Purpose of the Author

Daisuke found himself inside his own world of lights again. This time, Chibimon appeared beside him as well.

"Daisuke? Where are we?" Chibimon asked, new to the world.

"Well, how should I explain it... this is sort of like a dream world with very weird things... heck, I don't know! I have only been here a few times myself... and then this mysterious globe starts talking to me..." Daisuke replied, unable to give reason for the strange world.

At that moment, an erupting sound could be heard from the right side and the two turned. The world around them seemed to change colours into red background along with dark green and dark blue swirl of lights moving fast as the sphere emerged.

"The time has come... now that the other world is completed..." Said the voice of the sphere.

"The time? Other world...? Wait, my story?" Daisuke asked, starting to understand what this ball was saying.

"Correct... now that the universe is complete, we can now begin the process to save the worlds..." Replied the voice.

"What? Save the worlds? What is this all about? What does my story have to do with anything? And just who are you?" Daisuke asked, unable to understand the reasons behind the situation.

"We are in a grave situation right now Daisuke, we need your cooperation. All shall be explained in due time. Right now, look below" Commanded the voice in an unchanging tone.

Looking down, a giant hole ripped in the dimension and revealed the top of a mountain. The mountain peak laid a palace structure that is mostly red colours with golden sides and coverings. The massive structure built to shape like a staircase and at the top is a big circle place that is block by a blue-coloured barrier.

"What is that?" Chibimon asked, not very interested in the environment.

"That is the place where the two of you shall journey through and reach the top. After reaching the top, I shall explain everything. Waste no time! The fate of the world may depend on the two of you..." Replied the voice from the sphere before drawing back and fading away.

"Wait, what is all this about? Save the universe? What's this got to do with my story?" Daisuke questioned again, but got no response.

Only at that moment, a shaking became apparent and the next moment, Daisuke and Chibimon flew into a vortex that brought them elsewhere while they tried to yell for the safety of their own lives before losing consciousness.

Slowly opening his eyes, Daisuke sat up in the dry land area and looked around. The place was exactly as he had seen it from the otherworld. The land is dry, and not space to move around except that this is a mountain top with the giant palace-like structure standing before him. The entrance lead up into a bigger room, and then the bigger room lead into a more massive connecting way into an even larger room by the outside walls. From that place on, there is a huge stairway to what Daisuke knew as the peak. Looking to his left side, Daisuke could see V-mon slowly stirring up the rough ride into this place.

"Daisuke, is this some sort of joke?" V-mon asked, still dazed from the past event.

"No... I really don't know much about this, or what's up with that thing either. But look, we're actually at that place we saw earlier, and I guess we really have no choice but to go through with this..." Daisuke said, pointing towards the giant building.

V-mon looked towards the direction Daisuke pointed at and noticed the big building for him. Immediately he came up with his own idea. "Daisuke, why don't we just fly up there as XV-mon? I don't trust that thing in that whatever place... and besides, flying seems much safer..." V-mon said, not liking the sight of the building.

"Well... ok..." Daisuke replied, thinking why he had not thought of that solution earlier. Reaching back, Daisuke dug around for his D-3. Nothing. Searching another pocket in hopes to find his D-3, Daisuke searched again. Nothing. Daisuke realised the problem here and froze. V-mon noticed the stop, and could read what was happening.

"Let me guess, you forgot to bring your things with you?" V-mon asked, knowing that Daisuke could not deny the blame this time.

"Hey, it wasn't my fault. We were just sent to that place, not like I had anytime to pick up my stuff. Now com'on, looks like we have no choice but to go through with this until we find a way out of this," Daisuke said, starting to walk towards the entrance of the massive building.

"Daisuke, do you know what place this is?" V-mon asked, noticing the blank sky above them.

"Huh? Whoa! This is..." Daisuke trailed off, seeing the sky at least confirmed where he and V-mon was. The dream world.

"Who knows, maybe your dreams of your story coming true will take place here!" V-mon said light-heartedly, but Daisuke drawn into thought about the issue. Story? Dream world? Could it be that... hmm, seems a little crazy to me, but... never mind... Daisuke finished thinking and walked towards the entrance of the building.

Up at the entrance, Daisuke gave the red door a push. Nothing happened. A hard push followed nothing again. At that point, both Daisuke and V-mon kicked and banged on the door, forcing it to fall downwards. Upon entering the building, there was a violent shaking of the whole area. Daisuke and V-mon ran a little further into the first room and tried to stand through the shaking as the entrance collapsed.

"That was a close one... You think it would be some sort of trap to get us?" V-mon questioned.

"Really, I just don't know... but now that we're here, we can't back down now..." Daisuke replied, knowing that the situation certainly will not be a smooth ride.

The walls on the inside were different from the outside appearance. The frames holding the building were yellow while the walls were purple colour. The floors were typical marble floor with gray colouring.

Running out of the room, the two entered a long hallway. Daisuke took a step forward, and then a loud noise within the walls that strike fear into the V-mon and Daisuke. Before even having a chance to say anything, the floor they stood on started to break and fall down. Without wasting another second, the two of them ran down the hallway. Halfway through the walls opened up and several blockades stuck out. For Daisuke and V-mon, instead of avoiding or jumping over them, they punched and kicked their way through until they reached the end room. Entering the room, the doors behind them slam shut.

"Great... this place is just weird..." Daisuke said as he breathed.

"Well, this looks like something that would come out of your imagination. Kind of like the idea where Guilmon got trapped in that bubble thing under the tunnel and then the three Tamers had to rescue him" Said V-mon, trying to lay fault on Daisuke.

"It's nothing like that... I know I didn't create this place..." Daisuke replied, and then heard a large landing sound somewhere.

Turning around, the two saw something that was in Daisuke's universe. This vulpine Digimon wore the usual gloves and symbols imprinted on knee area. Renamon!? Daisuke thought, not sure how to react to a Digimon that he wrote about in a story.

Instead of starting a conversation verbally, this Renamon jumped into the air, forming shards of light in front of her.

