Title: Of Wind and Fire

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Naruto nor any characters associated with it. Ami isn't mine either. She's a minor character from Naruto whom I have chosen to add into my story but with a different relation to the characters from the anime/manga.

Edit: I fixed the birthdays and the 'unknown' info for the profiles. It would be awkward if the council doesn't know everything about their shinobi.

Chapter 1

Uzumaki Naruto- Genin at four, Chunin at five, Jonin at six, Anbu at seven. Status is classified.

Team: Nicknamed "Psychotic Trio" - Member with Morino Ibiki, Mitarashi Anko

Mission status: 15 D rank, 8 C rank, 62 B rank, 25 A rank, and 10 S-rank.

Specialized fields: Interrogation - using hypnosis, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Seal making, Assassination, mastered wind and fire affinity - can perform without seals for techniques involving these two elements

Current Age: 16

Birthday: October 10

Parents/Relatives: Deceased

Height: 5'

Weight: 99lbs

Distinguishing Features: Lilac eyes, Blood red highlights in shoulder-length golden blonde hair that's always in a ponytail, three hoop earrings in the lobe of the left ear, one hoop in the cartilage of the left ear, a skull ear thread earring in right lobe, effeminate structure, pout-y pink lips, have a natural light tan, slightly elongated black manicured nails

Likes: Going on missions, lollipops, annoying people, interrogating, burning things

Dislikes: Annoying people, stupid missions

Hobbies: Hanging out with friends at the SCB (Shinobi Café and Bar), burning things, going on missions, training, creating new jutsu, interrogating people, insulting people

Classified Information: Kyuubi jinchuriki - merged at age ten, son of Minato (Yondaime Hokage of Konoha) and Uzumaki Kushina (former Jonin from Land of Whirlpool that no longer exists)


Morino Ibiki - Genin at eleven, Chunin at twelve, Jonin at fourteen, Anbu at sixteen.

Team: Nicknamed "Psychotic Trio" - Member with Uzumaki Naruto, Mitarashi Anko

Mission status: 15 D rank, 8 C rank, 62 B rank, 25 A rank, and 10 S-rank.

Specialized Fields: Interrogation, potion making, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Assassination

Current Age: 27

Birthday: March 20th

Parents/Relatives: Younger brother (Morino Idate - Missing)

Height: 6'4

Weight: 194lbs

Distinguishing features: Scarred face and head, bald, black bandana, trademark black trench coat, tanned skin, black eyes

Likes: Torturing people, interrogating people, scaring people, Takoyaki (Fried octopus on a stick)

Dislikes: Interruptions during interrogations except from Naruto and Anko who sometimes help out

Hobbies: Hanging out with friends at the SCB (Shinobi Café and Bar), interrogating people, inventing new potions, making new potions


Mitarashi Anko- Genin at six, Chunin at eight, Jonin at twelve, Anbu at sixteen.

Team: Nicknamed "Psychotic Trio" - Member with Uzumaki Naruto, Mitarashi Anko

Mission status: 15 D rank, 8 C rank, 62 B rank, 25 A rank, and 10 S-rank.

Specialized Fields: Taijutsu, Potion making, Interrogation, Ninjutsu, Assassination

Current Age: 24

Birthday: October 24th

Parents/Relatives: Unknown

Height: 5'6

Weight: 101lbs

Distinguishing Features: Trademark black trench coat, black eyes, purple hair, revealing clothes, lightly tanned skin, bloodthirsty

Likes: Torturing people, interrogating people, scaring people,Bocchan Dango (Japanese dumplings made out of rice flour and has three different colors - the first one from top of stick being colored by red bean, the next by eggs, the last by green tea)

Dislikes: Annoying people - brats, biased people

Hobbies: Hanging out with friends at the SCB (Shinobi Café and Bar), making poisons, interrogating people, insulting people, eating Dango

Classified Information: Ex-apprentice of Orochimaru, the snake sannin and S class missing-nin of Konoha


Sarutobi sat in his office staring at the profiles of the three Anbu who had the best teamwork while wondering why he was reading this. He had an odd feeling when he walked into the Hokage Tower after lunch and now found himself reading the reports of Uzumaki Naruto, Morino Ibiki, and Mitarashi Anko. 'Those three are up to no good...there's no doubt' the Sandaime sighed as he gathered the scrolls together and placed them away.

"Hey guys" Naruto greeted as he took his seat next to Ibiki and across from Anko.

"You finished another jutsu?" the head of interrogation questioned.

"Yup" the blonde answered gleefully.

"What does this one do?" Anko asked.

