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So I now present to you chapter 3 of "The Pursuit of a Better Life"

At the hospital

A medic was taking a look at Ino's burns. Naruto was made to stay outside, as most of the medics didn't like him. Ino was saddened by this because she really wanted him to stay with her. 'Wow I cant believe Naruto contains the kyuubi no kitsune. It doesn't make me look at him any different, well it does but in a good way. I used to see him as a little goof ball that just wanted attention, but now I see him as a hurt boy who needs attention. I just hope he'll let me into his life.'

"Ok dear, your burns are minor but I still want you to take it easy ok. Get plenty of rest and drink plenty of fluids and" Ino just tuned the rest of what she was saying out. She really didn't care what she was saying. She was just too busy thinking about Naruto.

'I want to ask him out but will he say yes, or will he say no? I'm just not sure of how to ask him.' Ino thought about this for a while, so long that the medic Nin had stopped talking and said she could go. 'I got it I'll take him to Ichiraku's ramen shop and talk to him there.'

'Ok the gennin exams are at 3:00 and its about noon now, so I have about 2 and a half hours to talk with Naruto then we've got to get to the academy for the test. That should be plenty of time right?'

When she got outside she saw Naruto sitting against the wall while random villagers shouted things at him, which didn't seem to bother him. She walked up to him, "Um hi Naruto-kun, I umm was wondering, would you like to… what I mean to say is… WOULDYOULIKETOGOOUTWITHMETOICHIRAKUSRAMENSHOP!!!" she yelled really fast."

Naruto did not hear what she had said but he had heard ramen so he did what he always did, he smiled big, scratched the back of his head, laughed and said "sure Ino-chan I'd love to go get some ramen with you."

"Great lets go" Ino said as they began walking to ichiraku's. 'Whoosh I'm glad that's out of the way. I thought I would die of embarrassment if he had said no. Now when he gets nice and settled I bring up his past… wait bad idea that will just make him sad. I know I'll just quietly tell him I know his secret. Yeah then I ask if I can help him out, I know just how to help him, first I'll push him to the bed, then I rip off his cloths, then I'll jump on his' were the hell did that come from. I'm acting like a total hentai.' She looks at Naruto and blushes madly as the previous thought flooded her perverted mind.

They had just arrived at the ramen shop and took their seats. "Hey old man 4 bowls of barbequed pork and 2 bowls of miso ramen please."

"Yes right away" the ramen shop owner said. " And for the lady?"

"I'll have a vegetarian please"

"All right"

Ino looked over to Naruto, "umm Naruto-kun"

"Yea Ino-chan"

"Umm I just wanted to say thanks for helping me out when that chunnin tried to kill me."

"O that's ok Ino-chan, actually I should be thanking you for helping me."

"Yea why was that guy attacking you anyways?" Ino asked, already knowing the answer.

"O… I… umm I called him a lousy ninja." Naruto lied.

Ino sighed, 'he doesn't trust me with his secret yet, maybe I shouldn't bring it up.' She thought. Just then the ramen arrived.

"Here you kids go, nice hot ramen." The ramen owner said. (AN I don't know his name if anyone can tell me I'd appreciate it)

"Thanks old man." Naruto said as he grabbed his chopsticks.

"Arigato." Ino said politely.

They said a quick thank you "Itadakimasu" and went to eating their meal.

After they were done eating they thanked the owner and left.

"Hey Ino-chan, you want to see my favorite spot to hang out?"

'He wants to show me his favorite spot, yes he wants to show me something secret to him maybe I'll bring up his secret when we get there' "Sure Naruto-kun I'd love to."

Naruto took her to the top of the Hokage Mountain. Ino was awestricken by the sight of the whole village. Ino looked at him blushing "Naruto-kun it's… beautiful."

"Yea I know, I come up here to think about stuff. And I don't have to worry about the villagers getting to me, they never come up here."

"Naruto… do, do they hurt you a lot?"

"What? No ha ha ha why, why would they ever hurt me?" he laughed nervously.

"Naruto-kun you can take your mask off, it's ok I already know why they hurt you. They think you are the kyuubi, but I know your not the kyuubi, your, your Naruto the silly little goofball who dreams of being Hokage."

Naruto was in shock, not only did she know of the fox, but she didn't resent him for it. Maybe he could let her see the real him, maybe it's ok to let her help him.

Ino seeing the confused look on his face decided to let him know just how much he meant to her. She leaned in grasped his chin and pulled his face towards hers, she then closed the gap and let their lips meet. She licked the bottom of his lip begging for entrance. Which Naruto happily obliged, their tongues met battling each other for control. Ino realized they couldn't do this out here so she grabbed Naruto and shashined back to her place, (AN lets pretend that she knows how to do that ok) which was conveniently empty for they next two days as her parents were on missions. She then took him up to her room and laid down in her bed. She enticed him with little sexy poses. Naruto couldn't take it any more and joined her on the bed and kissed her deeply again. Naruto then began to take her top off. When he finally got it off he then took off her bra. He broke the kiss to stare at her large assets.