V-mon saw the attack coming and turned to warn his partner. "Daisuke!" V-mon called, notifying the dangers of the attack.

"I know! You don't want to get hit by this!" Daisuke called back, jumping to the side as the fox leaf arrowheads flew down on their area.

After the impact, Daisuke looked up; the Renamon was in mid-air in front of him, presumed to force an attack with her paws. Daisuke crossed his hands in front of his face in defence, but the impact of the attack never came. V-mon took a leap and intercepted the attack with his own punch, sending the Renamon away.

"Nice shot!" Daisuke called to V-mon before running to the side of the room.

"Yeah! Now do you believe me that this may be your world Daisuke?" V-mon questioned as he stood in front of Daisuke and watched Renamon jump back up into fighting pose.

"Whatever, it is a Renamon, big deal!" Daisuke responded as V-mon and the Renamon charged and exchanged punches.

Backing off, V-mon and Renamon eyed each other with the intent of fighting through. Running up again, Renamon jumped and formed more fox leaf arrowheads. V-mon knew the firepower of Renamon's attack and took the opportunity to attack. V-mon jumped up, launched his V-mon head attack, and knocked Renamon back. Landing, V-mon watched the smoke that rose when Renamon landed. Suddenly, the vulpine Digimon rushed out with her feet and paws glowing with blue flame. V-mon readied himself and flew into combat again. This time, V-mon's punch was blocked by one of Renamon's paws and then countered with her Wisteria Punch. V-mon landed on the ground, and then looking up to see Renamon's kick coming directly towards himself. Holding up his hands, V-mon felt the impact and flew backwards.

Isn't there anything I can do? Without my D-3 or D-Terminal, I just seem to be a mere spectator... Daisuke thought as V-mon suffered the attacks. Daisuke knew that there was no way a human could fight a Digimon effectively because of their skills and attacks. At least not this one in particular, as Daisuke did write about some of her abilities when he wrote the summary for his story.

V-mon stood up again, and Renamon dropped down with another kick. V-mon leaped forward to escape the attack, and then quickly jumping up and delivering a hard kick into Renamon's face, knocking the fox Digimon down. Daisuke ran to V-mon, knowing that victory is his by a margin.

"Hey V-mon, are you alright?" Daisuke asked, seeing the impacts left by Renamon.

"Yeah, I think so... just a little bruised..." V-mon replied, then sensing something from Renamon's location.

Looking over, Daisuke and V-mon saw a light emitting from Renamon, her shape began to change and soon a more massive Digimon appeared.

Kyuubimon? No way! Daisuke thought, knowing how dire the situation would become now that Renamon evolved. The newly formed Digimon had mainly purple fur with red flames on her tails as well as her legs. This doesn't look like Kyuubimon... but whatever it is, I don't like it... Daisuke thought as the new Digimon stretched her tails and performed Evil Flame Dragon attack that scattered flames across the room, causing havoc. Daisuke leaped away into the ground, avoiding the flame while V-mon leaped away to the other side. As Daisuke stood up, he heard a cry from somewhere. Looking towards the direction of V-mon, the giant fox pinned V-mon down on the floor with her flame legs.

"V-mon!" Daisuke called, taking a step forward, then immediately shifting his body to avoid another flame thrown at him.

"Daisuke... run away..." V-mon said under The Digimon's flame leg.

"V-mon... I... I can't do that!" Daisuke said, knowing his must do something. It was pointless though, as more pressure came down on V-mon, another groan on pain came out. No! This... is not happening... why I cannot do anything about this... I need to save V-mon, but how? I can't do anything without my Digivice... oh; I wish I could do something! Daisuke thought in panic as he watched the scene painfully.

At that moment, the world around Daisuke went completely grey, and he looked at the scene around himself, there was nothing in motion. After a few seconds into the silence, a light appeared over Daisuke, the ball of light landed in his left hand, and another fragment of light landed on the other. What caught his eye the most was in his left hand: A cone-like shape device with a short black belt attached at the top while having a black rim around the screen on the upper part of this device while the rest was white. Daisuke's eyes widened at this sight, and another as he noticed a DigiGnome flying away from the area. Looking back down, Daisuke recognised what he held: In his right hand was a deck of cards while on the left hand was his very own D-Arc. This is... Daisuke thought as the world around him resumed as V-mon's voice returned. Daisuke knew what he had to do at that moment. Not wasting a second to think, Daisuke took out the first card on the pile and started his task.

Catching the spinning card at the bottom with his index and middle fingers, Daisuke crossed his arms with the D-Arc and card and brought them together while sliding the card through his D-Arc in front of himself. "Card-Slash!" Forming a data sphere in the D-Arc's screen, a wave of energy followed, reacting to V-mon.


V-mon's initial skin data peeled off, reformatting into his data into a new creature, and recovering his skin data. The new Digimon formed had claws and sharper nails compared to V-mon, complete with a large body and tail. The head part was the shape of a dragon's head with a big horn at the front end while having two horns sticking out on the back of the skull. The colours of the dragon Digimon on were most blue with white on the hand claws and the chest area.

Searching the data for the new evolved form, Daisuke pointed his D-Arc at V-mon's new form.

Name: V-dramon

Type: Vaccine

Level: Adult

Attack: V-Breath Arrow, Hammer Punch, Cutter Shoot

"Awesome!" Daisuke said, looking at his V-dramon's form.

"You could have done that earlier Daisuke, here I thought I was a goner" V-dramon replied in the new form.

"Yeah, whatever, now let's see who this exactly is..." Daisuke said, pointing the D-Arc to the Kyuubimon look-a-like.

Name: Youkomon

Type: Data

Level: Adult

Attack: Evil Flame Dragon, Flame Ball

"So... another form of Kyuubimon huh? Well, that certainly isn't what I wrote for Renamon's evolution stage, alright, pay-back time!" Daisuke shouted, pointing at the surprised Youkomon.

In retaliation, The Youkomon curled up into a ball and red flames surrounded her body and flew at high speed towards V-dramon. The huge dragon stood his ground against the attack and moved back slightly. Seeing the opening, V-dramon charged his V-Breath Arrow attack that blasted Youkomon at point blank, sending the two of them back.

