Ok, here's the deal. I tried to write a Kyouya x Haruhi fic, I really did, but it blatantly wasn't working for me so I gave up. So for now I'm sticking to what I know which means, that's right! Another Mori x Haruhi fic!

Anyways, I only have a vague idea of where I'm going with this so please forgive me if there are large gaps between updates. Just assume that I'm smacking my head off a wall somewhere trying to think my way out of the corner I've written myself into. Not only does this help me think, it also provides free amusement for random passers-by in the street.

Anyone else who has read the Ouran High manga series might also be familiar with the Love Egoist series. Basically it's a collection of short stories Bisco Hatori drew before she started Host Club and they're included at the back of some of the manga books. I really enjoyed the series, especially the twin girls Barako and Nadeshiko Kuronuma. (described in the book as being "the school's oddest twins, descended from witches perhaps, but definitely creepy…") I liked these characters so much that I decided to feature them in a fic.

(I do apologize for the rabble, I'm just trying to give you an idea of where I'm coming from. If I'm boring you please feel free to skip this and do something more productive with your time, like raising llamas for instance.)

Anyways, on with the fic. I hope you enjoy and as always, reviews and comments are much appreciated.

Disclaimer: I do not own Ouran High School Host Club or Love Egoist. But I do own Cuba…

Sakura Seraphim

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All the things, I want to say just aren't coming out right.

I'm tripping on words; you got my head spinning,

I don't know where to go from here.

Cause it's you and me, and all of the people

With nothing to do, nothing to prove

And it's you and me and all of the people

And I don't know why

I can't keep my eyes off of you.

You And Me – Lifehouse

"Thank you princesses, for gracing us with your presence again today. I can only pray that we'll be as blessed with such angelic company again tomorrow."

Tamaki bowed courteously to the two girls who were lingering reluctantly in the doorway, clearly unwilling to leave. The younger of the two, a blonde with dainty, elfin features looked up at the smiling host, her beautiful eyes stained with anguish.

"I wish I could stay with master Tamaki now. Tomorrow seems so far away…" she gushed, hands clutched to her chest.

With a charming smile and a gentle hand on her back, the blonde host expertly steered the girl and her friend towards the door, his mesmeric blue eyes never leaving hers. Ushering her gently out the door, Tamaki caught the girl's hand in both of his and looked deep into her eyes. "Then perhaps I will appear in your dreams tonight princess." he whispered.

Leaving the girl wide-eyed and blushing furiously in the corridor, Tamaki stepped backwards into the music room, perfect smile never faltering until the door was closed behind him. Leaning against the polished wood, he listened to the girls' footsteps grow fainter and fainter until they had died away completely.

With a small sigh he walked across the room, which was now empty save for the hosts; a faint lace of perfume in the air and a few half finished cups of tea the only sign that the room had ten minutes previously been full of laughing, chattering girls.

Well, there was still one girl left. Fujioka Haruhi, her jacket discarded on the back of a chair, was now collecting plates and cups from the deserted tables, stopping occasionally to scold the twins for using the sugar tongs to have a sugar cube war across the couches.

"Kaoru, give me the sugar bowl." she demanded irritatedly.

"Ne ne, but Haruhi! We're going to ambush milord!" came the chorused reply from the red-headed pair crouching behind the couch with their stockpile of sugar. Kyouya, sitting with his laptop at a nearby table raised an eyebrow before shrugging and returning to his work.

Muttering darkly to herself Haruhi carried her tottering pile of tableware over to the cupboard, all too mindful of the expensive consequences of dropping even a single piece. She passed by another couch, stopping only to scoop up another couple of plates. A small child-like boy was happily and enthusiastically finishing a strawberry cream cake.

"Hunny-senpai, I need that plate when you're done with It." she said with a slight smile.

The boy looked up and grinned at her, the skin around his mouth flecked with small blobs of cream. "Hai, Haru-chan!"

Haruhi smiled and continued on, not looking at the couch's other occupant. Had she glanced his way however, she would have been met with the dark somber stare that, unknown to her, had been following her around the room for several minutes.

