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The sun was up and strong giving light to all who lived on the planet of earth. Throughout the last few periods, there had been waging battles, chaos and all the other kinds of weird stuff going on with the "Digimon". Now it was peaceful with BelialVamdemon defeated and everything was at rest... well almost everything.

In a certain house in Japan a single person well-known to be Motomiya Daisuke, was sitting in his room, laying his head down ignoring all the bright earth around him. For him, nothing really mattered right now; he wanted nothing to do with his world or the Digiworld. The reason for his down state has got to do with someone he likes... Or rather liked. Normally for Daisuke there would be nothing that could stop him from jumping from one end of the world to the other, but perhaps this time it would be a little too much for him to handle. Daisuke would not deny it, he loved Hikari, and he would just do anything if he could be with her. However, reality continues to show him harshness as Hikari would come to be more and more distant from Daisuke as time went by. Hikari still considered him as a friend, but nothing more beyond that. Daisuke knew that it would be nearly impossible to be with Hikari from the beginning, yet he still tried and now was left out in the cold.

The door to Daisuke's room slowly creaked open, and walked in was a small blue-lizard creature that climbed up the clutter around the small-quiet room and landed on the isolated desk where Daisuke planted down his head. The small creature--The Digimon took some slow steps towards Daisuke, his partner and smiled "Hey, Daisuke! What's wrong? You seem to be sleeping all the time"

No response from Daisuke except a small grunt. The small V-mon was determined to see why his own partner was so lazy since all his friends are enjoying the rest of their vacation while he stays down. "Daisuke! Are you alright?" Asked the tiny V-mon.

There was a bit of a silence and this time a small response was heard from Daisuke's buried face. "Yeah, I am alright" it said.

"Why aren't you outside with your friends then? Everybody knows about us Digimon now, there is no need to worry" The small creature urged.

"You can go... I am staying here..." Replied another half-audible voice from Daisuke.

Chibimon let out a small sigh, knowing that Daisuke is just going to be stubborn and not going to get up. He slowly traveled down from the cold desk that Daisuke buries his head in all day and across to the exit door. Before actually leaving he stops and turns around to give a word of encouragement hoping that his partner would get up soon, since Daisuke has been quiet ever since their final battle with BelialVamdemon. "If it is about Hikari, maybe you can go try talking to her. Anyway, I am off to play now!"

It was Daisuke's turn to let out a sigh, it would be easy for Chibimon to say talk to her, but it was way easier said then done. Of course, Chibimon was only a Digimon, so how would he have understood anything about humans? At least not much as of now. Daisuke now lifted his dark face out of his arms that he buried into and the hard desk, the sun's light shined through the blinds and into the room where his face was. I only wish for another chance... Daisuke thought, there was just no helping it. It didn't take him long to realize that Hikari was for Takeru, and now all he wishes for is another chance where he would be in complete control, where he could have done things better. It did him no good to wish for it, in the end Hikari was going with Takeru anyway, it's her choice after all.

Daisuke put his head down onto the cold desk again, this time his head down for a little rest and his hands reaching outward. I really wish I had another chance that I could change things... He thought again, unable to accept the harsh reality that he has to live with.

To Daisuke's left was an untidy stack of writing utensils that was unbalanced and eventually fell apart, with almost everything intact except one pen that rolled away and towards Daisuke. Meanwhile, Daisuke was too concerned with his second chance thought to notice the mess that broke out, but when the rolling pen had made contact with his fingers, it was like grabbing onto a whole new opportunity. Daisuke was unaware of what to do with his pen; school certainly has not started yet, so why would he need a pen for? It was not until awhile that the idea had struck him, the pen was his second chance to make things right!

I get it... Daisuke thought, he immediately took out a medium-length and medium-thick note book and opened to the first page. There was no other way sweeter then this, and it was the only way that he could get his second chance. All of his ideas and thoughts would be processed here and it would all be controlled by him and him alone. So... what exactly should I write about? Thought Daisuke, a poem maybe? Perhaps, but Daisuke's thoughts was very expansive and just a mere poem could not get everything down, then he thought about a short story, but that won't do either he has too much to say. Daisuke's mind began to process many ideas and many things that he could have imagined before, some old, and some new. He had to think of some way to make them all fit into one giant story or none of it would make much sense. After thinking for about a whole year, Daisuke had thought up of a perfect plan to get everything down, only now he needed some imaginative material, and this is where his old thoughts along with newer ones came into play.