V-dramon stood back up, while Youkomon struggled to stand. Wasting not a moment's time at the weakness of the enemy, V-dramon charged forward and delivered his Hammer Punch attack that broke Youkomon into bits of data.

Daisuke recognised the similarity and immediately knew what could happen. "I think you can absorb that data... If things are going to be exactly like how I imagined everything to be, you should be able to..." Daisuke said as he looked down to check his deck of cards.

"I'll give it a try" V-dramon replied, then focusing and absorbing the left over data. "Alright, it does work and it's great for replenishing strength."

"Ok, so... can you revert back now? I hope we don't have to go through a similar process like Growmon..." Daisuke said, hoping that part of his world would not come true on him.

V-dramon closed his eyes and concentrated for a moment, then opened his eyes again. "Nope, looks like I can't do anything right now, but not to worry, we can carry on just fine" V-dramon assured as he charged another V-Breath Arrow and blasted the door of the right side open. With the free time given, Daisuke would occasionally examine his new deck of cards he got, and he recognised the cards--they were the same ones that Takato possessed in his story.

With the closed door down, Daisuke and V-dramon continued their way into a more massive hallway room. The same colours made everything look unappealing, yet Daisuke and V-dramon knew there was nothing they could do. Besides that, they also have to be alert for any traps or enemy Digimon that are unusually hostile. The other end of the hall was unclear to Daisuke and V-dramon as blackness covers it. Walking slowly and carefully into the room, Daisuke searched the left and right sides of the long massive hallway for anything but only silence appeared. After walking for about a few minutes, the two noticed they did not proceed any further since reaching mid-point.

"Hey, is it just me or are do we seem to be just walking on an endless path?" Daisuke said as he turned around and look back, seeing the area that they came in from earlier is covered by darkness as well.

"Hmmm, looks like we're trapped by something... perhaps..." V-dramon said, looking around and sensing a dark presence. "Something is here."

Looking ahead, three portals appeared in an upside down triangular fashion. The two at the top were blue portals, emerging two dragon type Digimon while the black portal on the bottom emerged a metal Digimon. Daisuke and V-dramon recognised the three figures from past battle experience. Two Airdramon and one Knightmon stood before them.

Immediately the battle started, the two Airdramon shoot their Wing Cutters that V-dramon blocked, but knocked back by Knightmon's Berserk sword.

Three against one? That's not fair... Daisuke thought as he searched through his new deck for a suitable card.

V-dramon jumped back up and launched a V-Breath Arrow that threw Airdramon and Knightmon off their charging course. Seeing an open opportunity, V-dramon charged forward, rammed his front horn against the unsuspecting Knightmon, and knocked the metal Digimon down. At that same moment, Daisuke pulled out his desired card and slashed it through his D-Arc. The effect of the card took place and large white wings appeared on V-dramon's back, giving him short flying capabilities.

"About time Daisuke!" V-dramon said with excitement as the large dragon Digimon leaped into the air while the Airdramon looked on with confusion. Pay back time... V-dramon thought as he swiped his claws and sent few gusts of wind at the two Airdramon and knocked them into the floor.

"Alright! See, this place isn't so bad now is it? Huh? Ahh!" Daisuke said as he noticed Knightmon standing in front of him ready to Electric Slash attack. Daisuke tried to run, but tripped on his heels instead and watched the sword come down.

Before contact came, V-dramon dropped down with his weight and landed on Knightmon. "Daisuke, I think we can go through to the other side now," V-dramon noted, as the black coverings that were blocking the end of the halls was gone.

Running for the exit, Daisuke and V-dramon heard a booming sound from behind and turned to look. The two Airdramon flew towards them enraged. Knightmon also had gotten up from the fall and chased them with anger. Daisuke found himself struggling to keep up the running pace of his partner, and V-dramon looked to Daisuke, picked the Chosen Child up, and continued to run fast.

"You know Daisuke; your world really sucks at the moment with all this uphill and enemy Digimon..." V-dramon commented as he continued to run and jump as Airdramon attacks came upon him along with watching out for Knightmon that is catching up with his pace.

"Oh shut up for a moment, ok?" Daisuke replied as he took out another card and slashed it through his D-Arc. "HyperSpeed activate!"

With an increase in speed, V-dramon ran ahead of the three Digimon chasing him, turned around to shoot out a V-Breath Arrow that knocked Knightmon down, and rolling down the slope. The Airdramon dived towards V-dramon and the dragon Digimon jumped to avoid hits and where he landed, crushed the Airdramon. Daisuke got off V-dramon and looked towards the next area with the large door. Running the rest of the way up the slope, Daisuke reached the door, where V-dramon shot another V-Breath Arrow that blasted the door open.

Inside, Daisuke and V-dramon noticed they were in a dark tower with the top part covered by some sort of dark fog. The darkness increased at the bottom when an inner door fell down to lock the Chosen Child and Digimon in.

"Whoa, looks like we're going to have to get up somehow..." Daisuke said, unable to look through the darkness of the tower.

"Wait... I sense something..." V-dramon said in reply, feeling another presence in the tower.

A landing sound from above came up, and the two looked in the direction of the noise as two missiles flew their way. Dodging to the sides, Daisuke still could not see anything up in the near distance while V-dramon could see a faint shape of the enemy Digimon. The Digimon from what V-dramon could see has mid-short legs that are connected to a sphere structure while more up was a smaller body that has two long arms sticking out with a small head and a set or large wings.

"Daisuke, I think I can see him... but he's going to keep attacking us unless I can go up there and engage him in combat" V-dramon informed as he see the opposing Digimon jump and fly to another location that looks like another piece of wall of the tower.

"What? I still can't see anything... whoa!" Daisuke said as two other missiles landed near his area.

"Hurry Daisuke!" V-dramon demanded.

Immediately Daisuke took out the Hyper Wing card and slashed it through his D-Arc. V-dramon flew up in pursuit of the enemy Digimon, tailing him until they reached the top, a large platform that is connected to the widened walls.