"God Ino you've got some big tits."

Ino blushed at his boldness "T-thank you Naruto-kun."

Naruto brought his mouth to her plump ripe tits. He flashed his tongue over one swollen nipple.

"Ahhhh!" Ino gasped. She squirmed, waiting for Naruto to devour her tits. "O yes Naruto-kun."

Naruto fondled Ino's tits, his cerulean eyes fixed hungrily on her swollen pink nipples. In the next instant, he brought his mouth to one jiggling tit and sucked.

"Ahhhh!" Ino panted. "Bite! Bite!"

Naruto lost his mind. Gobbling on her tits had him crazy. He feasted on Ino's cherry-red nipples, making the tips hard. He slobbered his spit over the girl's soft creamy skin, his tongue working over every warm inch of her huge tits.

Ino writhed on her back. Her red-fringed pussy was oozing cream, soaking her panties as she squeezed her legs together. "Ooooh, bite me, Naruto. Bite my tits."

Naruto, his face smeared with drool, used his teeth. He nipped at her nipples, biting and sucking her white silky skin, turning it red. In seconds he had Ino wailing in ecstasy.

"Ooooh, Naruto! Naruto!" She dropped her hands and clawed at the sheets. The inside of her pussy pulsed each time Naruto took a deep suck on her tits. "My pussy, Naruto. Eat my pussy. Make me cum!"

Naruto released her tits, looked at Ino, then slowly pulled her short skirt off and threw it across the room. He then looked at her again and slowly pulled her soaked black lacy panties off. He then brought them to his face and sniffed in her scent. "Mmmm you smell so good Ino. I can't wait to taste your soaking wet pussy.

Ino blushed again at his dirty talk, ' what came over him? It's like he's some kind of wild sex crazed animal… and I like it.' "Eat me," Ino begged. "Christ. Make me cum." She moaned as she rubbed her tits.

Naruto enjoyed the power he held over Ino. "I'll eat your pussy," he said.

He dragged a finger up through Ino's wet seeping cunt. "When I'm ready."

Hot spasms caromed through Ino's twisting body. "You bastard!" she moaned. "Eat my pussy and stop teasing."

Naruto had no intention of stopping his erotic game. He pinched Ino's clit, making the girl writhe and scream. "You better stop howling or the entire village will here you."

"You bastard!" Ino gasped.

"I'm a bastard," Naruto tormented. "I'm the bastard who's gonna suck your pussy and make you cream. You better be nice to me." He teased.

"I will," Ino promised. "Just please eat me!"

Naruto massaged Ino's pussy, pinching the girl's hard throbbing clit and running his finger up and down her sopping wet pussy slit. Naruto twisted Ino's clit with his fingers, and then dropped onto his belly. He licked the juice-stained flesh of Ino's inner thighs. He sucked and chewed on Ino's thighs, his mouth getting closer and closer to her overheated slit.

Ino writhed on her back, her tits flopping, her nails clawing the sheet. She humped up, whimpering under Naruto's mouth. "My pussy," she pleaded. "Eat me!"

For a second, Naruto stared at Ino's pussy. It was red; the velvety folds swollen, glistening with a filmy cream that oozed from the inside of her cunt. He swallowed hard, his blue eyes glazed with lust.

"Eat me," Ino howled. She humped up, her ass coming off the bed. She twisted her hips, moaning, anxious for Naruto's tongue to put out the raging fire in her steamy pussy. "Eat me!"

Naruto scooted his hands under Ino's jiggling ass, digging his nails into the soft flesh. He fused his mouth to Ino's pussy and sucked.

"Ahhhh!" Ino wailed, her body trembling wildly. "Ooooh, Naruto! Naruto!"

Warm pussy-cream flowed over Naruto's face. He sucked, drawing in sticky cream into his mouth. The taste of Ino's pussy made him dizzy and his cock sprang to life, poking into the mattress.

"Suck," Ino moaned. "Ooooh, suck me, Naruto!" She thrashed on the bed, her pussy flowing, her cunt feeling as if it were being sucked from her body. "Ooooh Naruto!"

Naruto wormed his tongue between the velvety folds of Ino' hot pussy. He lapped hungrily at the flowing juices, swallowing them as his tongue penetrated the entrance to Ino's virgin slit. He raked Ino's ass, making her howl and twist on the bed.