Mori watched her go, chin in his hand, elbow braced on the arm of the couch. His silent gaze drank in every detail of her. The way she twitched her head slightly to the side to flick her hair out of her eyes. The way the lights reflected in her eyes, making them sparkle and shine. The way a faint smile hung about her face, occasionally tugging at her lips to give her an expression of contented thoughtfulness.

He wondered what she was thinking about.

He regarded her silently from across the room, the way he always did. He sometimes felt envious of the others who seemed to find it so easy to talk to her. To laugh with her and spend time with her. Although he cherished every word exchanged with the Host Cub's personal princess, every smile she blessed him with, every careless hand on his arm or brush of her fingers against his, he wished he could be something more to her.

Still, he thought miserably as he watched her, what could he ever hope for really? Against the other club members; the charming king, the sophisticated vice-president, the devilish twins and the adorable lolita, what girl would chose him. He supposed he ought to be grateful that she even noticed him at all.

Mori was startled out of his internal monologue with a frown as he realized that Haruhi was standing on a stool on her tiptoes in an attempt to reach the higher shelves of the cupboard. Since he felt as protective towards Haruhi these days as he did towards Mitsukuni, he was out of his seat and halfway across the room before Hunny had even realized he'd moved.

Wobbling slightly on her makeshift ladder, Haruhi stretched in order to reach the top shelf. She let out a small cry as a teacup slid from her fingers and unthinkingly lurched forwards in a desperate attempt to catch it before it hit the floor. Out of nowhere she saw a large hand dart forward and snare the cup before it could shatter, while another hand grabbed her hip and steadied her before she could fall.

Face impassive, Mori reached up and placed the cup delicately on the top shelf before lifting her off of the stool and placing her gently but firmly on the floor. As he looked down at her, dark eyes full of concern, he realized that she was looking back at him, an unreadable expression on her face.

Suddenly feeling hot and embarrassed, caught in that thoughtful gaze like a rabbit caught in headlights, he quickly averted his eyes and turned his attention to the tableware still to be put away. "Be careful." he mumbled.

His heartbeat sped up slightly as, out of the corner of his eye, he saw her mouth open to respond.


Mori's heart dipped slightly with disappointment as Hunny came hurtling across the room, proudly brandishing his empty plate. Haruhi broke her gaze with a small smile as she turned her attention to Hunny.

"I finished my cake Haru-chan! And look, I brought you my plate!" Hunny cried out happily as he handed her his plate. Haruhi took the plate from his outstretched hands, laughing as she did so at his child-like earnestness.

"Hunny-senpai, you've got cream all over your face!" she exclaimed, laughing as she stooped down with a cloth to wipe his face.

Mori watched his cousin beam happily at this attention and smiled wistfully himself. He in no way blamed his cousin for interrupting his moment with Haruhi but couldn't help but feel jealous of the way Haruhi was fussing around the small boy. He knew Mitsukuni did it on purpose of course; acting like a child was his way of attracting Haruhi's attention and getting close to her.

Leaning against the cupboards, he watched as Haruhi looked up in response to a shout from across the room. The twins had launched their sugar bombardment on Tamaki, who was attempting to hide behind a couch. Sighing wearily, Haruhi left her cloth on a table and walked across the room, Hunny running after her to watch the fun.

After scolding the twins, who were now standing with their hands behind their backs, attempting to look innocent, Haruhi pulled Tamaki to his feet. Mori watched as, trying not to smile, she brushed sugar out of his blonde hair and off of his shoulders, where it had settled like snow. He also noted Tamaki's adoring gaze and contented smile as he delighted in this small act of kindness. Although he seemed unable to realize his feelings for Haruhi, Tamaki seemed happy to bask in the few displays of affection she showed for him.

With a casual glance at his watch and a small sigh, Kyouya announced that it was time for them to vacate the room. He closed his laptop with a soft click and strode towards the door, whipping out his cell phone with fluid efficiency to call his chauffeur.