What can I do now? I can only watch and... Hey wait! This... This is so similar to... that part. Yeah, when Growmon evolved into MegaloGrowmon for the first time in my other imaginary story... but if it is the same then... V-dramon! Daisuke thought as he realised the possible outcome of the battle.

Meanwhile, V-dramon could not see due to the poor lighting and the sound of the enemy Digimon that was passing by was the only sound audible. Suddenly, the Digimon stopped, and V-dramon by instinct faced that direction and shot a V-Breath Arrow. The attack went right through the area, and V-dramon stood perplexed. What? Didn't he stop there? V-dramon thought, as a barrage of missiles from his right side flew at him.

Daisuke saw the missiles explode through his small D-Arc screen, but the enemy Digimon to him was still a blur and not noticeable in shape. "V-dramon... you have to do this... he seems powerful, but he's just playing with you because he's hiding..." Daisuke said as the battered V-dramon got up. Seeing the black-figured Digimon appear from one location and then flying to the opposite way, Daisuke figured out the enemy pattern. "V-dramon! Watch for his movement, when you think you see him; he's actually at the opposite direction!"

"Opposite direction? Alright..." V-dramon said, looking around the area again. Soon enough, V-dramon spots the enemy Digimon landing in front of him again, and this time he turns around and fires another V-Breath Arrow. However, the V-shot dispersed while a strong missile flew out and exploded at V-dramon's chest.

At the bottom, Daisuke felt a heavy push as he flew back in a similar fashion to his partner. At that point, Daisuke's D-Arc showed the data for the enemy.

Name: BlackRapidmon

Type: Vaccine

Level: Perfect

Attack: Rapid Fire, Miracle Missile

At the same time, BlackRapidmon switched out his back-guns and pelted V-dramon. Daisuke saw the situation and began to search his deck of cards desperately in hope of finding something that would help his partner.

Nothing... what am I going to do? I know there is no further evolution available to me at this time and location... Daisuke thought as he saw V-dramon standing up and blasted with another Miracle Missile. Daisuke felt the same pain. This proved that his situation is connected to his universe. No... V-dramon... Daisuke thought as he held out his arms with his cards and looking up at the intense battle. Suddenly, Daisuke felt a buzzing warm on the back of his left hand. Looking over, Daisuke saw a rock statue of Culumon. What the... Culumon? Hey! The triangle on his forehead... Daisuke noted at Culumon's forehead in red. Perhaps... Daisuke put his card over the red triangle, and the card glowed with blue, turning completely blue. Yes... with this...!! Daisuke thought as he stood up and started this process.

Gripping the card with his index and middle finger at the top while holding the bottom with his thumb, Daisuke flipped his D-Arc in front of him at below-head length and slid the card upwards through his D-arc. "Card-Slash! Matrix Evolution activate!"

Matrix Evolution.

V-dramon received the crystal matrix energy and began to transform with the added data, V-dramon's claws on his hands and feet extended in length into sharper edged nails. His back-head horns also extended and under the back of the head, two claw-like projections shot out, left and right side. Under these projections appears torn curtain-like material that is red. The horn at the front extends, completing the evolution.

"Go get him..." Daisuke said under his breath as his new Digimon swiped his claws a two incoming missiles. Shortly after the phantom dragon regained his position, the information showed up for Daisuke.

Name: AeroV-dramon

Type: Vaccine

Level: Perfect

Attack: V-Breath Arrow, V-Wing Blade, Magnum Crush, Dragon Impulse, Wind Guardian Wall, Twister Saber

AeroV-dramon immediately starts out shooting a V-Breath Arrow, with BlackRapidmon barely escaping the fiery projectile. BlackRapidmon fired off rapid missiles again, this time with AeroV-dramon flying upwards and coming down with a dive using Magnum Crush attack that made a crack into BlackRapidmon's chest area. Both fighters continued their constant struggle, but now BlackRapidmon no longer had the speed advantage over AeroV-dramon. In pursuit of BlackRapidmon, AeroV-dramon shot out a few more V-Breath Arrow that BlackRapidmon dodges in difficulty as the heat near the shots fly off and burn the black Digimon. In desperation, BlackRapidmon flew into the air and fired off all missiles into the ground, making it very hard for AeroV-dramon to dodge in his large form.

"Ahh... use this!" Daisuke said from below, getting tired at the sight of the enemy Digimon. Slashing a card through, Daisuke activated HyperSpeed and AeroV-dramon shifted away from the projectile barrage and flew in to BlackRapidmon with V-Wing Blade charged. BlackRapidmon drew back his weapons while AeroV-dramon used his attack, incinerating the BlackRapidmon into data and AeroV-dramon absorbed for his own use.

Daisuke fell down backwards, releasing a sigh of relief. "That was a close one..." Daisuke said as he looked down at his D-Arc, amazed by the powers he managed to acquire in the past battle.

"Close one? You did nothing! I suffered the pain Daisuke!" AeroV-dramon said, hearing Daisuke through the D-Arc connection.

"Hey, you don't know! Remember how Takato and Growmon formed a link during their encounter? The same thing almost happened to me and you, so I felt my share of pain," Daisuke protested, knowing his partner would always be the same no matter what form.

"Really now? So did you actually swipe a blue card that I could evolve?" AeroV-dramon asked as the floor beneath Daisuke rose like an elevator.

"Of course, I held back my hand and touched this..." Daisuke trailed off as he looked to where he touched the crystal matrix from Culumon earlier but could not find the statue. "Huh? That's strange... where'd he go?"

"Where did what go? Is your own dream coming true too good to deny? Haha..." AeroV-dramon laughed as Daisuke's floor level came up to the platform he is standing on. Daisuke gave up on reasoning with his partner; he knew that no matter what V-mon evolved into, the spirit would always be the same. Getting on the dragon Digimon, Daisuke and V-dramon headed towards the peak of the mountain.