"Dimension traveling!"



"What? You guys don't believe me?"

"Let's go on vacation!" Anko cheered, "If we travel to some other world, we don't have to go on all those missions the Sandaime keeps giving us!"

"I'd get more people to scare" Ibiki added.

"I get more things to burn!" Naruto chirped. "But first, we gotta leave a message for the old man."

Anko took out a blank scroll while Ibiki wrote the note. With a few quick hand seals, Naruto summoned a little fox to send the message.

"Let's get going before the old man stops us" the blonde muttered telling Anko to move to the seat next to him. Saru, Tobi, Hebi, Tora, Ryu, Usagi, Tobi, Inu, Nezumi, Saru. After a few more hand seals, the three vanished in a bright light.

"Nani (What)?!" Sarutobi stared at back and forth between the scroll in his hands and the fox who was watching him with amusement in its eyes.


Naruto-kun had just finished a jutsu, one that allows us to travel dimensions. The possibility of doing such thing is in our favor as we have nothing to lose. This is merely a note telling you that we have ALREADY left and that we MIGHT NOT come back. However, you can come whenever you want. The seals are: Monkey, Bird, Snake, Tiger, Dragon, Hare, Bird, Dog, Rat, Monkey, Horse, Ram, and Ox. The technique is called: Sunpou Seimon (Dimension Portal). We cannot guarantee, in spite of this, that you will land in the same dimension as us. This technique can be used as many times as you want as long as you have enough chakra to pull it off. The reverse of this procedure have not been created yet. So hopefully you could figure out which dimension we landed in. You take over the body and mind of your other self when you land in the other dimension. As for this dimension, you will NOT have a replacement, so make your choice wisely seeing that you are the Hokage and leader of the village - Not that we care, of course -. Anyways, ja ne (see you soon), Hokage-sama. We have another world waiting for us to mess up. We know you keep sending us on missions because of our tendency to burn things (Naruto), and inflict fear amongst anyone (all of us). In the other world, we won't have as much to do. Best wishes in finding us!


Team Psychotic Trio

- Mitarashi Anko

- Morino Ibiki

- Uzumaki Naruto

P.S. We know you will come after us. With your love of procrastinating, there is no doubt you would leave. Do keep in mind to appoint a Godaime before you leave. We do not wish to find the village in shambles when we come back for a visit. We would, undeniably, be the ones to rebuild the damn place. Should this happen, we will drag you down with us and make you do the job as well.

"Those three...know me so well" Sarutobi's eyebrow ticked as he called for an Anbu. The fox summon gave a sly grin and a knowing glance before poof-ing out.

"Hokage-sama" the Anbu bowed on one knee and greeted the leader of the village.

"Go bring your team and look for Tsunade."

"Hai." With that, the Shinobi disappeared in a whirl of leaves.

One week later...

"What do you want, sensei?" Tsunade asked annoyed. She really didn't want to stay in this village.

"You are now appointed the fifth Hokage of Konoha" the Sandaime stated, handing over the Hokage cloak and hat to her.

"I don't want the position, Sarutobi."

"Too late. Either you accept it from me or the council's going to make you. Don't ruin Konoha because of your grudge. I will be back to check on you." With that, Sarutobi formed the last seal of the jutsu. "Sunpou Seimon."

"THAT OLD MAN!" Tsunade roared when her teacher from years ago disappeared.

And that was how the Slug sannin got saddled with the tedious job as a Hokage.

Namikaze Minato was worried as he sat next to his son, Namikaze Naruto, who had fallen into a coma a week ago. The cause of the unconsciousness was unknown and there was no sign of a fight that could've caused it. Naruto may not have been the best of the batch of genin in his year, but he would've fought back should someone try do something harmful to him. The possibility of someone attacking his child wasn't low seeing how Naruto had the Kyuubi sealed in him. Minato sighed. Naruto was the dead last in his class. His status as the Yondaime's son did nothing but boost his ego. His older daughter wasn't doing any better. Ami is a huge fangirl of the Uchiha heir, Itachi. She, despite having slightly higher grades than Naruto, spent most of her days pestering Itachi's younger brother, Sasuke who was in the same year as her, for pictures of the older Uchiha. She had also taken to teasing her younger brother despite being only a little better than him. Minato didn't know what to do. Kushina had passed away from child birth after having Naruto and he didn't have enough time to take care of his children. Minato didn't blame Naruto for the death of his wife, but there were times he wished she was still alive. 'Naruto...please wake up soon.' Almost as if answering his call, a small groan emitted from the boy on the hospital bed.

