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Chapter 4 Tests and Teams

Naruto took his seat and groaned loudly. You see Naruto has a knack for jutsu and stamina, but when it comes to test taking, he bombs it big time.

"Why does it have to be a written exam why cant it just be-"

"SHUT IT NARUTO!!!!" Iruka yelled his head getting all huge and his eyes bulging.

"Now this exam will test the basic knowledge you all have acquired from my class the past year. It covers geography, history, and basic chakra theory."

After Iruka was done passing out the exams he said. "This is your last chance to ask me any question before we start… because once you start I will not be answering any."

At this Naruto raises his hand. (I know it's amazing I didn't have him blurt his question out haha)

"Except if your question is about trying to get out of taking the written test."

Naruto puts his hand down.

"All right. Now begin"

The sounds of pencils scratching echoes throughout the classroom. Naruto has a good start but slowly the test is getting harder and harder.

'Ok lets see here #1 what country does Konoha reside in? Umm, duh Hi no Kuni, (fire) I thought this test was suppose to be difficult. Ok next question what country close to fire is covered in mostly sand? … I know Suna resides in this country… I think its Kaza no Kuni, (wind). All right next question what country does Iwagakure (the village hidden in the rocks) reside in? ………Well I think Iwa's ninja specialize in earth jutsu so it has to be Tsuchi no Kuni, (earth). Moving right along to question #4, what are the last two great shinobi countries? Well I know there is Mizu no Kuni (water), and the last one is Kaminari no Kuni (lightning).

Iruka was currently watching Naruto take his test. Hn it seems Naruto is doing ok for the moment, though he is on the country part so its pretty easy, but for Naruto the next page will be difficult.

Ok first page down, second page here we go.

As Naruto looked down upon his page what he saw downright scared him. There on his paper was a map of the world (I'm not entirely sure if the map of the many countries is the world or a country of its own?) a blank map of the world with the dots for all the shinobi villages… and he had to not only label the countries but the villages as well. And it was worth 50 points of the total 200.

O shit I'm am so screwed.

After about 30 min and not a single right question answered correctly except the first several, the written exam was over. Naruto decided that he would drop his dobe mask and show everyone her how great he truly was.

"Ok guys if you would all follow me we will head outside for the rest of the exam." Iruka told the Gennin hopefuls.

When they got outside Iruka had them line up in a single file line in front of the targets. "Now please take these kunai and shuriken and aim for the target, try and have them hit as close to the center as you can. This is to test your accuracy in ranged weapons." When Iruka finished explaining, he gave them three of each weapon.


As gennin hopefuls were throwing shuriken and kunai, Naruto, at the back of the line behind Sasuke, was thinking about how he yelled at kyuubi. I don't hate the fox I mean it didn't choose to be sealed in me…I need to apologize. I'll try and enter my mindscape after the exam is over.

It was now Sasuke's turn; he threw the kunai and shuriken and hit the center to form a perfect Uchiha fan. All the fans girls were ooooing and aaaaing at the last Uchiha's ability. Naruto was snickering because he had just thought of a good prank. Good thing he learned kage shuriken no jutsu.


"Now Naruto I'm going to teach you a new jutsu ok?"

"Ok sarutobi-Jii" (jii means grandfather)

"Hahaha ok it's called kage shuriken no jutsu and it makes clones of shuriken and kunai. Ok you ready… here we go"

The third Hokage threw three shuriken, went through 4 hand signs and 3 shuriken became 6, 6 became 12 and 12 became 24. All 24 shuriken imbedded themselves into a tree.

" Wow jii-san that was cool. How did you do it huh? Tell me please." Naruto applied the infamous puppy dog eyes no jutsu.

"Hahaha alright Naruto the seals for this jutsu are-"

End Flashback

At that moment Naruto's little trip down memory lane ended because Iruka was yelling again.


"Huh o ok here we go"

Naruto threw the shuriken and kunai and went through the required seals for the kage shuriken no jutsu and his weapons multiplied greatly. The multiplied weapons all hit there marks with an audible thud. Whispers were heard from all the students, for on every one of the 20 or so targets was now the spiral that Naruto loved so much.

Iruka was stunned, as was the rest of the class. Some of them started to whisper to each other things like 'fluke' and 'lucky'. The Uchiha fan girls shouted how dare you show up Sasuke, Naruto no baka. Naruto didn't care if the idiots thought that, however he got a glimpse of Iruka's knowing smile, that he knew this was no fluke, he knew that what Naruto did was done with pure skill gained from years of endless practice. He looked over at Ino and she smiled and winked at him.

Damn dobe how the hell did he get so powerful. I will force him to tell me so I can learn it for myself. I will kill you Aniiki (big brother).