Meanwhile at the closed hallway lie the unconscious Knightmon along with two Airdramon. The Airdramon flickered as their data leaked out of them. As the Airdramon completely disappeared into data, Knightmon's eyes opened and sat up, absorbing the data in the air. With the surge of energy, a light enveloped the Knightmon started to change in form.

Daisuke saw that they were almost at the peak of the mountain and the barrier from earlier was gone. "Alright, we're almost there..." Daisuke said, as excitement seemed to build up in him.

"Right and I hope that we get answers to why we are here... although I would say that your imagination did create quite an ok-world..." AeroV-dramon said, chuckling inward.

"Hey! What is that suppose to mean? I never knew that elements of my story would come true, besides it can't be that bad can it?" Daisuke questioned as a large explosion sound came from below. Looking down below, a pink and yellow figure rushed at a fast speed up the palace structure, smashing through the walls and running up the slope. Daisuke pointed his D-Arc to get data on the new Digimon that emerged.

Name: RhodoKnightmon

Type: Virus

Level: Ultimate

Attack: Argent Fear, Spiral Masquerade, Laser Lattice, Scarlet Tempest

"An Ultimate... this is bad! Looks like that Knightmon never gave up after the last fight, and now he evolved into his new form. Quick! We have to get to the top before he catches up!" Daisuke said, slashing the HyperSpeed card through his D-Arc again to speed up AeroV-dramon.

Reaching the top, AeroV-dramon landed while Daisuke got off, ready for the upcoming battle. Shortly after, RhodoKnightmon jumped up and landed on the platform. The platform was in a circle shape with a short-length rock wall around the circumference.

RhodoKnightmon and AeroV-dramon exchanged looks as they prepared for battle. At the break of single movement, both Digimon charged forward. Their Argent Fear and Magnum Crush attacks clashed, creating a wave of smoke to fill the air. RhodoKnightmon jumped forward at AeroV-dramon and charged Laser Lattice while AeroV-dramon prepared another V-Breath Arrow. The attacks clashed again and sent both Digimon back. RhodoKnightmon landed safely while AeroV-dramon stepped on the ground with minor damage from the ultimate Digimon's attack.

Why do we keep fighting Digimon that are higher level then we are? I wish I made Takato have more useful cards than these... Daisuke thought as RhodoKnightmon started to move around AeroV-dramon and the yellow ribbons flinging at AeroV-dramon. AeroV-dramon tried to defend himself with Wind Guardian Wall, but the shield proved to be ineffective as RhodoKnightmon continued his assaults.

Daisuke continued to search his deck, hoping that there would be something usable in fighting their enemy. His search ended early when a death-sensation overcame him. RhodoKnightmon and AeroV-dramon stopped fighting and looked at the backside of RhodoKnightmon to see a circular orange wave. The circular wave created an eruption of a pillar of orange energy and another Digimon started to form inside the pillar. What is that!? Another Digimon? This certainly isn't my day... Daisuke thought, as he most likely knew what was going to come out of the pillar of orange energy.

After the energy dispersed, a giant Digimon appeared with colours of red, white and dark blue. The Digimon stood on a tail and the body part had two arms with armour coverings along with a hazard symbol on the chest. On the back of this dragon Digimon were wings that have orange sheets in the middle that look ripped in the shape of flames at the bottom. The head of the dragon looked ferocious in that the top part of the head is covered by red armour with two horns above the eyes. The bottom part of the head appeared purple while the teeth of the Digimon were in between the two parts. The eyes were black with a glint of yellow in the iris.

Daisuke looked at the newly formed Digimon in fear; he certainly did not expect this Digimon to appear, at least not in this form. Daisuke's D-Arc flashed as the data came up for the new Digimon.

Name: Megidramon

Type: Virus

Level: Ultimate

Attack: Megiddo Flame, Hell Howling

No... No way... how is it that he exists!? But my real story was only after the events of the original Digimon Tamer idea... Daisuke thought in fear as the monster Digimon roared.

Diving down, Megidramon opened his mouth and lunged at RhodoKnightmon. Without anytime to react, the large dragon bit RhodoKnightmon and his data slowly dispersed into bits while Megidramon stood up again with the acid saliva leaving into the ground where RhodoKnightmon was standing.

AeroV-dramon looked to Daisuke, who was still thinking in fear. Takato is only a story character... although he created Megidramon through his anger, the story creation and thought is still my own... in other words... this is my creation? Daisuke questioned as Megidramon turned towards him and lunged. AeroV-dramon saw the danger with Daisuke unmoving and dived in to save his partner. While Megidramon missed biting down at another target, he gave Hell Howling shout that shook Daisuke and AeroV-dramon out of the air and into the ground.

"Daisuke... are you alright?" AeroV-dramon asked as he stood up while Daisuke still under fear from Megidramon appearing. "Daisuke!" AeroV-dramon said again, with a louder voice that brought Daisuke back into the world as Megidramon lunged forward into a hard tackle.

"AeroV-dramon!" Daisuke said as his partner flew backwards from the impact. AeroV-dramon tried to fight back the ultimate, but unable to hold the ultimate from advancing. Not good, ah here it is! Daisuke thought as he took out his wanted card and slashed it through his D-Arc. "Power Activate!"

With new offence powers, AeroV-dramon shot a powered up V-Breath Arrow connecting to Megidramon's head, forcing the dragon Digimon back.

"You know Daisuke, as a Tamer you really could use some work" AeroV-dramon said under the current painful condition.

"Look, I am trying my best ok? After all, it is way easier to write about Tamers rather then being one!" Daisuke said in response, not taking his eyes off Megidramon, who managed to charge Megiddo Flame and shoot the fiery projection at AeroV-dramon.

AeroV-dramon reacted immediately and flew upwards, barely dodging the attack as the shockwave of the flame blew AeroV-dramon off course. Megidramon rushed forwards with Hell Howling and shook AeroV-dramon in a stunned sate while rushing up for a bite. AeroV-dramon struggled against the bite, but his data weaken as Megidramon bit harder.

