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Dream Tease

Hermione woke with a start. Teasing her in her dreams, again, was her secret crush. No one knew about her liking for him, though. No one could ever know. It was just so...embarrassing to be attracted to someone like him.

She looked around to see Ginny sleeping peacefully, while snoring softly. She would never be able to relieve this tension without Ginny waking to her moaning, or the bed creaking, from being old. She checked her watch, and saw that it read 2:18 a.m. No one could possibly be up at this time, she thought. She could easily just go to the bathroom, sit on the counter, and imagine him being there, touching her, and...

She got out of bed as silently as she could, and tiptoed toward the door. She turned the doorknob as slowly as possible. It made a squeaking noise, and Hermione turned to see Ginny stir. But she soon settled back down, and Hermione released a breath she had been holding. As she pushed the door open, very slowly, she was glad it didn't make any sound.

Hermione shut the door, but it squeaked loudly, and she saw Ginny sit up. She cursed in her head, and stepped back in the room.

"Hermione, where are you going? Are you all right?" Ginny asked, sleepily.

"Yes, Ginny. I'm perfectly fine. I just need to use the bathroom," Hermione told her.

"Oh," Ginny said, sounding confused. "Well, why were you sneaking?"

"What do you mean?" Hermione asked.

"Well, you were trying to be so quiet."

"Obviously, I didn't want to wake you up," Hermione stated matter-of-factly.

"Oh, but you don't care if you wake me up any other night?" Ginny asked, mockingly, and now it seemed, fully awake.

"Sorry for being nice, Ginny," she said, anger rising, although she wasn't sure exactly why. Perhaps it was the fact that the mood was now gone, and even if she did escape Ginny's interrogation, she couldn't possibly feel as aroused as before. "Next time, I'll make sure to make loads of racket to wake you up. Sound like a nice plan?" And with that, she walked out of the room.

Hermione didn't have much of a choice now, but to head to the bathroom. As, she entered, she flipped on the light. Then, she shut the door, not going out of her way to be quiet, or loud. She knew she didn't need to use the bathroom, so she just looked in the mirror at her reflection for a few minutes, and thought about appologizing to Ginny. Afterall, she had been kind of harsh. However, after she flushed the toilet, left the bathroom, and entered Ginny's room, she noticed Ginny's even, deep breaths, and soft snoring, and knew she had fallen asleep again. She would appologize in the morning.

And with that, Hermione crawled back into bed, and fell asleep within minutes, her crush dominating her dreams. However when she woke up again, the sun was shining in the window, and she heard voices and footsteps, and knew the whole Weasley household (including Harry, of course) was awake. She looked over at Ginny's empty bed, and realized that she was mad at her. No wonder she hadn't waken her up, like usual.

Hermione heard a knock at the door. "Come in," she called out, hoping it was Ginny, but knew if she had come up, she wouldn't knock to come into her own room.

The door opened, and Harry stepped in. "Hermione," he started, smiling. "I know that the summer's here, and that you never have to go back to school again...but that doesn't mean you should sleep in. Come on down. Have some breakfast."

"Sure Harry," Hermione said. "Let me just get dressed."

"Okay," he said, and left.

She thought about what he said. She wasn't sure if she was happy that school was over. True, she had gone through seven years of it, but it was enjoyable. Well, she thought, smiling to herself, most of it. But it had just ended a month ago, afterwhich, her and Harry came to the Burrow, and Hermione wanted to take advantage of sleeping in.

She frowned, then, remembering that she hadn't slept in on purpose, and finally got out of bed.

She got dressed, and went downstairs, but it seemed everyone had already eaten, and she wasn't particularly hungry, so she went to find Ginny.

After ten minutes of searching, Hermione found her, alone, in Ron's room. "Hey, Gin," she said as she approached her.

Ginny turned, and saw Hermione. She had an unreadable look on her face. "Oh. Hi Hermione," she said, calmly.

"Look, I'm sorry about last night,"she said. "Really sorry," she added. "I...I..well honestly, I was going to the bathroom to...well to..." she brought her voice down to a whisper, as if someone could have been listening. "Relieve...er...tension..."

Ginny smiled, and looked somewhat embarrassed. "Wow, Hermione. I...I didn't know." She looked down. "Who did you dream about? I mean...that's why you...you know...right?"

"Oh, right. Well...er...I dreamt of a handsome guy whom I've never seen before," she lied. "Weird, huh?" She added.

Ginny looked at her suspiciously. Hermione knew she knew she was lying. Her face had gone red, and she looked down, as she heard Ginny laugh. "You were dreaming about one of my brothers, weren't you? I know that look. It's the same one Fleur had when she-" Ginny paused for a moment. "So, which one?"

"Look," Hermione said. "It's embarrassing. It's not like I fancy him, anyway," she lied. "I just...dream about him," she finished lamely.

"Fine, don't tell me," she said, but she smiled, so Hermione knew she wasn't mad.

"Sorry Gin. It's just…embarrassing. Like I said," Hermione told her, even more lamely than her last comment.


He was there again. In her dream, that night.

He came into her room, and put charms on it, so no one would be able to disturb them. Then he commented on how he wasn't as dumb as she thought, which made her smile.

He walked over to her, and got as close as possible to her, without them touching. Oh, how she craved his touch…and oh so more than that! He touched her cheek lightly, and she realized he was wiping away a tear.

"Why are you crying?" He asked her, a concerned look in his amazing blue eyes.

"You know why," she replied, the words slipping from her mouth, as if someone else was talking through her. "I want you…so bad, but we just…can't be together."

"But, we can be together, without really being together," he said, winking. And with that she stopped crying, and smiled. She felt herself get aroused, and wanted him badly. He leaned in to kiss her…

She woke up, and realized she had been dreaming about him again. And again, she was aroused still, and wanted to relieve the tension, badly. Oh, how she wished the dream continued! So she glanced at her watch, which read 1:19 a.m, got out of bed, and walked to the bathroom, quietly. This time, Ginny did not wake up.

She entered the medium-sized bathroom, and shut the door behind her. She, then, locked the door…


Fred Weasley woke up suddenly, from a dream of mountains of heveanly food. He soon realized his stomach was growling, painfully, and decided to go to the kitchen and get something to eat. He considered waking up his twin, but decided not to disturb George, since he would not want to be woken up if he was sleeping. He glanced at the clock, which read 1:21 a.m.

Fred tiptoed down the stairs to the kitchen, opened the refridgerator, and looked around. He saw about half of a delicious chocolate cake, and couldn't resist. He pulled a rather big piece off, and shut the fridge.

As he swallowed the last of the piece of cake he had, and licked his fingers, he heard something that made his eyes go wide, and his mouth drop open.

He had just passed Ron's room, and was about to pass the bathroom, when he heard a sort of moaning. His first instinct was, of course, a ghost, but as he listened closer, a smirk crept on his face.

He realized it was Hermione's voice, and he was shocked, but he was almost sure he knew exactly the kind of moaning that was escaping her throat. It was pleasureable moaning. He had caught Hermione masterbating.

He was about to move on (as he didn't want her to finish, only to walk out and see him), but then he heard a name come from her mouth. His name.

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