Disclaimer: The characters belong to JKR. The plot (what there is of it) is mine!

Note: Yes, two drabbles in one day. Actually, they were written in the space of about 10 minutes from each other. Anyway, this idea has been wandering around my head for ages, so I hope you like it! Once again, I'm fairly new to the world of "drabbles" so constructive criticism is deeply appreciated!

Update: This story now has a companion piece, Inevitabilities which is technically set after this story ends, although they can be read in either order!

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Dimples, Lily now knows, can be a very dangerous thing. Especially when worn on the face of James Potter.

When he smiles, those gentle curves deepen to accentuate his joy. When he laughs, they stretch across his cheeks in mirth. When he smirks, they wink at her from their place just near his curving, sensual lips. When he thinks, they deepen into two sharp crevasses in his face, inscrutable to the world.

And when they're goneā€¦ Lily can't help but miss them.

His dimples are a distraction, and distractions are dangerous. Especially when he is James Potter and she is Lily Evans.

- - -

"Stop it, Potter," she finally snaps one day.

His smile melts from is face, and his dimples vanish. She sighs in relief, telling herself she's glad to see them go, even if that last part is a rather significant compromise of the truth.

Because, in truth, she's become rather fond of James Potter and his dimples.

But those dimples are a distraction, and distractions are dangerous, when he is James Potter and she is Lily Evans.

- - -

One day, she catches him asleep on the Head's Tower lounge, smiling in his dreams. And there they sit, those two perfectly adorable indentations in his cheeks, those two enchanting clefts accentuating his enticing smile.

And, although she knows it is probably a bad idea, Lily kneels beside him, unable to resist reaching out to gently trace those dimples. His cheeks are soft and warm beneath her fingertips, and the breath catches in her throat. James smiles in his sleep, and one hand flies to his face, and he covers her own hand with his, trapping it against his soft, warm cheek. Slowly, those hazel eyes open and he blinks. Lily blinks back, startled, a deer caught in the spotlight of her hunter.

But he smiles gently, and his eyelids flutter closed for a few more seconds before opening again. His gaze holds hers questioningly. Those eyes are asking questions Lily isn't ready to answer, but his dimples arch softly around his smile, taunting her. His voice is one of gentle disbelief:

"Am I dreaming?"

Lily bites her lip, fighting to keep from gazing right back at him, because she knows that the moment she does, it's all over. She's at the point of no return. Everything changes, now.

"If I'm dreaming, you'll kiss me, and I'll know."

So, recklessly, Lily does just that, in the desperate hope he will leave her alone. But as soon as her lips catch his, and her cheek gently touches his, right at the dimple, Lily knows she is lost.

Because he is a distraction, and distractions are dangerous. Especially when he is James Potter and she is Lily Evans.