Mori watched as the twins appeared on either side of Haruhi, each laughing and linking an arm with one of Haruhi's as they propelled her away from Tamaki and towards the door. Tamaki blinked in confusion at the Haruhi-less space in front of him before turning and shouting after the twins.

"Hey you two! What are you doing with my daughter!?"

"Didn't we tell you milord?" came the cheerful tandem response, "We're taking Haruhi home to live with us!" Smirking back over their shoulders, they each snaked an arm around Haruhi's waist and pulled her closer to them. They walked through the doorway with Haruhi trapped between them, smiling in a bemused way. Hikaru and Kaoru were both fond of Haruhi, and wanted desperately to be close to her but due to their immaturity, they often came off as possessive and jealous.

Mori smiled to himself as he watched Tamaki glare at the doorway where the twins had been, mouth opening and closing in silent fury, before he ran shouting after the trio.

"Coming Takashi?" said a cheerful voice by his elbow.

Mori looked, startled, down into his cousin's large eyes before smiling slightly.


Hunny smiled at him before running out the door, after the others. Mori followed, closing the door softly behind him as he watched his cousin catch up to the rest of his friends, clutching usa-chan and laughing as Tamaki attempted to wrestle Haruhi out of the twins' grasp. Finally free and leaving the twins and Tamaki to bicker behind her, Haruhi walked ahead up the corridor, pointedly ignoring the sounds of the argument.

Mori saw Kyouya approach her and lay a hand on her arm, casually asking her if she needed a ride home. Haruhi shook her head with a bright laugh that made Mori's stomach flip, her hair falling into her eyes. She declined Kyouya's offer with a smile, saying that she preferred to walk home before turning away and continuing up the corridor.

Kyouya watched after her silently for a moment, dark eyes thoughtful and unfathomable and a strange smile on his face. As the other hosts passed him, the tall boy shook his head with a dry laugh before following.

Mori frowned slightly, still standing with his back to the music room door. He had never been sure of the shadow king's feelings for Haruhi, but suspected that he was intrigued and confused not only by her personality but also by the soft spot he seemed to have developed for her.

Up ahead, Haruhi had lagged behind the others, stopped beside one of the huge ornate windows that stretched from floor to ceiling. Although it was still fairly early in the evening, winter moonlight sliced through the glass, highlighting a patch of floor in shining silver. The light fell on Haruhi's upturned face, making her skin seem to glow and turning her eyes into shining coins. Mori watched her, so entranced by the simplicity of her beauty as she smiled in the moonlight that he didn't notice the strangers behind him until the first one spoke.

"Beautiful, isn't she?"

Mori whirled around, hands curling into fists without him realizing as his eyes darted left and right through the shadows. He relaxed slightly as the owner of the voice revealed herself as a girl, stepping silently out of the shadows.

She was beautiful, in a pale, ghostly kind of way, with milky, translucent skin and dark, shining eyes. Her hair fell in ringlets from two bunches, so blonde that it looked like molten silver in the moonlight. She was looking, not at him, but down the corridor towards Haruhi and smiling in a dreamy sort of way. She sighed heavily, casting her beautiful eyes down to the marble floor.

"Unrequited love is so very sad." she said sadly, "Isn't that right Barako?"

"Yes, Nadeshiko. There's nothing so heart wrenching as a young man who cannot confess his feelings to the fair maiden." came a second voice from the shadows.

Mori started with surprise as a second girl stepped from the shadows and stood beside the first. He looked from the one to the other, mouth open but unable to speak a word. They were twins, completely identical milky skin, dark eyes and cat-like smiles. The only difference was that the second girl's hair was dark as the shadows, cascading in ringlets around her face.

Both wore girl's uniforms of the school but he did not recognize them. He felt sure he would have remembered a pair such as this. They regarded him silently, mirroring each other's smiles and tilted head as they stared at him.

Remembering himself suddenly, Mori straightened up and closed his mouth, resuming his usual impassive, expressionless face.

"What do you want?" he intoned quietly, eyes moving from one to the other.

