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Troy Bolton, A famous singer.

Shows Troy singing at his sold out concert.

Gabriella Montez, lost everything, her mom, her life, her dignity. But she does have one thing...

Shows Gabriella, walking down the street, carrying a little girl. Not much older than a few months.

But when Troy bumps into an unknown women, he's shocked to find out who it is...

"Gabriella?" He asked in shock.

"Troy" She whispered.

Gabriella has two job and usually works a lot...So she has to leave her baby with babysitters.

Shows Gabriella working at a nail salon, during the day time.

Shows Gabriella working at a popular bar at night.

When Troy finds out, he gives her a hand...a really big hand...

"Gabriella, you can't keep living like this, it isn't healthy for you or your daughter" He proteseted. "Which is why..."

Gabriella is highly grateful, and she is slowly returning to be happy again, but will he past prevent that?

Shows Gabriella and Troy goofing off.Troy accidentally touched Gabriella on her cheek and she flinches.

"Gabriella are you okay?"

When her past is revealed, Troy will do anything in his power to protect her and the baby.

"I promise you Gabriella no one will ever hurt you again" Troy said sternly.

"You promise?" She asked quietly.

"I promise"

Troy and Gabriella's love for each other is slowly but surley coming back.

Shows Gabriella leaning in...closer and closer...

But when her past reaches the press, by a certain someone...

"Gabriella Montez, Shady Past?" Troy read from the article.

"Sh...it'll be okay" He whispered.

Will all the derogotory comments eventually send Gabriella over the edge?

"Troy...I...can't do this anymore..."

Can Troy convince her to stay...and what about her baby?

"Gabriella please, well make it through this..." He paused "And what about Leigh?" He asked.

Will she follow her heart...

Shows Gabriella kissing Troy...

Or will she do what America wants her to do?

Shows Gabriella boarding a plane, with baby Leigh in hands.

Will Gabriella finally ever be happy?

Shows Gabriella laughing and smiling.

Or Will everything send her over the edge...

Shows Gabriella walking to the cemetary, and collapsing on her knee's...

Overcoming The Past...

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