Naruto had arrived in the other dimension seven days ago, but had remained unconscious as he examined the thoughts and memories of his other self. His other self was weak and pathetic. It took a few days to organize the jumbled up mind of his other self and another few days to look over the information. In this dimension, his father didn't die from sealing the Kyuubi in him. The Kyuubi was no longer in his cage as well, seeing how they merged already back in his own world. His mother died, leaving his father to take care of him and his older sister who uses him as a scapegoat for all the times she didn't manage to get a date with Itachi. He shuddered. His sister holding a crush on the person who was labeled an S class missing-nin back in his world left a disturbing image. After seven days, he decided that it was time to wake up.

Naruto groaned when he tried to move his body. "Shit. That must've been one hard landing" he muttered as he held his head. He blinked when he spotted a man with spiky blonde hair and blue eyes staring at him oddly. 'What the hell is father doing here?' "Tou-san" he acknowledged.

"Naruto..." Minato gaped at his son. "You look different..."

The said preadolescent (since he was only eleven here) merely raised an eyebrow.

The Yondaime gave the boy a once over again. Naruto's once spiky blonde hair was now shoulder length, silky, golden and tied up into a ponytail. Ruby highlights glittered in the light. Slightly narrow translucent lilac eyes framed by long gold lashes caused him to shiver. Such eyes were unnerving and made him feel as though he was a prisoner being interrogated. The three whisker like marks no longer marred the smooth light tan skin. Slightly elongated fingernails were manicured black and luscious pink lips were pulled into a thin line. This boy has a slightly effeminate figure with a curvy hip, nicely shaped legs, and a lean structure compared to the gangly build he once had. Underneath the sleeveless red turtleneck top, a toned chest could be seen. The baggy black cargo pants with the many pockets and chains dangling from the belt loops kept many weapons well hidden from any opponent whom the boy would've been facing, unless one were to specifically look around for them. A simple silver band adorned the kid's right ring finger. Lastly, the boy had three small silver hoop earrings in his left lobe, one in the left cartilage of his ear, and an odd dangling earring in his right lobe. A tiny skull hung from a thread of bead which was small enough to slip through the piercing and hang in the back of the ear. 'Naruto must've merged with the fox...Yea...that must be right...' Minato nodded his head at the conclusion he came up with.

"If you're quite done with your leering, I would like to see Ibiki-kun and Anko-chan" Naruto's statement startled him out of his reverie.

'Since when was Naruto familiar with the head of the Anbu Interrogation and Torture force and the bloodthirsty kunoichi?' Minato's eyes narrowed slightly. "They're in the rooms next to yours."

Naruto smirked slightly at the suspicious look his father was giving him. 'So easy to read.' "I met them when I was walking around town a few days ago. You can say we became fast friends..." he answered his father's unasked question before slipping on his sneakers and heading out of the door.

"Ibiki-kun! Anko-chan!" Naruto chirped. "Wake up!"

"How can you be so...energetic when you just got up. Man, my head's pounding" Anko hissed.

"Oh...do you know that Sarutobi-jiji also came?" the blonde grinned. "My summon told me right after it came back."

Ibiki raised an eyebrow. "Did he land here?"

"Hmm...now that piece of information, I don't know."

"You're a shrimp here" Anko suddenly exclaimed.

"What do you expect? Me to be six feet when I'm only eleven? You're 19 here so you can't grow anymore...that's why you're the same height as when you were back in our world. Same goes for you, Ibiki-kun. You're 22, so you can't grow anymore either."

"Let's go check to see if Sandaime-sama got here" Ibiki's lips twitched as if trying to hold back a smile

"Old man!" Naruto greeted after having ran around the hospital and barging into random rooms with his two friends to look for the Sandaime only to find the said person in the room next to the one he was in before.

"He got lucky" Anko grinned. "Landing here on his first try."

"Uzumaki Naruto" Sarutobi forced out through gritted teeth.

"Nuh-uh-uh. It's Namikaze Naruto here" Naruto wagged a finger at the Sandaime.

"He's alive?"

"You should look over your thoughts before you wake next time, gramps!" Naruto whacked the third Hokage's head playfully.

"Ah...Naruto-kun. You're eleven...and today's the day of the genin exam..." Sarutobi hinted.

"Crap" the blonde cursed while slapping his forehead. "My other self is a fuckin' idiot. Kami-sama help me today and for the rest of my stay here or I just might blow up the whole village."

"What did your other self do?" the Sandaime questioned, glee lacing his voice.'Oh...something to get back at the brat.'

"The brat's like your godson" Naruto smirked. 'You can't win me here, Sarutobi.' "He didn't do anything. And that's the problem."