"We know how you feel about Miss Fujioka Haruhi." Barako said sweetly, moving to his left side.

Nadeshiko approached his right side. "We know how you watch her."

"Think about her.

"Long for her."

"Love her."

Mori looked from one to the other in bewilderment, questions ricocheting around his head with repeating intensity,

Who were they? How did they know Haruhi was a girl? How did they know how he felt? How did they know, how did they know, how did they know…?

The blonde twin stifled a giggle with her hands and her eyes flickered with flames of amusement at his obvious confusion. "Oh don't worry, we won't tell anyone what she really is."

"And we won't tell her how you feel." said she other twin graciously, sounding equally amused. "But you know," she continued softly, "Sooner or later, one of them will take her."

She looked pointedly up the corridor towards the hosts, laughing and talking in the moonlight, seemingly worlds away from this shadowy corner with its increasingly creepy company. Mori watched them talk with Haruhi, laugh with her. Their casual touches and the deeper intent behind them and felt, not jealousy, but a deep, heart wrenching feeling of desperate hopelessness. She looked so happy with them. She hadn't even realized that he hadn't followed with the rest.

Lost in his despair, he jumped when he heard a voice whisper in his ear. "You know, we could change that."

An identical voice breathed in his other ear. "We could make her notice you. Give you a chance to win her for your own."

"To see her smile at you."

"To have her want to see you."

"To watch her fall in love with you."

Mori barely heard his own sharp intake of breath. He was lost, as he had been for weeks, months, in looking at Haruhi, unable to take his eyes off her. His eyes traced every delicate contour of her face, her laughing smile, her flawless skin with its faint pink blush, her beautiful, shining eyes. It occurred to him then what he realized he'd known all along: he'd do anything for her. Anything.

He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply.

"What must I do?"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Haruhi opened the door that led to one of the school's many courtyards and stepped outside. She glanced up at the blank white sky and had to raise her hand to shield her eyes from the bright December sunshine. The courtyard was quiet compared to the between-classes bustle of the corridor behind her, only a few students hurrying between the bare trees and snow-covered flowerbeds, eager to get out of the cold. Haruhi herself shivered and pulled her jacket closer to her in an attempt to block a gust of wind that felt like freezing blades against her exposed skin.

She started across the yard to her next class. Technically the fastest route to her next class would be down the south hallway but this way she would avoid meeting the twins on their way out of their elective class. Haruhi turned as a chorus of laughing chattering voices, distorted by the wind, came from a door opening in one of the corridors bordering the courtyard. There was another advantage to her route across the east courtyard…

A group of third year girls had emerged, giggling and clutching at their skirts and hair to spare them from the wind's grasping fingers. Among them was what looked like a little boy dressing up in a high school uniform, his golden hair a head lower than any of the girls'. He was laughing along with the young ladies as the wind swept his hair away from his childlike face.

Haruhi's heartbeat quickened as she watched the group. Bringing up the rear like a silent shadow, but still with an escort of a few giggling girls was a tall, somber boy. The wind pulled his dark hair away from his brow and tugged insistently at the folds of his shirt as he walked along the path, occasionally nodding or smiling slightly at something one of the girls said. Haruhi ducked behind a tree as they walked past her, if she was spotted she would be accosted by a delighted Hunny and his many fangirls, when all she wanted was to watch.

Watch him.

Her eyes studied his face; the line of his strong jaw, the curve of his faint smile, his gentle, studious eyes… She smiled wistfully to herself as she watched him, her eyes never leaving him until he had disappeared into the door leading to another corridor. She loved to watch him, although she rarely got the chance to.