"Ok guys now we will begin the taijutsu part of the exam line up in two lines and one at a time and spar with either myself or Mizuki."

After about 25 minutes of waiting it was finally Naruto's turn. He walked towards Iruka.

"Hey Iruka sensei if I hit you how about you treat me to ramen?"

"Ok Naruto but if you don't you have to clean up the classroom after the exam ok?"

"Yes free ramen here I come!"

"Don't get cocky now Naruto."

With that Naruto sped off toward Iruka and attempted to punch him in the face but that was blocked rather quickly. Naruto then followed with a roundhouse kick the Iruka ducked under. Naruto the shifted his body weight and tried to kick Iruka's feet out from under him but to his dismay Iruka jumped over his feet. Thinking quickly Naruto decided to use another jutsu the old man taught him. The signs where horse, dog, rabbit, snake, dragon, tiger.

"Tengoku Toppu!"(Heavens Blast)

A very bright light flashed blinding Iruka and Naruto ran in and punch him in the gut once, backed off and waited for Iruka's response.

"Ha Ha Ha wow it looks like I owe you ramen Naruto" Iruka laughed.

After everyone else had completed the taijutsu test, Iruka and the students walked back inside. He had them line up in front of him and he announced the next test.

"The next test is a test on the three jutsu you all have learned while in the academy. First is the henge test. You must henge into me. First up Uchiha Sasuke."

Sasuke muttered his usual "Hn" and stepped up and said 'Henge' and transformed into a perfect Iruka. Iruka nodded, before he looked to the next in line.

"Next Uzumaki Naruto."

Everyone knew Naruto sucked at henge, and there was no way to fluke this. As Naruto stepped up, he could feel almost everyone glaring at him, almost willing him to fail. Naruto yawned and said henge, a poof of smoke filled the room and when it cleared there was Iruka and an exact copy of Iruka. Everyone in the room had their mouths gapping except Iruka, Ino, and Shikamaru for he had already figured out that Naruto hides his true power.

"Very nice Naruto" Iruka said.

After everyone had finished the henge and substitution jutsu's the next test consisted of the bunshin test. Sasuke was once again first up and after about 2 minutes he came out with a hitai-ate around his forehead.

"Uzumaki Naruto, Your up."

After he entered the room Iruka asked him to perform the bunshin no jutsu.

"Iruka sensei I cannot perform the bunshin no jutsu." Naruto confessed

"That's ok Naruto you can try again next-"

"But I can do this. Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

Naruto made 20 clones

Iruka was simply astonished, "They're…Solid… Na… Naruto?"

Naruto turned to Iruka.

"What? Didn't I create enough? Cause I can make more."

"Naruto… that's a jounin level jutsu.

Naruto nodded.

"I told you I could do the Bunshin no jutsu so I just went for the next level."

Iruka waved him towards the table of the hitai-ate, where Naruto picked up a black one and tied it around his forehead. And walk out and smiled at Ino and gave her thumbs up. After the test was finally complete Iruka stood in front of the new graduates smiling.

"Congratulations on passing the exam guys. I've watched you guys grow up from little 8-year-old kids to 12-year-old ninja. Ok my little speech is done. Ok now it is time to assign you to your 3 man squads."

After 5 minutes Iruka was down to the last 3 teams.

"Team 6; Hyuuga Hinata, Nara Shikamaru, and Uchiha Sasuke and your jounin sensei will be Yuhi Kurenai. Team 7; Aburame Shino, Haruno Sakura, and Akimichi Chouji and your jounin sensei will be Sarutobi Asuma. Team 7; Uzumaki Naruto, Yamanaka Ino, and Inuzuka Kiba and your jounin sensei will be Hatake Kakashi. Ok your jounin sensei's should be here relatively soon. I have some paper work to do in the back room so behave yourselves ok."

With that Iruka left. After an hour or so of waiting team 7 was the only team still waiting for their sensei. Naruto was tired of waiting so he decided that now would be a good time to enter his mindscape and apologize to kyuubiNaruto closed his eyes and concentrated on the cage inside his mind and sure enough he felt the familiar chest compressing and light headedness that he felt the first time he came down here. When he opened his eyes he was indeed in front of kyuubi's cage, but he didn't see kyuubi. He heard heavy breathing coming from inside the cage so he new it was there. He squinted his eyes to try and see, what he saw made it very hard to suppress a giggle. Kyuubi was sleeping and by the look of it dreaming about chasing a rabbit. Kyuubi's legs were moving back and forth mimicking a run. What Naruto failed to realize was that not only was kyuubi in a humanoid form but "it" was a she. And she wasn't exactly wearing clothing that left anything to the imagination. Naruto, finally realizing what he was truly seeing, adorned a very bright blush across his face. Trying to get the now thousands of images out of his head he stepped into the cage and walk up to her.