"Ah...just like Konohamaru" Anko contributed. "Naruto here is the dead-last of his class and his sister, Ami, isn't fairing any better."

"Ibiki-kun, Anko-chan...whenever you get a mission...DRAG ME ALONG!" Naruto nearly shouted hysterically.

"Alright" the two answered, feeling slightly sorry for their young friend.

"NARUTO" a voice behind them boomed.

The four (Naruto, Sarutobi, Anko, and Ibiki) turned to find the Yondaime huffing and panting against the door to the room.


"Tut, tut, language, language, father. You shouldn't tarnish your reputation as the Hokage just to scold me. Besides school starts in a few minutes and I'm half an hour run away from the academy. I wouldn't make it in time no matter what" Naruto tsk-ed before stretching and walking out the door. "See ya later, Sarutobi-jiji, Anko-chan, Ibiki-kun."

Minato blinked and blushed slightly under the stare of the Sandaime and the two Tokubetsu jonins.

"Your ability as a leader must be failing if you get scolded by your own son" Sarutobi shook his head in mock disappointment.

"Naru-chan's like that. Don't let him get to you" Anko snickered along with Ibiki. "He can arrive at the Academy in under one minute if he wanted to."

"Ah...well, I'll leave you three to your discussion. I'm going to look for my son" the fourth Hokage bid them farewell before rushing off with his famous Hiraishin no Jutsu (Flying Thunder God Technique) leaving in a yellow blur.

"And he thinks he can catch up to Naru-chan's shunpo (flash step) with that" Anko chuckled.

"What's shunpo?" Sarutobi asked.

"It's almost like the Hiraishin, but doesn't require the tri-tipped kunai nor the seal to activate it. It's the name we gave for Naruto's speed" Ibiki informed. "When he attacks, you can't see him move. It doesn't even leave a blur like the Hiraishin, you merely see him flicker in place and you're dead before you know it. It's kind of scary."

The Sandaime nodded before deciding to head off to look for his grandson. He need to teach Konohamaru early in case he ends up like the Konohamaru back in his world.

Naruto darted quickly around Konoha towards the ninja school. He stopped however when he spotted two Uchihas walking down the same path. It seems like Itachi didn't massacre his clan here and is actually nicer to his brother. Perhaps that's because of Ami's constant declaration of love that's taking away the pressure off his family's requirements? Or maybe because Minato's alive here? And why the hell is he thinking of these thoughts?! Clearing his mind, he slowly walked up to the two prestigious clan members. "Yo!" he greeted in a manner similar to Hatake Kakashi's.

"Naruto-kun" Itachi greeted with a nod.

"Dobe" Sasuke smirked. "You think you're going to pass the genin exam this time?"

"You don't think I ---" Naruto was cut off when he felt someone appear behind him. With his lightning fast reflexes he elbowed the offender in the stomach before disappearing and reappearing a few feet away from where he was standing before, facing the Uchihas and his offender. The person turned out to be his father who was knocked back a meter due to the hit.

"Ouch" Minato groaned, hugging his stomach that was now bruising badly. "That hurts."

"Oops..." Naruto grinned sheepishly. "See you guys later" he waved before disappearing again.

"And I finally caught him" the Yondaime muttered.

Sasuke was gaping wondering if that really was the dead last that had vanished into thin air. He thought that technique wasn't taught until they were Chunins! Besides, the dobe looked completely different from the last time he'd seen him.

Itachi stared ahead with his Sharingan spinning. He couldn't even see the blonde when he disappeared. 'A technique? No...I didn't see any hand seals nor any use of chakra...he must've been really fast then...I couldn't even see his outline when he moved. It looks like Naruto-kun is more than what he appears' a small unnoticeable smile appeared on his face. It would be a pleasure to teach or even work with someone like Naruto.

TBC...Hope you all enjoyed!

A/N: Okay, I changed the plot except the pyromaniac part and the Ibiki and Anko parts. Since some of you doesn't like bashing of any of the major characters, I decided to use a very minor character to add humor to the story. Ami is the purple haired girl from Sakura's memory and was the person who picked on Sakura back when they were younger. There was only one scene of her. I don't remember if she was from the manga or the anime, or both, but she bullied Sakura and Ino stood up for the pink haired kunoichi by shoving flowers into Ami's mouth. I hope you guys don't mind a little bashing of some characters since well...one of Naruto's, Ibiki's, and Anko's hobbies is insulting people...I also made this longer since the chapters from the story before was too short. I'll try to update as soon as possible...but that's highly unlikely...lol.