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Walking fast, faces pass and I'm homebound.

Staring blankly ahead just making my way, making a way through the crowds

And I need you,

And I miss you

And now I wonder…

If I could fall, into the sky,

Do you think time would pass me by?

Because you know I'd walk a thousand miles,

If I could just see you tonight.

A Thousand Miles – Vanessa Carlton


Mori raced through the halls of the school, swift and silent as a shadow, as always. It must be said, that he did his reputation as the calm, silent, ruggedly handsome and perpetually unruffled host credit; it's not many young men who can maintain the appearance of being cool and collected while running full tilt through a busy school.

Despite his speed and his dodging in and out of bodies, you might be persuaded by his lithe, graceful movements and inbuilt air of confidence to think that he was just in a hurry. Slightly late for kendo practice maybe, or running to meet someone. Until you noticed his eyes.

Their usual unfathomable gray depths were focused into a look of anxiety and apprehension. They flickered over faces and dismissed them instantly, they scanned emptying classrooms and snapped to read signs on doors, they probed shadowed corners and swept open courtyards looking for something. Looking for someone.

Come on, where is she… The twins said the east building, where is it…

He'd been helping Mitsukuni fix his tie, to the gushing, squealing chorus of a dozen fangirls, when the twins had sauntered into the music room, grinning, aloof, and unusually for a Thursday, Haruhi-less. He knew for a fact that Haruhi had chemistry with the twins last class on a Thursday afternoon, since she usually dragged herself into the music room with Hikaru hanging round her shoulders and Kaoru clinging to her waist, one always tightening his grip while she was preoccupied pushing the other away. The general effect was one of a concussed, red-headed octopus-human hybrid.

Their smiles dimmed quickly as Kyouya sailed over to them, charming smile fixed on a handsome face, but eyes glinting like steel.

"Hikaru, Kaoru, you're late. These lovely ladies have been waiting for you."

Kyouya flashed a smile at the girls fluttering behind the twins like baby chicks and they blushed under his warm gaze. The twins however clearly found the smile less than welcoming; they shuffled their feet and studied the ceiling.

"It's not our fault… really!", Hikaru exclaimed when Kyouya raised an eyebrow in disbelief.

"Hikaru! Kaoru! For shame! A host should not be standing idly talking whilst in the presence of such radiant beauty!"

Mori saw Hikaru roll his eyes as Kaoru muttered, "Good afternoon, Milord…"

Tamaki swept over in lieu of swirling rose petals and unexplained romantic music, pushing his way through the twins and seizing the hand of the nearest girl, who blushed furiously and stared at the Host Club king with wide, disbelieving eyes.

Tamaki gazed into her eyes and whispered softly, "My most sincere apologies princess, if you and your equally breath-taking friends would grace us by taking a seat, Hikaru and Kaoru will be with you shortly."

Clearly unwilling to leave this gathering of four gorgeous and charming men, but equally unwilling to deny a request from Tamaki, the girls walked hesitantly to a nearby couch and sat down, giggling and casting backward glances.

Tamaki turned from them, gaze swinging back to the twins. Kyouya sighed wearily and turned away as Tamaki drew a deep breath, posing with one hand on his chest and the other languorously stretched toward the ceiling. Kyouya recognized the beginnings of a lengthy speech on the duties and courtesies of a first-class host when he saw them.

Suddenly Tamaki froze, eyes flickering suspiciously from one twin to another as he tried to figure out what was missing. His jaw dropped, face aghast with horror as he pointed an accusing finger at the twins.

"My precious daughter! Where is she? What have you two done with her?!"

Leaning back slightly under the onslaught of Tamaki's questions, Kaoru held his hands up in a gesture of supplication.

"That's what we were trying to tell Kyouya before you interrupted, Milord."

"Yeah, Haruhi's at the nurses office."

Mori's ears pricked up and he felt his blood turn cold as he snapped his head around to stare at the twins. Not that any of the girls he was entertaining noticed, they were all absorbed in helping Mitsukuni feed Usa-chan strawberries.

Tamaki howled with misery and began shaking both twins backward and forward by the fronts of their shirts.

"What did you two do to your lovely sister!? Mom! Mom! Hikaru and Kaoru have been abusing their dear sister and now she is grievously wounded!"

"Hardly grievously wounded, Milord…" Kaoru gasped as he pulled his collar out of Tamaki's grip.