No... this is... horrible! Why can't I make this right... Daisuke thought as he watched helplessly at the sight of his own Digimon disappearing. Although Megidramon advance into the bite, AeroV-dramon's constant struggling made the bite harder, and Megidramon just threw down AeroV-dramon to the ground, reverting into Chicomon that Daisuke caught.

"Chicomon..." Daisuke said, worried that his partner might not make it out of the situation alive. Megidramon let out a victory cry, releasing a wave of hazard energy across the peak, causing the dream world sky to rip apart. Daisuke realised that the dream world was broken now, and that he was in the Digital World as the Flame-jacket along with yellow Rubber gloves appearing over him.

Chicomon woke up from the sudden burst of energy. "Wow... he broke the dream world with his energy... I guess he really is dangerous as you made him Daisuke... how did you ever think of such a monster anyway?" Chicomon asked, appalled by the dragon emitting such evil energy.

Daisuke was downcast at what he thought up in his own story that became true to destroy his own world. He did not know why, but somehow Megidramon exists in reality now and there was no denying it. "Well... I kind of based Megidramon's appearance from what I heard from Koushiro about Taichi making Greymon evolve into SkullGreymon..." Daisuke replied.

With Megidramon stopping fanfare, the energy around the peak settled. While the energy from the hazard proceeded to rip through the Digital World's fabric, Chicomon received enough energy from being in the Digital World and warped into V-mon.

In the real world, Taichi was walking with Hikari home when suddenly their Digivices gave off extreme red emergency signals.

"What the... what's happening?" Taichi questioned as his Digivice showed red bars and numbers flashing and moving rapidly.

"I don't know, but I think... oh! Something has happened in the Digital World!" Hikari noted, as her D-3 gave off the coordinate on where the source of harm is.

"This looks serious, should be get the others?" Taichi questioned.

"Yeah we should, this looks real big. It's as if somebody is ripping a hole in the Digital World..." Hikari commented as the two ran towards where their friends would be.

Turning to face his partner, V-mon held out a hand to urge Daisuke for battle. "Daisuke! Com'on! You never give up, it doesn't matter if this was created by you, and we can make it through!" V-mon said.

Daisuke took V-mon and held the Digimon close to himself in an embrace. "I'm sorry... it seemed like that I was too concerned about getting through this that I didn't really think about you" Daisuke said.

"Don't worry about it Daisuke, we can still fight..." V-mon replied.

"Will you fight with me then?" Daisuke asked.

"Of course!" V-mon responded.

Matrix Evolve...

A reaction occurred with Daisuke as his D-Arc and gave off a huge light. Daisuke looked at his D-Arc, enveloping himself in the light as he and V-mon formed a data link. V-mon's right arm reformatted into a humanoid arm with blue armour on the shoulder and bottom arm part. On the wrist formed a green laser blade attached to the arm. His left arm reformatting into the same humanoid arm while forming a shield on the top wrist part. V-mon's legs reformatted into humanoid legs with blue armour covers along with his body. The chest area embedded a large "V" shape. From the back, two large wings formed, blue on the backside while a having a pink inside. The head part going through V-dramon and AeroV-dramon forms and ultimately forming a human-like head covered with blue armour as well with shorter grey horns sticking out at the back, and with Daisuke's own body fusing into the humanoid. The evolution completed as Daisuke and V-mon emerged into the new Digimon.

"AlforceV-Dramon!" shouted the dual voice of V-mon and Daisuke as they emerged.

Megidramon slid backwards seeing the knight Digimon taking place and looking on with surprise.

Daisuke appeared in his own dark-blue sphere and felt the power flowing through his body. "We did it... this is... our ultimate form!" Daisuke cheered as he noticed the surroundings similar to those that he imagined.

"Yeah... now I think your world can't be that bad..." V-mon's voice echoed inside.

"Oh, stop it with that already... next time something bad happens you're going to say my world sucks again..." Daisuke said, knowing his partner.

"Ok... fine! Let's just beat this mad dragon to a pulp!" V-mon said in response as the two charged forwards and delivered a hard punch to Megidramon's hazard symbol area. This caused a roaring of pain from Megidramon but also the hazard glowing red as Megidramon swiped his claws at AlforceV-dramon.

The knight responded to the attack with Tense Great Shield and shielded Megidramon's claws. AlforceV-dramon lunged forward in retaliation and attacked with Alforce V Sabre that knocked Megidramon back again. Megidramon rose up again and released Hell Howling that AlforceV-dramon held their ground. The hazard on Megidramon glowed and the sky above the battlefield started to distort.

Not too far from the battlefield, two groups of Digimon appeared with their human partners. The left group had Shakkoumon with Takeru and Iori, Aquilamon with Hikari and Miyako along Tailmon, and Stingmon with Ken. The right group had WarGreymon with Taichi, MetalGarurumon with Yamato, Garudamon with Sora and AtlurKabuterimon with Koushiro.

"What is that?" Taichi questioned as he saw the Megidramon.

Koushiro tried to search for possible answers on his laptop. "I don't know, but whatever he is, he seems to be the cause of melting down the Digital world at this very moment..." Koushiro said as he noticed the red disruption appearing on the screen.

"Hey, is that who I think it is?" Aquilamon questioned to Shakkoumon, specifically Armadimon.

"I think so... but how?" Shakkoumon replied.

"What are guys saying?" Takeru asked, confused at the conversation.

"I remember... when V-mon, Armadimon and myself were sealed away by Qinglongmon... we are ancient Digimon that evolve into our ancient forms like XV-mon, while the V-dramon line of evolution for V-mon would for the more recent born V-mon species. Although somehow V-mon seemed to have evolved into his ultimate form, AlforceV-dramon even though he is an ancient type V-mon," Aquilamon explained.

"There must be some force that allowed V-mon to evolve into his other evolution line, but right now we'd better join the battle ourselves to save the Digital World" Shakkoumon said as they neared the battle field.

"Then where is Daisuke? AlforceV-dramon is here, but I don't see him around" Hikari said, noticing only two figures on the battle field, exchanging blows with their blades and claws with the occasional Megiddo Flame from Megidramon.