"Kyuubi… Kyuubi…" hum heavy sleeper are we… hee hee hee she is going to hit me for this but it'll be worth it.

Naruto takes in a very deep breath "KYUUBI!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

In a very Tom and Jerry manner Kyuubi rocketed towards to top of the cage and clung to the top very cat like and started shaking. Kyuubi now realizing Naruto was the cause of the loud noise lets go of the cage and falls towards Naruto… claws aiming for his chest.

O shit I think over did it. "Kyuubi calm down… NO AAAAA"

Kyuubi had just reached her target and was now proceeding to scratch the living hell out of him. "What the HELL was that for damn it I was having a nice dream but no someone had to think they were FUNNY and yell and now that someone is bleeding!!!" she stopped scratching him to admire her work, he was sprawled on the ground and had hundreds of tiny scratches all over his body.

"Shit that hurt like hell Kyuubi you didn't have to take it that far."

"You scared the hell out of me and for that you simply paid the price."

"Fair enough"

"So what are you doing down here anyways kit" She said turning her back to him cause she was still upset.

Naruto walked towards her and wrapped his arms around her and whispered, "I'm sorry"

Kyuubi blushed as he was holding her "W-what?"

"The reason I came down here is because I felt bad about the way I yelled at you last time so I'm here to apologize. I know that you didn't choose to be sealed in me but you are and we have to make the best of it okay?"

"Thank you Naruto that means a lot to me"

Naruto let go of her and thought for a minute then asked, "why did you attack Konoha?"

Kyuubi was slightly taken back by this because she, for once, didn't have a response. She new exactly why but didn't feel like going into detail at that moment.

"I'll tell you some other time. Right now I need to tell you something important so listen up"

Naruto noting the seriousness in her voice paid close attention.

"You have a hell of a life ahead of you. You will be hunted because of me by some of the strongest humans in the world, because if you die I die, and many people would love to boost of killing the strongest demon. So I'm going to be a sort of life support in a way. If you need it, just call me and I'll pump some chakra into you."

Naruto nodded in understanding "ok Kyu-chan thanks for the advice. I have to go now I'll waiting for my jounin sensei to get here. See ya"

With that Naruto exited his mindscape.

Hum it would seem he doesn't hate me… wait… Kyu-chan?

Naruto opens his eyes just as the door was opening.

"Your late Kakashi Sensei!" yelled Naruto and Ino.

Kakashi walked in to reveal a man in navy blue pants and shirt with a jounin flank jacket over his shirt. He wore finger-less gloves that had metal plates on the back of the hands. He wore a mask that covered the majority of his face and all of his neck, and his hitai-ate covered his left eye and he had silver hair that shot up out of his head like lightning. He smiled in that oh so familiar irritating fashion, making Kiba doubt his ability's. Kakashi looked at them before giving them a bored 'Hn' very Sasuke like.

"My first impression of you guys is…your annoying. Meet me on the roof."

With that Kakashi shashined out of existence and team 7 followed him onto the roof. Once they were there, he motioned to the steps and they took their seats.

"Ok since I don't know you guys beyond what I have been told we'll need to do some introductions. Tell me your names, likes and dislikes, hobbies, and dreams." Kakashi said.

"How about you start sensei." Ino said.

"Ok my name is Hatake Kakashi. My likes are none of your business, nether are my dislikes. My hobbies… well" Kakashi gets a perverted gleam in his eye. "Hum as for my dream you wouldn't understand.

"So all we learned was his name?" Ino questioned.

"You… blond boy your turn."

"Ok my likes are ramen, Ino-chan, and pulling pranks, my dislikes are people who hurt other people for fun. My hobbies are training and being with Ino-chan. And my dream is to be recognized as a human being."

"Blonde number 2 your up"

"Ok my likes are flowers and Naruto-kun. My dislikes are the same as Naruto-kun's also people who like tearing up flowers." Ino looks at Kiba. "My hobbies gardening and being with Naruto-kun. My dream is to become a great kunochi like Tsunade.

"Ok dog boy your next."

"Alright my likes are training with my dog Akamaru, my dislikes are people that demand I stay out of their flower beds." He looks at Ino. "My hobbies are learning new clan jutsu. And my dream is to become the best ninja in the world."

Ok I've got a hyperactive idiot, a lovesick puppy, and a dog-loving brat. Hhhuuuu I've got a shit load of work to do.

"Ok meet me on training ground 7 at 5pm for your real gennin test. Also don't eat breakfast or you'll throw up. Ja"

With that Kakashi poofed away. Naruto looked at Ino suggestively and she grabed him and poofed him and her away. Kiba looked around and walked off into the forest to train with Akamaru.

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