She would try to sneak glances at him during club activities, with a pretense of needing to fetch something from the cupboard or clearing the tables, but often when she did he would already be looking up at her. Looking at her with those dark, unfathomable eyes that seemed to look right through her, to sweep over her soul and read her every thought. She would have to look quickly away and hurry off before she blushed or stuttered or did something equally stupid to give herself away. She knew she could never be anything to him. Compared to his customers at the host club, the beautiful, elegant young ladies with their flowing, expertly styled hair and perfect doll faces, what chance could she have? She was just a commoner. Unsophisticated, inelegant and so unfeminine that no one seemed to question that the fact that she was a boy

She moved from behind her tree and continued walking along the path. Still, she thought, scuffing a pile of snow with her shoe, she envied those girls, his customers. They were able to spend time with him. To receive his smiles and kind, gentle words, rare though they were. To be able to spend time with him, while he attended to them and looked after their every need. To be able to look openly at him while Haruhi had to be content with what fleeting glimpses she could catch of him from beneath her lashes or between classes.

But there had been that moment yesterday, when she had almost fallen. She had stopped at Mori and Hunny's table, picking up plates and hoping to sneak a glance at Mori. She hadn't dared though; she could feel his somber gaze on her. She had been so lost in thinking about him as she put away the crockery that a cup had slipped from her hand. She was so preoccupied by frantic thoughts of what that broken cup would add to her debt that she had lunged unthinkingly forwards and almost fallen. When had she felt Mori's hand grip her waist firmly, she thought her heart would fail.

Try as she might, she couldn't take her eyes from him as he set her gently on the floor, all thoughts of discretion lost the pounding of her heart and the ringing of her ears.

She must have made him feel awkward though; he had looked away quickly, looking uncomfortable as he made to put away the rest of the cups. Trying not to blush and internally scolding herself for being so obvious, she had opened her mouth to stammer an apology before Hunny had thankfully rescued her.

Despite the coldness of the winter air, Haruhi felt her face grow hot just thinking about it. The feel of his hand on her waist, the softness of his voice, the look of concern in his eyes…

"You'll never win him by standing about daydreaming you know."

Haruhi jumped and span around, looking wildly around for the owner of the voice. Her eyes met those of a girl, standing inside one of the corridors, framed in an open window. The girl was pretty, with jet-black hair falling around her shoulders as she leaned on the windowsill, chin in her hand. She had wide dark eyes that were regarding Haruhi with an amused thoughtfulness. The effect the girl had, although impressive in itself, was enhanced by the other girl standing at the window, her posture identical but reversed to that of her sister's. The only difference was that the second girl's hair, fluttering round her face in the breeze, with a silvery blonde.

Once she had recovered from the sudden appearance of the girls, Haruhi's brain threw up a memory.

"You two. You're the new girls in class 1B right? You're…"

The blonde twin gave her a slow, catlike smile. "…Nekozawa-senpai's cousins, yes. But what does that have to do with you and Morinozuka-senpai?"

Haruhi's breath caught in her throat. How did they know? Had they seen her looking at him…?

The dark-haired twin gave a short laugh and clapped her hands in delight at Haruhi's thunderstruck expression. "Don't worry fair maiden, we won't tell your prince charming how you feel. Although you should."

Haruhi opened her mouth to deny these accusations. She didn't know what they were talking about. She was obviously a boy. Takashi Morinozuka was just a friend and club member. But one look at their knowing, thoughtful stares made her sigh and hang her head in defeat.

"How did you know?" she said weakly.

The girls leant forward again and sighed in unison.

"The love-struck girl watches the young man from afar."

"She loves him."

"But can't tell him how she feels."

"So tragic."
"So sad."

They turned and fixed her with identical sympathetic, almost pitying gazes before leaning out the window so that they were closer to her. Haruhi stepped back without thinking, becoming increasingly unnerved by these strange twins.

"You know," whispered the blonde twin. "We can make it so he doesn't even look at those other girls."

"That's right." chimed the other twin. "He'll only have eyes for you."

"He'll smile at you."

"He'll take care of you."

"He'll love you."

Haruhi looked from one twin to another, dumbstruck. All sensible voices and doubts in her mind had been drowned out at the word 'love'. Her mind reeled with a thousand images of her and Mori, a thousand scenarios and fantasies that had chased through her mind for months. Shaking slightly in a way that had nothing to do with the cold, she looking up at the smiling twins.

"Tell me what to do."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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