"Yeah," Hikaru agreed, straightening his tie. "Haruhi just dropped a beaker at the end of chem class and cut her hand a little on the broken glass. We wanted to go with her but she said… What did she say Kaoru?"

"That we were the most infuriately annoying people she ever had the misfortune to know and that if we didn't leave her be she'd brain us with her book bag."

"Yeah, that. You'd think she was mad at us or something."

"Well, you were trying to steal her bus pass."

"I just wanted to look at it."

Tamaki interrupted by grabbing Hikaru's shoulders and leaning into his face.

"Which nurses office!? Which one!?"

"The….urgh…east one, Milord but…..argh…"

"I must visit my poor injured daughter immediately! I must….urrrk!!!"

Kyouya had seized Tamaki by the back of his collar and was now dragging him kicking and yelling back to his customers.

"You're not going anywhere Tamaki. It's bad enough that we had to cancel club on Monday without you slacking off today as well. We have a reputation to think of you know."

"But Mom!"

"Don't call me Mom."

Unthinkingly, Mori placed his hands on the arms of the armchair he was sitting in, meaning to push himself upright and run from the room without looking back.

Only years of habitual devotion allowed him to keep himself in check and stopped him from running. Running to her, but away from Mitsukuni. He felt a deep stab of guilt as he realized that he really had been about to turn his back on his cousin and walk away, edged with a hollow sadness as he realized that he still wanted to.

As he realized that the thing, the person he had thought to be the most important to him, the one he would protect and care for more than all others, might not be his cousin anymore.

A glance across at Mitsukuni, sitting on the opposite couch with giggling girls on either side, and usa-chan clasped loosely on his lap, showed that his cousin knew it just as well as he did, had maybe even known it for longer. His small, childlike face bore a sweet smile tinged with a kind of weary sadness far more adult than his appearance gave him credit for. His eyes however, held no blame or anger, only a wish for Mori to be happy that he could read as well as if Hunny had spoken it to him aloud.

Mitsukuni gave him a small nod, and clutched usa-chan a little tighter to his chest.

"Takashi? Could you please bring us out some clean plates from the store cupboard?" he asked sweetly. The store cupboard was conveniently close to the door leading out into the hall.

Mori rose from his seat gladly. "Ah."

Hunny smiled brightly at him. "Arigato Takashi! I think they're in a box right at the back though, so it might take a while to find them."

As Mori neared the supply cupboard door, there was a clatter of crockery from behind and Mitsukuni cried out in despair. Mori snapped his head around and started back to the table more out of habit than anything else.

There was a spreading puddle of tea on the table surface, which was dripping steadily onto the carpet. Mitsukuni had 'accidentally' spilt his cup of tea over usa-chan and was now crying apparently inconsolably inside a cluster of comforting girls. Kyouya tutted and moved over to the table, probably toting up he cost of the broken cups in his head as he did so. The twins had sauntered over, trailing customers, to have a look, and Tamaki was attempting to comfort Mitsukuni with his teddy bear.

With the rest of the room's attention effectively distracted, Mori nodded his silent thanks to his cousin and slipped unseen out of the door.

His darting, searching eyes finally found what they were looking for in the form of a small, discreet plaque reading 'East Wing Nurse's Office'.

He skidded to a halt, framed in the doorway, eyes darting to every corner of the room and breath heaving in his chest, his imagination already throwing up hateful images of Haruhi in pain, Haruhi bleeding, Haruhi crying…


Mori's head snapped to the left to see Haruhi sitting on a treatment bed, her injured hand swathed in a bandage and resting in the gloved hands of a nurse, whose expression of surprise differed only from Haruhi's in that it was tinged with stern disapproval.

A small part of Mori's mind pointed out that it was not normal, not to mention impolite, for a young gentleman to intrude so recklessly on a medical consultation, but it was completely ignored as Mori's eyes unthinkingly swept Haruhi from head to foot looking for signs of injury.

His eyes took in the crimson splashes that spotted the front of her shirt and the blood-stained cloth that she had used to staunch the bleeding sitting next to her but noted with great relief that her face and eyes showed no sign of tears or pain. Instead she was staring at him in obvious surprise and amazement, large eyes shining and lips slightly parted.


The nurse rose from her seat with a disapproving clearing of her throat, scooping up Haruhi's medical chart.