On the cover of the book, Daisuke began to mark down a title, and the title of the book was:

Digimon Tamers

It had looked good enough to him, and now to put his plans into words that would describe everything that he wanted to be, and everything that was to be. He would first start by summarizing thoughts from prior to his great idea first, so then there would be a perfect setting for him to see things his way, and there was no stopping him.


The great adventure before had started when a little boy known as Takato Matsuda had drawn his very own Digimon and eventually came to life and their great adventure started. Along the way they met Jenrya Li and Ruki Makino, who were both Tamers with live Digimon from the digital world as well.

Jenrya was a great friend to Takato; he would always try to help out Takato whenever the need arose. His Digimon was Terriermon, who became a real Digimon during one of Jenrya's time on his Digimon video game.

Then there was Ruki, who was very distant to everyone. It was very difficult for Takato and Jenrya to get along with her. Ruki's personality was very cold and she thought that all Digimon was just simply data that existed only for the purpose of fighting. It was not until she was rescued from IceDevimon with the help of Takato and Jenrya that she started to open up a little to others.

Along the way, the Tamers also meet Culumon, who had mysterious powers that allowed Digivolution. Another figure was Impmon, who was just a nuisance for the Tamers as he appeared only to bug them with unknown reasons. Throughout the adventure in their world, the three Tamers fight with many wild Digimon that mysteriously appear before them and also unknown to them at that time was a secret organization called Hypnos that worked to stop wild Digimon from entering the world. Way later, ultimate Digimon who called themselves Devas started to emerge into the real world, and the Digimon Tamers soon learn that they were sent by the Digimon Sovereigns. After having fought several Devas, Culumon was captured during one of their fights and now they decided to go to the Digital world themselves to rescue Culumon and deal with the rest of the Devas.

Their trip to the Digital world was also included Juri Kato, Hirokazu Shiota and Kenta Kitagawa. All who were Takato's friends from school, and on their adventure in the Digital world, they meet up with Ryo Akiyama, who went missing after winning against Ruki in the Digimon card game, he was also very much hated by Ruki to which she refused to work with him. Even much later, Shuichon Li (Jenrya's sister) was mysteriously transported to the Digital world where she met and befriended Antylamon, who was the Rabbit Deva that became Shuichon's partner. After gathering around from being separated, the whole group of Tamers along with their Digimon (Hirokazu gained Guardromon as his partner during their adventure, Juri had Leomon before the Digital world and Ryo appeared with Cyberdramon but was not present at this time), they were approached by Beelzebumon, who was warp Digivolved from Impmon after making a deal with the Devas.

During this battle, Beelzebumon had dealt death to Leomon. Takato, filled with emotions of anger and killing rage, forced Guilmon to Digivolve into Megidramon, who was a total threat to the Digital world. Eventually Megidramon was taken down by Beelzebumon, who had absorbed data of Makuramon. Soon Takato and Guilmon merged into Dukemon and won the battle against Beelzebumon, but refrained from destroying him under Juri's request. Afterwards, everyone continued to fight their way to the Shiseijuu. At the top, Zhuqiaomon was knocked down by SaintGalgomon, but then rose again to fight the Tamers. As the fight raged on, Qinglongmon interrupted and they all focused on a more important entity that was the real problem at hand: The D-Reaper.

Learning of new enemy, the Tamers were transported back to their real world for their fight with the D-Reaper. When the battle started, it was soon revealed that Juri had been taken captive by the D-Reaper as a subject of study and was imprisoned in a Kernel Sphere. Later Culumon and Beelzebumon tried to free Juri from the prison but had failed to do so, and as the D-Reaper extended into it's final form, Juri and Culumon was kept inside the sphere. Finally, with the combined efforts of Sakuyamon, SaintGalgomon, Justimon and Dukemon they defeated the D-Reaper and rescued Juri. With the D-Reaper defeated, the Digimon of their Tamers had to return to the Digital world, but it was not the end.

The Tamers along with their partners would be reunited later as they battle Locomon and Parasimon. Even with everything all over, there still was a great deal of adventure with Digimon.

Daisuke put down his pen and closed the book, this was enough for today. The scene was perfect for where he would write his story, but for now he was ready dreamland instead.

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