful amazing witch in the world: Ginny Weasley."

"Pleased to meet you Dudley," Ginny said brightly taking Dudley's hand and shaking it. "Harry's told me all about you. I feel like we're family already."

She said this last sentence icily. And Dudley knew perfectly well that Harry had indeed told her all about him. The look in her eyes said "just because my fiancée has forgiven you for what you did to him doesn't mean that I have."

"And this is the bride-to-be's brother," Harry continued pleasantly; purposefully ignoring Ginny's scathing look. "And my best mate, and the Best Man, Ron Weasley."

Ron took Dudley's hand, but Dudley felt no animosity from him.

"And Ron's girlfriend and my other best friend, Hermione Granger," Harry said indicating the bushy-haired girl who'd been talking to Ginny. Hermione took Dudley's hand and shook that as well.

Harry looked as though he was going to say more, when a soft blue light appeared nearby. The light expanded, spinning out until it took the form of a stout, plain looking young man in wizard's robes, accompanied by two of the most beautiful Indian women (twins) he had ever seen. They were all three touching an invitation like the one that Dudley had arrived in on that morning.

"Neville!" Ginny exclaimed excitedly. "Parvati! Padma!"

The girls came forward and each gave Harry a kiss on the cheek. Ginny and Hermione smiled and greeted Neville in the same way with a kiss on each cheek. Neville flushed.

"Harry I've got your gift," He began looking through his robes seeming rather confused. Parvati giggled and then sighed affectionately. "I swear Neville you'd lose your head if it wasn't attached. You gave it to me remember?"

Neville looked at Parvati sheepishly as she produced a small wooden box with ornate flower decorations carved into it.

"It's the bulb of a Septimarium," Neville said smiling. "They're rare those are! Even Professor Sprout doesn't have one. I got it from a curious little shop in London. Hagrid of all people recommended the place to me. It's in Soho, nowhere near Diagon Alley."

"Thanks Neville," Harry said grinning as he handed the gift to Kreacher, who had quite literally appeared from nowhere.

"This is my cousin Dudley," He said introducing the new trio to Dudley, who seemed at a loss for all the attention that Harry was lavishing on him. He noted that Neville and Parvati were giving him cold stares. Padma blushed though.

Dudley felt suddenly self conscious, and he was certain that Padma had just been checking him out. He brushed it off; girls who looked like that did not give guys like him a second glance.

"Neville and Parvati were my house-mates in school," Harry continued. "Padma was in my year too, but in a different house."

"Kreacher will show you to your tents," the elf said bowing. Parvati kissed Neville on the check as she and Padma followed Kreacher. Dudley noticed Padma look over her shoulder at him. She smiled.

Neville was now explaining to Harry and Ginny exactly how he should plant the Septimarium. Dudley suddenly decided to return to his tent too many emotions were overwhelming him.


"Neville and Parvati!" Ron exclaimed after Kreacher had come and retrieved Neville to show him to his tent. "When did THAT happen?"

Harry was surprised too, but was taking it in better stride than Ron was. Ginny just giggled though.

"Oh last year," she said casually. "When you guys were off hunting Horcruxes and we were on the Hogwarts front. You three were gone, Dean was gone, and so were the other two girls in Gryffindor from your year. It was just Neville, Seamus, Parvati and Lavender. The four of them grew really close fighting the Carrows and what not."

The trio turned and looked at her in surprise.

"Nothing really happened till after Luna vanished," Ginny said. "Neville was so distraught. They used to date you know, broke up shortly after Dumbledore died. Parvati comforted him when Luna vanished and they grew even closer."

This was news to all three of them. They never knew that Neville and Luna used to date, and none of them even considered what the romantic atmosphere at Hogwarts had been like while they were gone.

"That is so weird," Ron said shaking his head.

"Ron!" Hermione said indignantly.

"Harry m'boy," Professor Slughorn called out to Harry from behind them. Harry sighed, and turned towards one of his least favorite professors.

"Congratulations Harry," He said grinning jovially and shaking Harry's hand firmly. "Not just on your impending marriage to a fine woman." (He beamed at Ginny, another of his hand-picked-favorites) "But you are the youngest head of the Auror Department in Ministry History! Well done m'boy well done!"

Slughorn's eyes suddenly filled to the brim with tears, and he looked as though he was about to burst.

"You saved us all that night," he said, his lip quivering. "I've never been prouder of a student. Never."

Harry looked at Slughorn in surprise. He was certain that that was not what Slughorn was intending to say at all. Truth was Harry was proud of Slughorn too. Slughorn had not wanted to stay and fight the night of the Battle of Hogwarts, but had fought side by side with Kingsley and McGonagall against Voldemort himself. Slughorn had chosen to do what was right.