"Try and spare that hand Fujioka, and don't remove the dressing. Come and see me tomorrow to have it changed. Now if you'll excuse me, I have two other patients to see to."

With a final frowning look at Mori, she walking briskly to the other side of the room, her soft shoes making faint squeaking sounds on the linoleum, and disappeared behind a curtain that obscured the other treatment beds.

Haruhi made an inarticulate affirmative noise in response to the nurse's words, her disbelieving eyes never leaving Mori's. Suddenly she gasped and a surprised comprehension flooding her eyes.

"Oh, Mori-senpai! Is it Hunny-senpai? Is he hurt?"

She looked around hurriedly, as if expecting to see Mitsukuni injured and in tears, clutching his usa-chan on one of the other treatment beds.

Mori stepped towards her and stood in front of her, shaking his head slightly.


Her eyes clouded with confusion and her smooth forehead creased in a frown as she searched his face for an answer.


Mori knelt down before her and lifted her injured hand in both of his, his own hands so much larger and stronger than hers, but as infinitely gentle and careful as if she was made of fine glass. He turned it over in his hands, running fingers softly but surely over the contours of the bandages.

He looked up at her, dark eyes stained with a tortured concern for her. He knew it made no logical sense but now, as in every instance where she was hurt or unhappy, he couldn't shake the nagging feeling that it was somehow, in some way, his fault. For not being there, for not protecting her, for failing her.

He knew it was stupid, he knew it made no sense, he knew that the fact she had cut her hand could in no way be thought of as his fault, but he still felt his insides twist in knots at the sight of her blood on her shirt and the glaring, accusing white material of her bandage.

"Does it hurt?" he asked softly, quietly, all the time scanning her delicate features and her disquietingly beautiful eyes for any sign of pain or distress.

A deep blush invaded Haruhi's face as a belated realization dawned on her. He saw it in her eyes as she realized that he was here not for Mitsukuni, not for anyone else, but for her. Only her.

He was rewarded as her face shifted seamlessly into a smile sweeter and more beautiful than any that his princess customers could ever summon.

"A little," she conceded. "But I'm fine really Mori-senpai."

He scrutinized her face for a moment with disbelieving eyes before lapsing into a relieved smile as he rose to his feet.

"Come on," she said as she slid off the bed. "We should get back to club before Tamaki brings the whole lot of them down here."

Mori felt a small smile tug at his lips as he envisioned a Tamaki laden with 'Get Well Soon' balloons, soft toys, chocolates and other gifts yelling at the twins who would no doubt be trying to trip him up and mock him as a disinterested Kyouya and a laughing Mitsukuni followed.


He reached down and scooped Haruhi's bag off the floor instants before her good hand closed on the handle, tucking it easily under his arm.

For a second it looked as if she might argue, then she stood back, smiling happily as she let Mori steer her gently out into the hallway with his arm around her shoulders.

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The nurse walked away from Mori and Haruhi across the floor of the large and expensively equipped medical room, pausing briefly to file Haruhi's medical forms in a large filing cabinet. She quickly looked around the room to make sure her other patients weren't watching her before she opened the drawer marked 'female students'.

A wry smile twisted across her lips, she supposed she didn't need to worry about the Morinozuko boy seeing. It was obvious just by the way he looked at her that he knew Fujioka's secret. Perhaps she really was just a friend and he was just naturally very protective, she'd see him in here with his cousin before after all.

But still… Her smile turned warmer as she glanced back over her shoulder to see him gently cradling the girl's hand, his face full of painful concern. No, it was definitely more than that…

Shaking her head with a small laugh she walked briskly to the other side of the room, stopping only to scoop up two other medical charts from a desk. She rounded the curtains obscuring the other treatment beds from view without lifting her eyes from the charts.

"Now, Miss Barako and Miss Nadeshiko, I see that neither of you have any past medical history of fainting or dizziness so I'll just check your temperatures and…what on earth are you doing? I told you both to rest!"

The two girls turned briefly from where they were crouching on the bed and peering intently through a gap in the curtains long enough to give her a withering look.

"Rest? Don't be foolish, rest is for the weak." ,the dark-haired girl said scornfully, while her sister resumed her viewing through the curtain.

"But! But, you're supposed to be ill! Get back into bed!" The girls ignored her. Setting her lips firmly and clutching the charts tightly, she rallied slightly. "Besides, this is blatant invasion of patient privacy!"

"Oh do shut up, there's a good nurse."

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