"I think I pick up a signal that is from Daisuke in the battle field, but I am not sure... right now let's just help" Koushiro said as he closed his laptop as both team of Digimon and their partners closed into the battle field.

After being slashed around the body a couple of times, Megidramon let out another roar that created a wave as the hazard symbol glowed bright red, and Megidramon grew in size and the atmosphere air around the area filled with red energy. The two groups of Digimon backed off as the air flew out of Megidramon into the surrounding area.

"What is that thing? It doesn't act like any normal Digimon would..." Sora said as Garudamon flew back at the force.

"No good, it somehow expanded his data in the Digital world, we have to find some other way to get in" Koushiro said, having analysed the powers of the large dragon.

Inside the battlefield, Megidramon's powered up Hell Howling knocked AlforceV-dramon back a bit.

"Daisuke, looks he powered up again, what should we do?" V-mon asked from inside.

"Well, looks like the world might be depending on us, if we don't get rid of him, the Digital World might collapse as I imagined his power to be" Daisuke responded.

AlforceV-dramon charged forward, swiping his Alforce Sabre on Megidramon, only leaving a mark as the giant dragon Digimon rushed forward rammed into AlforceV-dramon. What? That did nothing? AlforceV-dramon thought as Megidramon shot out Megiddo Flame and encountered the Dragon-Knight Digimon. AlforceV-dramon stepped back and charged Shining V Force from his chest plate, but Megidramon shot out a few more Megiddo Flames that made the charge incomplete, and AlforceV-dramon shot the beam that barely moved Megidramon. The large Dragon advanced forward again, with one arm stretching out and knocking on AlforceV-dramon while releasing another loud roar of Hell Howling that shook the Dragon-Knight. Megidramon continued to push AlforceV-dramon as his other hand grabbed hold of the Dragon-Knight. Seeing the perfect opportunity, AlforceV-dramon started to charge his Shining V Force again, and before hitting the short wall rock on the side of the battlefield, the beam urged forward and hit Megidramon head-on with full force. "Keep it up!" Daisuke urged V-mon as they transferred more power into the beam.

Megidramon flew back and landed on his back on the other side of the battlefield while AlforceV-dramon got up from the use of the beam, panting for breath from the attack.

"Looks like we did it, V-mon..." Daisuke said from inside, tired from using the blast.

"Did we? I guess... wait! I sense something!" V-mon warned, sensing a dark energy coming again.

Looking forward, Megidramon rose again, even bigger this time with glowing red fire all over himself. Without much waiting time, Megidramon rushed forward towards the tired AlforceV-dramon. Wrapping his lower body around the Dragon-Knight, Megidramon opened his mouth and dived down at AlforceV-dramon's top part. AlforceV-dramon stretch out his arms to repel the dragon from trying devouring him, and getting into a struggle of survive.

"At least now we know how Beelzebumon felt when Megidramon tried to devour him... fun eh, Daisuke?" V-mon joked, thinking it might be his last.

"Ha... Ha... Very funny V-mon, help me out here... Ok fine, my story and my universe does suck in someway, but at least try to survive; we might die at this rate..." Daisuke said, struggling against the force of Megidramon.

"Ok Daisuke... sorry... so what other solutions do you have now that we're trapped? Ugh!" V-mon said as he felt his strength exhausted by Megidramon's acidic saliva melt part of their armour.

With a lost of strength, Megidramon backed off his head for a short while and lunged forward again opening his mouth and clamped down onto AlforceV-dramon's left arm. Before the teeth came down, Daisuke formed another Tense Great Shield to stop Megidramon as the teeth came together. Daisuke let out a shout of pain as Megidramon bit down with force.

"Daisuke! Are you all right?" V-mon asked.

"Barely... the force, the pain... this... can't end like this..." Daisuke responded, still in pain.

"Daisuke... we must do something fast... I trust you ok?" V-mon assured his partner.

"Right... we can't give up... not after what we've gone through!" Daisuke yelled out as he gathered remaining energy and a flash of light emitted from his body.

AlforceV-dramon engulfed in the light experienced a surge in power. His green blade extending and shining with darker green and the inside of his wings taking on a darker colour from pink to a more red-purple colour. A belt formed around the waist, having the centrepiece equipped with the Crest of Miracles.

-AlforceV-Dramon Future Mode-

Immediately the newly formed Dragon-Knight released the large green blade that slashed Megidramon across the chest area and got free from the Viral-Dragon's hold. Data started to fly out of Megidramon where the cut was, and the new AlforceV-dramon charged up an improved Shining V Force while Megidramon recovered from the earlier blow.

Koushiro's data from his computer gave him the correct information flowing out from AlforceV-dramon Future Mode to make a conclusion. "I got it! I knew it; Daisuke is within AlforceV-dramon!"

"What? How is that possible? Fusing with your own Digimon?" Yamato asked as all the other Chosen Children turned to Koushiro.

"Yes, I don't know how they did it, but that's what is came out to be... and that power is incredible..." Koushiro responded, seeing the big battle coming to and end as AlforceV-dramon's Shining V Force blasted Megidramon into data bits.

At the battlefield, a big explosion stretched outwards and covered the battlefield with a blinding light for everyone, as Daisuke and V-mon felt a warp through them.

Opening his eyes again, Daisuke found himself in the similar world to his dreams, but this time it felt real and a little cold for him.

"Where am I?" Daisuke thought as Chicomon woke up in his arms.

"Daisuke... didn't we defeat that Megidramon? Are we dead?" The tiny Digimon asked.

"No, I don't think so... but... where are we?" Daisuke asked as another presence developed into the scene.

"Daisuke... you have succeeded in your task... good work..." Said a calm voice from behind.

Turning around, Daisuke noticed a Digimon in the structure of a big tree, with four yellow legs appearing at the base as well as two heads sticking out. Daisuke recognised the appearance from his imagination, but did not imagine this Digimon would be appearing.

"Xuanwumon!" Daisuke called out, surprised at the sovereign appearing before him.