"I brought some one who wants to meet you Miss Weasley," he said regaining his composure and wiping his tears out of his eyes. "The soon-to-be Mrs. Potter. You're still interested in playing professional Quidditch right my dear?"

Slughorn winked at Ginny as she nodded. She hadn't tried out for any teams yet, she wanted to wait until after their Honeymoon.

"Good," he said grinning. "You stay right here and I'll be right back!"

Harry and Ginny watched him waddle away.

"Mmm…" Ron said sniffing the air. "I think I smell lunch. If you'll excuse us." He gently guided Hermione towards the large white pavilion. Leaving Harry and Ginny alone, but only for the briefest of moments, before another of his old professors came to speak to him.

"Harry Potter," Professor Firenze and a female centaur came trotting up to them. "I am honored that you would invite me to your wedding festivities," he said bowing his head towards Harry.

"When Centaurs mate," Firenze said. "It is traditional to present them with a golden arrow to symbolize their love."

He handed Harry and Ginny an arrow made out of the purest and softest gold. The young couple stared at it, uncertain as how to receive such a gift. Neither of them was any good at archery.

"However," Firenze said smiling, as though he'd expected this reaction from them. "I understand that among wizards it is traditional to present the young couple with a bottle of Dreamberry Wine. I felt that both traditions were necessary for a former student."

He handed them a bottle of a purplish-red liquid. Harry accepted both gifts with a polite thank you, and Firenze and his female friend (perhaps his mate?) bowed and bounded towards the nearby wood, where they had placed their own lodgings.

"Speaking of Quidditch," Harry said turning towards Ginny. "Fancy a game? When was the last time we had enough people around to play a game of casual Quidditch?"

"You had me at Quidditch," Ginny smiled and placed two fingers on his lips, silencing him. She suddenly smiled.

"Oy Oliver," she said waving over Harry's former Quidditch Captain. "Fancy a game of full on Quidditch? Me and Harry against you and Angelina?"

Oliver was quite eager and said it would take him about an hour to find a team. He then went bounding off.

"You just made his week," Harry said laughing. "So we've got a Chaser and a Seeker. We still need a Keeper, some Beaters, and two more Chasers."

The pair was about to go and find the rest of their own team when Slughorn's voice called over to them.

Ginny turned to look at their potions professor, and let out a noise that sounded like a "meep!"

"Ginny my dear," Slughorn said. "I'd like you to meet my dear friend Gwenog Jones. You've met before of course, informally at one of my little parties. But she's here as my guest this time. I was just telling her what an effective captain you made for Gryffindor."

"I see you're a Harpies Fan," Gwenog said giving Harry a cold look and smiling at Ginny's t-shirt. "You play Seeker?"

"Well actually," Ginny said, regaining her voice, but speaking more quickly than usual. "I prefer Chasing, I just took over the Seeker Position because Harry wasn't at Hogwarts anymore and I couldn't find anyone else who was good enough."

"You play?" She asked Harry, giving him a new appraisal.

Harry smiled and nodded, guessing why Professor Slughorn had arraigned this little meeting.

"Why yes," Harry said grinning. "In fact Ginny and I were about to put together a team to go up against my former captain. Care to join us? We haven't any Beaters yet."

Ginny's eyes widened in shock and gave Harry a sharp look.

"What are you thinking Harry!" she whispered urgently. "That's Gwenog bloody Jones. Captain of the Holyhead Harpies!"

"A fine idea Harry m'boy," Slughorn grinned. "Give Gwenog here a chance to get to see your fiancée in action! She's amazing Gwen. Omnioculars only show you so much you know."

"All right," Gwenog said smiling. "Let me get my broom and bat. Where are we playing?"

Ginny just pointed to a clearing in the field, on the other side of the tents. Gwenog and Slughorn took off, ducking and weaving among the tents.
"Accio Firebolts," Harry said, calling for the couple's broomsticks. Ginny suddenly smacked Harry in the chest.

"OW! What was that for?" Harry demanded.

"Why did you invite her to play with us!" she squealed.

"You know how Slughorn is," Harry said. "He chats people up and gets them in with former Slug Club members. He's trying to get you a spot with the Harpies. I wanted to help him out. I know you've dreamt of playing with them for ages."

Ginny found that the only response to Harry's actions was a passionate kiss.

They quickly assembled the rest of the team (Ron as Keeper, Demelza Robbins, and Bill as the other Chasers, and Ernie Macmillan as their second Beater.) With Harry, Ginny and Gwenog's Firebolts, Oliver's team was crushed, but he took it good naturedly, and it had been close. (170 to 320 after Harry claimed the Snitch) (Oliver's team consisted of himself as Keeper, Charlie Weasley as Seeker, Katie Bell, Angelina Johnson, and Alicia Spinnett as Chasers and, to Harry and Ginny's dismay owing to the fact that they'd been on the teams of both Captains, Peaks and Coote as Beaters.)