Ino arced her back, jerking her hips and smashed her cunt into Naruto's face. "My clit, Naruto! Chew my fuckin' clit!"

Naruto plastered his mouth tightly to Ino's pussy, chewing sadistically on the lose folds and sucked warm cream into his mouth. His fingers scratched the sensitive flesh of Ino's ass as he sought out the crack and the tiny ring of her asshole.

Ino squirmed, bucking her hips. Her mouth opened as Naruto's fingers clawed her asshole. "Ooooh, no," She cried. "Don't!"

It was too late. Naruto's finger jabbed viciously into Ino's asshole. He twisted it, Ino's screams of anguish turning him on. He jabbed another finger into her asshole, finger –fucking her tiny shitter as he gobbled hungrily on Ino's overflowing pussy.

Ino's eyes widened. The pain of Naruto's ass-stabbing fingers blended with the pleasure of His cunt-sucking mouth. It drove Ino wild and she bucked and twisted maniacally on the bed.

Naruto darted his tongue into Ino's hole, and felt the thin layer of skin of her cherry. Hot cream bathed his tongue as he licked quickly through Ino's gaping wet slit.

Ino lurched up then slammed down. Her hips rotated in tight quick circles. "My clit! Make me cum!" she shoved forward, mangling her clit against Naruto's teeth. "Ahhhh!"

Naruto's was soaked with sticky cunt cream. He twisted his fingers inside of Ino's asshole, jabbing them in and out quickly, Ino's screams and twisting body telling him that she was having a ball. He sucked hard, ready to give Ino what she wanted, and orgasm.

"Yessss," Ino hissed, sensing Naruto was ready to make her cum. "I'm so close. Bite my clit! Make me cum!" she was delirious, her body quaking, swirling at the peak, needing only Naruto's teeth to take her over the edge.

Naruto latched his teeth onto Ino's blood-filled clit. With her clit a prisoner of his teeth, he lashed his tongue over the ultra-sensitive tip. Cream gushed from Ino's slit.

Ino wrenched her body, stiffened, then went into wild frantic convulsions. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming," she wailed, not caring who heard her screams of lust. "I'm creaming, Naruto!"

Naruto knew it. Ino's pussy cream was drowning him. He held on tightly to Ino's clit, his tongue whipping back and forth over the tip. He sucked, almost tearing Ino's clit from her twisting body.

"Ahhhh! I'm cumming! I'm cum…ing!" Ino went insane. She pounded the bed with her fists, lifted her legs, grabbed them by the ankles, stretching them wide as she twisted her hips and ground her cunt into Naruto's mouth.

Naruto buried his face against Ino's pussy. He chewed on her clit' sucked it, and whipped it with his tongue. Cum flowed into his mouth, over his face, and down his chin. He jabbed hard, stabbing his fingers in and out of Ino's shitter as she thrashed and jerked on the bed, a prisoner of his mouth and ass-ripping fingers.

Ino arched her back, the dropped her legs. Her neck strained as her head snapped from side to side. Her hips lurched up, twisted, then slammed down, driving Naruto's fingers deeper into her asshole. "Ooooh, Naruto! I can't stop! I can't stop!" Ino ground her ass down onto Naruto's fingers and screamed as Naruto's nails raked the inside wall of her tight shitter. "Ooooh! Ooooh!"

Naruto released Ino's clit and sucked one last time, taking a river of pussy-cum into his mouth. He looked up at Ino, his face drenched in hot pussy cream. "So did you have fun?" he asked rhetorically

Ino smiled back at him, a small blush still adorned on her face. "Wow… naru-to your… so… good." She panted.

Naruto smile in his usual foxy way, "Really thanks Ino."

Ino was about to suggest she pay him back for the wonderful orgasms she had when she saw the clock. "O my god it's 2:57! Were going to be late for the exams!"

"What?!? We have to hurry I can't be in the academy for another year, I have to become Hokage, Believe it!!! (Sorry I couldn't resist XP)

Naruto and Ino hurried and got there cloths on and rushed out of the door, and sprinted to the academy with speed that would make Lee train twice as hard. Speaking of which he saw them running and said, "Yosh, the spirit of youth runs vast in them, I must train twice as hard to reenergize my own youthfulness." And he ran off to do 1000 laps around Konoha.

When Naruto and Ino finally got to the academy they were 15 min late. They burst through the doors, bowed and said "Sumimasen. Osoku narimashita Iruka-sensei. (AN it means sorry I'm late teacher Iruka)

"It's ok guys just take a seat, I was still explaining the exams to the class. All right guys like I was saying, the exams consist of 4 parts, being 1st the written exam, 2nd the weapons exam, 3rd the taijutsu exam, and 4th the jutsu exam. Ok any questions… no… ok time to start the exams."

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