"Yes... it is I who called out to you earlier in the dreams... and now you're here we can talk" Xuanwumon said.

"Alright, so tell me about why you needed my story to be complete, and why I am here" Daisuke said, not trying to make his voice too demanding.

"Ok, I shall you in this short time. Your imaginations of your story and some properties were not false. They were, in a way, planned to come out of your head. Because we, the sovereigns have predicted that a catastrophic event would take place on your world that would directly affect our own world, and that the one event could change the course of history. Therefore, we have you create an alternate universe so that we can draw that universe out where the catastrophic event would be avoided and we could all live without suffering. The characters of your story may be from your imagination, but the Digimon and properties are not, which is why they do exist as well as your D-Arc. However, when you completed the story, I was to call to you bring out the universe, but... the unthinkable happened" Xuanwumon explained, taking a breath.

"What happened?" Chicomon asked.

"As you know, the powers of darkness are always at work, they managed to discover about this universe escape and somehow drew their powers into your universe as well. Thus, that is why you saw the dark evolutions of Renamon, Terriermon, and Guilmon on your way here along with some Digimon that you never even thought about. Anyway, now that you have overcome the trail, I ask you to activate the warp that would bring out your universe to save us all. Hurry! There is no time to waste, as we expect the event to happen soon. Use this to open the warp..." Xuanwumon finished, creating a golden sphere of light that flew towards Daisuke and disappearing from sight.

Daisuke got hold of the sphere, as it turned into a Golden Card with the Crest of Miracles embedded on it. "Hey wait! What will happen once my universe becomes a reality? What will happen to me?" Daisuke asked, but received no answer. Soon a white flash surrounded Daisuke and Chicomon as they warped back into their place.

Appearing back into the circular field, Daisuke noticed a battle going on in the air, seeing his friends beaten by three certain Digimon that seemed familiar. Looking to his right side, Daisuke saw Omegamon and Stingmon facing off against a blue armoured knight with dark blue cape.

Name: ChaosDukemon

Type: Virus

Level: Ultimate

Attack: Demon's Disaster, Judecca Prison

No way... Daisuke thought as he turned around to his left side to see Shakkoumon, Silphymon and AtlurKabuterimon facing off with a giant mecha Digimon.

Name: BlackSaintGalgomon

Type: Vaccine

Level: Ultimate

Attack: Giant Missile, Burst Shot

Impossible... Daisuke looked on as the giant mecha fired off missiles with great heat explosions. Turning to front side, Daisuke saw Garudamon forced back by a priestess Digimon with Dark colours.

Name: Kuzuhamon

Type: Data

Level: Ultimate

Attack: Womb Realm Mandala, Dragon Helix

"Ok... I can't take this anymore! I'll do it!" Daisuke admitted as he saw the raging battles. Distinctive lines in a "t" that separates the circle into four quadrants while the centre has a little circle now divided the circular area.

Running up to the circle and stepping in with Chicomon, the small circle glowed with yellow energy while the four quadrants showed different patterns of colour in red, blue, green and brown-grey. The battles around the arena stopped, all focused onto Daisuke in the middle.

"Look, it's Daisuke! He's back..." Iori noted, as the lights on the arena glowed brighter.

"Yes, but what's he doing?" Miyako asked as they all watched.

Daisuke got hold of the spinning golden card in his hand with index, middle, ring and pinky finger on one side while having the thumb on the opposite side of the card. He flipped his D-Arc sideways, held it above his head, and slashed the card through. "Card-Slash!" Daisuke shouted as he finish sliding the card through his D-Arc and bringing down his hands to the sides, almost like drawing a sideways "C" arch above himself.

An enormous light emitted from where Daisuke was and the light spread at light-year speed across the universe, changing the very data of anything in its path, along with both human world and Digital World. Reformatting the very base of life and forever changing the universe of the section. The two new worlds formed with their new data into separate world complete with their own style of life and interactions. The Digital world divided into six planes along with the suppressed D-Reaper system to control evolution and the human world forming into a normal life, but with complex network communications that connected successfully to the Digital World.

As for Daisuke and his friends, they did not fit into the new universe 100 per cent, but they reformed into an anime show being Dejimon Adobencha and Dejimon Adobencha 02. With Taichi and his group being in season one while Daisuke and his group in season two. Complete with their impact on the new universe were Digimon video games and collectable card game.

The sovereigns knew the process came though successfully and that all was safe. Things may not have gone the way they wanted, but safety of the universe is now secure and there was nothing to worry about for the time being.

Two years later, present day Shinjuku, Matsuda Bakery

Takato sat down on the couch and watched the final episode of Dejimon Adobencha 02. He watched it a few times already, but he still showed interest in the anime as for the one special reason. This was that he himself is similar to the Chosen Children in the show, Digimon and complete with a Digivice of his own. The episode ending, Takato switched off the Television screen and looked over to the clock, seeing it was time to go.

Getting off the couch and getting ready, Takato prepared for the upcoming event. Throughout the last two years, he had grown much with more understanding with the world around himself. Still he knew he had much to learn, but while he can, he will continue to enjoy his friends' company as he dashed out the door with Guilmon following behind. This special day was a big outing with all his friends--Juri, Hirokazu, Kenta, Jenrya, Ryo and his Ruki.

Well, that sure was an interesting ending... Still, I wonder whom Daisuke would have ended up with? Perhaps he got lucky like me, ended up with someone of interest, and gets Hikari... heh, whatever... Takato thought as he carried the bread and headed towards the park where all his friends would be waiting for him.


There you have it; the end part is where Daisuke made his own world go into the TV show and then the Tamers' universe becoming reality. In addition, if there is confusion on the card slashes: First time for evolving, Daisuke slashed the card Ruki-style, Second time was Jenrya and the final card slash is Takato's style.

Anyway, it has been a fun ride. Now that this story is done, I hope whoever read has enjoyed (or hated it, lol) the story and thank you to you reviewers out there that spent your time. In the meantime, give yourself a pat on the back for reading this monster here, haha. Anyway, since this is done, later!