Dudley watched his cousin play his game on broomsticks from the window of his tent. He could not get the beautiful Padma Patil off of his mind. He had noticed that when he'd returned to his tent that there several odd plants on the desks, and a large trunk sitting on the other bed. There was the sound of someone in the shower, and Dudley realized that his tent mate had arrived

"It's a great game Quidditch," Neville said stepping out of the bathroom wearing a clean set of robes. "I don't play myself, can't ride a broomstick to save my life, but it's tons of fun to watch. I'm taking Parvati to the World Cup in Italy later this summer."

"Is Harry good?" Dudley asked, glancing out the window and trying hard to follow the game. He wasn't sure what Harry's role was in the game, none of the other players were passing him the red ball, and he was pretty sure that the black balls were bad news.

"Harry got on to our house team in his first year," Neville answered. "Youngest Seeker in a century. He was team captain sixth year."

"Er…really good then?" Dudley asked sheepishly. The only sport he'd ever been talented in was Boxing, and he'd pretty much given that up.

"Padma fancies you," Neville said casually. "She told her sister who told me. Don't touch that, it's a Venomous Tentacula."

Dudley, upon hearing Neville's pronouncement had begun fingering a reddish-purple plant on the table. He snatched his hand away quickly. Dudley shuddered as he thought he saw eyeballs open up and inspect him.

"They're not usually dangerous at that size," Neville said. "But I wouldn't push my luck. I know about you, you know. Everyone in Gryffindor knows how your family treated Harry."

"I know," Dudley said, hanging his head in shame. "I was horrible to him. But he saved my life, and I want to prove to him how sorry I am. That's why I came, and my parents didn't."

Neville's demeanor changed instantly. "You don't mind that Padma's a witch then?"

"Er…no," Dudley said suddenly coming to a realization of his own. It hadn't even occurred to him that Padma was a witch. He'd only seen s beautiful girl. "My dad probably wouldn't like it, but I don't care anymore."

"Okay," Neville said enthusiastically. "A group of us are taking Harry and Ginny out for dinner tonight. I'm sure Harry would love to have you there, and Padma will be there too if you're interested."


Dudley got dressed for dinner quickly and met Neville and the Patil twins outside his tent at a quarter past five. He quietly followed them to the edge of the dirt road, where they were waiting for the rest of the group. The sun was lazily drifting below the horizon as dusk was upon them.

Padma was quiet at first, but shyly began asking Dudley questions about what Dudley liked to do (cooking and boxing, and lately he'd taken a shine to reading). What it was like growing up with Harry. (Dudley had felt uncomfortable answering this one, but he did answer truthfully.)

Parvati hung over her sister's shoulder watching Dudley like a hawk. She knew all too well what kinds of hell that the Dursleys had put Harry though during his years at Hogwarts. Harry never whined about it, but if asked he had always told anyone who wanted to know what life was like among the Muggles.

Less than a minute after they had begun talking, Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, and the blond girl with the dreamy expression he'd seen earlier joined them.

The group continued to chatter away, though Dudley was only talking to Padma.

They began to move down the road when a loud voice from above them called out: "Look out below, I've got absolutely no idea how to land this thing."

"Merlin's pants!" Hermione yelped looking up. "It's Chase's stupid vespa! Scatter!"

The group broke apart as a baby-blue vespa crash-landed from the sky above them. It hit the ground with a loud "Ka-Thunk!" Chase and George hopped off of it.

Dudley recognized the red-head as the same boy who'd dropped the candy in his house five years ago. He casually skirted to Neville and Parvati's other side.

Dudley watched the witch Chase remove her helmet. She was wearing a bright red skirt and a leather jacket with a lioness and a black dog patch over the left-side pocket. She was also very clearly about five or sixth months pregnant.

"She never let's me drive," George groaned. "We'd have been here hours ago if she'd let me drive." He paused and looked at her. "Or stopped and asked for directions."

"Oh stop being such a girl George," Chase said, pulling out her wand and transfiguring her clothes into a baggy set of robes that hid quite well the fact that she was expecting.

"She took a shortcut through a dragon reserve," George said shaking his head. He eyed the group suspiciously. "Where're you lot off too?"

"Neville, Bill, and Ron are taking us out for dinner," Ginny said as Bill and Fleur Weasley came trotting up the path and joining the group. Ginny crossed her arms and pursed her lips, looking very much like Molly Weasley as she gave Chase and George Molly's own patented glare.

Chase and George hung their heads. "Sorry," they murmured without being one hundred percent aware of what they were sorry for.

"And you two better tell mum that you eloped seeing as how I've got about three months left before you give me a nephew," Ginny said still glowing at them. She pointed towards Shell Cottage. She then softened slightly, "You can tell her after dinner. Come on then, and Chase lose the robes it's a Muggle restaurant."

Chase quickly transfigured her clothes back the way that they'd been before and followed Ginny and Harry.

"Does Harry know what he's getting there?" Chase whispered to her husband. "Cuz your sister scares me. Really. I think I wet myself."

"No more than you just got from your sister-in-law," George whispered back.

She then called out to Ginny. "Hey Ginny! How'd you know we'd eloped?"

"Kreacher told me," Ginny called back. "House-Elves can sense bonds like that."

"Stupid House-Elves," Chase muttered.


"So where's little Victoire?" Harry asked Bill as Harry swallowed his last peace of steak. They had all gone to a restaurant that Bill and Fleur had frequented prior to Fleur's pregnancy. The food had been spectacular, and Dudley had slipped into the kitchen at the end of his meal to pick up some tips from the chef. (At Padma's suggestion)

"Oh mum agreed to watch her for us tonight," Bill said grinning at his so-to-be-brother-in-law. "Seeing as this is a special occasion. Plus I think mum is pleased at being a grandmother, because now she can outright spoil the grandkids."

Harry smiled an extremely goofy grin and put his arm around Ginny, who'd spent part of the dinner scowling at George and Chase (who were pretending to ignore said scowl). Ginny's face dropped the nasty look when Harry placed his arm around her. The pair of them casually glanced over at Ron.

Ron reached into his pocket and pulled out his money pouch, "Oh bugger!' he said rather loudly.

"What's wrong Ron?" Hermione asked curiously.

"I forgot to grab my Muggle money," he said shaking his head. "Hermione, can I borrow some and pay you back tonight when we get back?"

"Sure," Hermione said shrugging she reached into her purse and moving several items aside she pulled out several twenty pound notes and handed them to Ron.

Ron sank. "Oh…uh…er…could you get a quill so I can write down how much I owe you?"

Hermione shrugged again and reached into her bag, pushing several things aside and pulling out a quill. She handed it to him. Ginny stifled a snicker, and Harry looked like he was about to giggle too. Ron sent them a scathing look.

"Er…some parchment too," he said casually. Hermione started to look annoyed as she handed him the parchment.

Ginny broke out into a fit of giggles, and Harry started snickering as well.

"What's so funny?" Hermione asked them sounding very annoyed indeed.

"Nothing," Ginny said. "Can I borrow some lipstick?"

Hermione reached into her bag and handed Ginny a tube of lipstick, warranting another fit of giggles from the affianced couple.

The rest of the table had fallen silent and were watching the scene with mild interest.

"Er…Hermione," Ron said. "Can I have a look at one of those beauty potions you've got?"

"What?" Hermione said sounding annoyed and confused at the same time.

"OH forget it!" he snapped, sending another set of daggers at Harry and Ginny who were now laughing so hard they were holding each other up.

"Hermione can you give me the little box that you keep moving aside to get the other things?" Ron asked exasperated.

Hermione's face was hit with a look of absolute bewilderment. She opened her bag and looked inside. She let out a soft little "oh!"

She gently picked up a small tattered velvet box. It looked quite old, like many Weasley items it was secondhand. But Ron looked absolutely proud of how old and ratty it was.

"It belonged to my Grand pappy Septimus," Ron said softly. "He gave it to grand mum Cedrella."

Hermione's fingers were trembling as she opened the case, as a red and green, silver and gold colored ring shone at Hermione. Hermione looked up and saw that Ron was on one knee.

"Hermione Jean Granger," Ron said. "I've loved you for ages. For longer than even, then I think I knew. I'm not a very self assured person, but I love everything about you. From you clever brains, to you love for hopeless causes." This raised a laugh from everyone at the table who remembered spew.

"And I am certainly one of those causes," Ron continued. "I know I've done stupid things, but you've forgiven me. I can't promise that I'll stop doing stupid things, but I hope that you'll always forgive them. I can't live without you. Hermione Jean Granger. Will you marry me?"

A still fell over the table.

"YES!" Hermione shrieked and tackled Ron, throwing him backwards onto the floor.

"Way to steal their thunder," Chase said gesturing to Harry and Ginny, who were still laughing

"Oh eet eez so romantic," Fleur said smiling at Ron as Hermione helped him off of the floor. She positively beamed as Ron slid the ring onto her finger.

"We're going to be sisters!" Ginny screamed as she grabbed Hermione and inspected her grandfather's ring closely.

"You're going to be my brother!" Hermione said looking at Harry. Harry shrugged. "I've always seen you as a sister Hermione."

"Oh my gosh!" Chase said suddenly leaping to her feet. "You're going to be my sister too!"

And the room was filled with the shrieks of over stimulated girls as Ginny, Fleur, and Chase dragged Hermione away from the boys. Parvati, Padma, and Luna swiftly got up and joined them.

"There's something about weddings that drive women insane," George said matter-of-factly.